5 Reasons Why Product Management Jobs in Estonia Are Worth Your Time

5 Reasons Why Product Management Jobs in Estonia Are Worth Your Time

Good product management is at the heart of every business operation that churns out winning products. Actually, strike that. 

Fantastic product management is at the heart of making a great product. Why’s this? The world of product strategising and development is quite simply a jungle. 

Every year, more than 30,000 new products are launched into the market. 85% of them fail within that same year or soon thereafter. Yet, by investing in a competent product manager and taking the time to achieve a fully optimised product management process, businesses can increase profits by an astounding 34.2%

Considering this, it’s not a surprise that interest in product management jobs in Estonia and around the world is increasing in leaps and bounds. The Wall Street Journal reports that an increased number of Harvard Business School graduates (7%) took up jobs in product management. 

Everyone wants a product manager on their team and it’s not hard to see why. A top notch product manager can help a company get it perfectly right from product visualising to strategising, development and sales. This has made product management jobs highly sought after. 

Are you considering what opportunities exist for product management jobs in Estonia? We have just the statistics you’ll want to keep in mind. Here are 5 reasons why product management jobs in Estonia may be worth your time. 


#1: Estonian jobs in product management are growing rapidly 


According to MeetFrank data, there was a 60% increase in offers for product management jobs in Estonia between January to July 2019. Compared to the second half of 2018, that’s an astonishing increase. 

While some of this growth is down to the expansion of the MeetFrank platform, it’s hard to ignore the intensely entrepreneurial spirit of Estonians and companies in the country.  

You’ve probably heard that Estonia is commonly considered to be the world’s startup capital. The country has more startups per capita than any other country in Europe, if not the world. 

Although the relatively small population of the country plays a part in this, you have to admit that you don’t find at least 4 unicorns running around just anywhere in the wild. The country is extremely committed to making Estonia a Mecca for startups, and we dare say they’re succeeding. 

The consistent development of new startups in the country corresponds to an increase in the number of products being developed yearly. So, the figures posted this year might only be an indicator of even better times to come.  

product management salaries in estonia

From MeetFrank data, mid-level candidates were the most sought after for product development jobs in Estonia in the first half of 2019. Offers for seniors and lead product managers were second and third respectively. There were significantly less offers for candidates in junior, executive and entry positions. 


#2: Product managers occupy key leadership positions


For candidates that are keen on entering fulfilling jobs where they get to make a difference, product management jobs in Estonia promise quite a bit.  

By default, product managers operate at a reasonably high level in the business development chain. Pragmatic Marketing reports that 34% of departments in a business report to product management. 

Compared to the 23% that report to the managing director and marketing, you can appreciate how ‘involved’ product managers will be with the business of the firm. 

top skills in product management estonia

MeetFrank data for the most demanded skills for product management jobs in Estonia over the first half of the year also bears this out. Out of 11 tracked skills, project management and team leading were the top two, with 25% and 13% of offers respectively. 

These skills indicate that product managers will be expected to play a sort of ‘mini-CEO’ role. Since they will be closely involved with all aspects of product development and sales, candidates in these roles will essentially operate at the heart of the business. 

Other skills that made up the top five are Scrum, Kanban and Agile; business development; and Analytics and BI with 13%, 11% and 3% respectively. 

top skills in product management jobs in estonia

Emphasising the interest in leadership skills, MeetFrank data further indicates that project management; Scrum, Kanban and Agile; and team leading are the skills most likely to earn candidates more than €2,500. 


#3: Product management is a fast track for the C-suite


Apart from the fact that product managers will occupy key leadership roles in businesses, it is thought that these roles can serve as a primer for greater responsibility. Maybe even in the C-suite. 

McKinsey considers this to be par for the course. They point out that the CEOs of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo were all product managers before joining the C-suite. And this experience is not limited to only tech companies. 

PepsiCo CEO, Indra Nooyi, also has roots in product management from when she worked at Johnson & Johnson and Mettur Beardsell. 

More than just being a stomping ground for likely CEO candidates, McKinsey maintains that product management jobs may actually be used as a training ground for the C-suite. 

So, if you have taken a real interest in product management jobs in Estonia, you may well be on your way to the top of the pile. Isn’t that exciting? 


#4: Product management jobs in Estonia pay well


The national average salary in Estonia was €1,419 for the second quarter of 2019. These are the latest figures as the figures for the third quarter are yet to be released. MeetFrank data indicates that product management jobs in Estonia pay significantly more than the national average. 

salaries in product management jobs in estonia

We found that the overall average of minimum salary for product management jobs offered on MeetFrank was €1,749 in the first half of 2019. The average maximum was €2,913 and the highest salary offer received during the period was €5,500. 

Entry level candidates earned an average of €1,867 and juniors earned even better at an average of €2,412 per month. Seniors earned an average of €3,028 and lead candidates were the highest paid, earning an average of €3,135. 

product management salaries estonia

The general averages from month to month held steady between a low of €1,888 in July 2019 and a high of €2,650 in June 2019. In all, the data indicates that product management jobs in Estonia will certainly pay reasonably well. 


#5: There are tons of options from tons of companies 


You will have your pick of companies making offers for positions in product management jobs in Estonia. Since there has been such a surge in activity from several companies, qualified candidates will be spoiled for choice. 

top 5 companies in product management

Companies such as SEB, ViisTek Media, Erply, TEHIK, Eesti Energia, Inbank, Telia Estonia, Avalanche Laboratory OÜ, SMIT and Ekspress Digital. 

Many MeetFrank users in Estonia have also expressed their preference for companies offering product management jobs. Most want to work for startups, fintech and in businesses that offer remote workspaces. 

product management jobs in estonia

There are several companies that fit this profile and are also hiring product managers. They include SEB, Telia, Inbank, Veriff, Estateguru, If insurance, Pocopay, Helmes, GrabCad, Allepal, RMIT, Swedbank, Luminor, Derivco and eAgronom. 




Regardless of what seniority your skills will pull, it’s clear that there’s something to be said for the promise of product management jobs in Estonia. Fancy giving these jobs a try? Check out the companies hiring for these jobs and what they have to offer on MeetFrank. You can download the app for Apple or Android here

Recruiters can also use the app to see what candidates perfectly fit their preferences. Use MeetFrank for a recruitment process that is swift, efficient and cost-effective. Contact us to find out more.

Industry Trends for Product Management Jobs in Lithuania in 2019

Industry Trends for Product Management Jobs in Lithuania in 2019

Product management is moving front and center in many business’ strategies. Due to the increasing importance of data in decision making and increased customer and design focus, the role of the product manager is expanding. 

McKinsey describes product managers as “the glue that bind[s] the many functions that touch a product…” Their influence extends to not only what products get built but also “every aspect of how it gets built and launched”. 

Why are they so important? In an increasingly consumer-oriented world, businesses that can connect with their customers and thoroughly solve their problems are the ones that are flying high. You only need to look at brands like Apple and Google to appreciate this. 

Considering the climate, it makes sense to invest in a role occupied by someone that can make that connection and translate it into every aspect of the product. This is why product management jobs in Lithuania are only set to grow bigger.

Lithuania itself is a country that is supremely focused on becoming a preferred business location for countries around the world. In this country of lean, infectious growth, product management jobs are doing as well as they ever have. 

This article discusses the recent trends for product management jobs in Lithuania. Using data from the MeetFrank app, it explains what the market for these jobs looks like and the key data to keep in mind. 


Who are employers in Lithuania looking for? 


Offers for product management jobs in Lithuania increased by 50% in the first half of 2019, compared to the second half of 2018. 

The burst in hiring activity signals the expansion of the MeetFrank platform and greater interest of companies in candidates for these positions. 

Employers hiring for product management jobs in Lithuania have set their eye on a variety of candidates that can occupy more experienced roles. 

product development jobs in Lithuania

According to MeetFrank data, offers for product managers in mid-level roles were highest between January and July 2019. Candidates for senior roles received almost as many offers, coming in second. 

The least offers were however made to less experienced candidates in entry and junior roles. 


While the market seems favourable to more experienced candidates, fresh talent may have to skill up if they’ll have a chance in the market. Companies seem more interested in snapping up more experienced candidates at the moment, although that may change as teams start getting built out. 


Average salaries for product management jobs in Lithuania 


MeetFrank data on average salaries for product managers in Lithuania was studied along three main tracks: average overall, average per month and average per seniority. 

Salaries in product management jobs lithuania

The overall averages showed that the average minimum salary for the first half of 2019 was €1,264 while the average maximum was €2,541. The highest salary during the period was €5,517 per month. 

For averages per month, average salaries started out low at the beginning of the year before improving towards mid-period and then tapering off at the end of the period. The average in January was €1,962 and February was €1,710. 

average salaries in product management lithuania

March was much better at €2,078 and April was even better with an average of €2,350. Perhaps due to the characteristic drop in recruiting activities during the summer period, averages dropped to €1,500 in May. While there was a rally to €1,963 in June, the first half of the end year at €1,725 in July.

For averages per seniority, executives were the highest paid, earning €3,600 on average per month, while entry candidates were the least paid with an average of €1,650 per month. 


Most in-demand skills for Lithuanian product management jobs


Project management was the most in-demand skill for product management jobs in Lithuania. Out of 11 tracked skills, it was required in 20% of offers. 

in demand skills in product management in lithuania

Team leading was the second most preferred skill, required in 14% of offers, while competencies in Scrum, Kanban and Agile came third, required in 13% of offers. 

Other skills making up the top five are business development and analytics and BI, required in 10% of offers each. 

To make more than €2,500 in product management jobs in Lithuania, you need to have competencies in project management, team leading, Scrum, Kanban and Agile. 

The data for in-demand skills reinforces the high-level role that product managers are expected to play in relation to a company’s product. 

top skills in lithuania

Sadly, many companies fail to provide appropriate systems and processes that will help product managers do their work well. This 2016 study found that about 50% of product managers are not impressed with their organization’s product management process. 

Worse, 6% of organizations affected had no plans to improve their processes. In this situation, product managers are forced to navigate a system that makes decision making, accountability and communication harder than it should be. 

However, this does not necessarily translate to a disadvantage. It can even be an opportunity. By finding tools and processes that can integrate into any business, you can be the one to make the C-suite executives see the light. 


Where do MeetFrank users want to work? 


Our data shows that most MeetFrank users would like to work in startups, coolest offices and in companies that offer remote workspaces. 

There are several companies that fit this bill and are also looking for product managers. They include Telesoftas, Baltic Amadeus, Kilo.Health, Telia and ORCA Alliance. 

top companies in lithuania

Some of these companies are also part of the top ten currently hiring for product management jobs in Lithuania. They include TeleSoftas, Danske Group IT Lithuania, Intrum Global Business Services, Baltic Amadeus, Horion Digital, Umega Group AB, ACC Distribution, Credital, Kilo.Health and Energus Power Solutions. 


Get started on MeetFrank today 


Would you like to know more about the companies hiring for product management jobs in Lithuania? Download the MeetFrank app for Apple and Android to see all the information you need. 

With MeetFrank, job hunting does not have to be stressful. You can see all the companies that are interested in hiring you and what they have to offer. Simply download the app to get started. 

MeetFrank also helps companies take the stress out of recruitment. Do you have a specific type of candidate in mind? You don’t have to sort through thousands of applications looking for the one. Check out MeetFrank for companies to see how it works.

How to Earn More Than €3,000 Monthly from Sales Jobs in Lithuania

How to Earn More Than €3,000 Monthly from Sales Jobs in Lithuania

Skills, determination and a great attitude. No, that’s not what will earn you €3,000 a month working in sales jobs in Lithuania, but it’s what you’ll need if you want to succeed in these jobs.

Guess one of the most important things that a customer looks out for in a sales transaction. Yep, involvement.

sales jobs in lithuania salaries

More and more customers now expect that buying something should be more than a transaction, it should be an experience. According to research from KPMG, more than 78% of consumers would rather spend money on an experience.

The research further found that consumer spending on experiences has increased by at least 70% since 1987. What’s more? 62% of customers expect personalized service when they interact with a brand, especially if they have made past purchases.

It’s definitely not easy to turn something as ordinary as buying a new hairdryer into a unique consumer experience, but it’s what customers expect. And if you’ll stand any chance of making your brand their top choice, that’s exactly what you have to deliver.

So, it seems you’ll be needing plenty of skills, determination and lots of attitude to achieve this. Not to worry though, there are many stats and facts that you can utilize to make the best of your task and smash your earning goals.

We’ll share some of these stats in this article, along with information about the market for sales jobs in Lithuania and how to earn €3,000 a month in these jobs. Let’s dig in.


Sales jobs in Lithuania: What are customers doing?


Although retail sales in Lithuania increased by 2.9% year on year in August 2019, there have been some pretty strong figures up until now. The 2.9% posted was the smallest gain in retail sales since February 2018, and only eased from a strong 6.9% in July.

To get these sales in though, a lot of work has to go in. Sales engagement research found that only 24% of sales emails are ever opened. And calling is not any better. It takes an average of 18 calls to actually connect with a buyer and call-back rates are below 1%.  

Cold calls are getting even harder to pull through these days. Until recently, it took an average of about 3.6 cold calls to reach a prospect. Now, it takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach the same prospect.

Despite this, 41.2% of salespeople said their phone is the most effective sales tool in their arsenal. Why’s this? By implementing a number of seemingly simple but effective tactics, savvy salespersons are able to reach prospects quicker and turn them into quality leads.

For instance, you probably didn’t know that the worst times to call, according to research, are Mondays at 6:00 am and on Friday afternoons. Or that the use of collaborative words such as ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’ instead of ‘I’, increased call success rates by 35%. Weird? Probably. Effective? Definitely.

Although the calling stats are definitely interesting, the real winner for sales reps is social media. Nielsen reports, for instance, that 43% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when they learn about it from their friends on social media.

The purchasing decisions of 81% are influenced by their friends’ social media posts and another 78% are influenced by the posts of brands they follow.

Considering this, it’s no wonder that salespeople are more effective when they use social media. Several industries also report a 50% increase in sales revenue when they utilize social media selling.

So, to really get started on your journey to earning well from sales jobs in Lithuania, you need to start working on your LinkedIn skills.


Top skills to earn more than €3,000


From our data on the offers made for sales jobs in Lithuania between during the first half of 2019, we curated the top skills demanded by recruiters. Out of 34 tracked skills, we drew out the top five.

Sales in demand skills in lithuania

Business development and sales management skills received the joint most demand from employers. They were required in 13% of offers each. Interestingly, cold contacting skills were required in 8% of offers, and lead generation skills also received the same demand. Negotiation skills rounded up the top five, being required in 7% of offers.

We studied offers that brought talent salaries over €3,000 and distilled the skills required in these offers. To earn this high, MeetFrank data indicates that candidates need to have competencies in sales management, business development and negotiation.

Sales jobs in Lithuania

Sales reps will also be expected to cultivate and maintain an attitude that engages consumers. This is because a single positive experience enjoyed by a consumer can turn that person into a loyal fan. And they’ll be bringing their friends along too.

A single offline word of mouth impression (a referral) drives sales 5 times more than one paid impression (paid ads). For impressions that require higher fees, an offline impression can drive sales even 100 times higher.

Retaining a single customer can provide a lifetime value 16% higher than a single-purchase customer. This is why companies need to cultivate their customer engagement strategies.

However, it can bite both ways if done incorrectly. Avande reports that more than 50% of buyers consult third party sources long before getting in touch with a company. You want to ensure that they’re hearing all the right things.


Who are companies hiring and what are they paying?


MeetFrank data on the hiring trends for the first half of 2019 showed that the highest demand from companies was for senior sales reps. Offers for mid-level roles in sales jobs in Lithuania followed as a very close second.

Offers for lead and junior executives were 3rd and 4th respectively, while the 2nd least offers were made to candidates in entry roles.

sales jobs in lithuania salaries

This didn’t stop these candidates from earning reasonably well though. Entry sales reps earned a monthly average of €1,543, a figure slightly above the national average. Juniors earned much higher though, taking home a monthly average of €2,319 during the first half of 2019.

Executives were the highest paid, even though they received the least offers. They took home €3,335 on average per month.

Overall, the average minimum wage recorded during the first half of 2019 was €1,084 while the average maximum was €2,616. The highest salary received during the period was €10,000. Quite a hefty pay check, we must say.

sales jobs in lithuania

On a month to month basis, general averages did reasonably well, with strong average salaries per month. The lowest during the period was €1,617, recorded in June, while the highest was €2,216, recorded, interestingly, in the very next month, July.


Where do you want to work?


Now that you know what skills you need to earn high in sales jobs in Lithuania, you can also have your pick of companies you’d like to work for. When asked about their preferences, MeetFrank users in Lithuania said they want to work for startups, remotely and for the Coolest Offices.

sales jobs in lithuania

There are firms that fit this description and are also actively hiring for sales jobs in Lithuania. They include CoinGate, Kilo.Health, Telia, KORDIS, Debitum Network, Whatagraph and Interactio.

Apart from these companies, several others have been very active in hiring for sales jobs in Lithuania. The top ten includes UAB Icona, Intrum Global Business Services, Multiorders, CoinGate and Umega Group AB.

Others are ACC Distribution, International Fintech UAB, Credital, Kilo.Health and 70 Ventures UAB. Interested in finding out more about these companies? You can have all the info at your fingertips.

top 5 companies in sales lithuania


Make it all happen with MeetFrank


MeetFrank is an app made for talent and recruiters. It provides all the info, data and stats that talent need to make informed decisions about job offers and what companies need to find the right candidates.

You can download the app for Android and Apple, if you want to see what companies are interested in hiring you. And if you are a recruiter, schedule a call with us here to see how MeetFrank makes recruitment easier for companies.


Find the Perfect Workplace for Sales Jobs in Estonia

Find the Perfect Workplace for Sales Jobs in Estonia

If there is any single department that is indispensable to the operations and existence of a business, it must be the sales department.

Think about it. Every business exists to sell something, no matter what that is. Take the possibility of sales away, and you kill the business. That’s why sales and business development professionals are vital to every business. It’s also why sales jobs in Estonia promise such great opportunities for the right candidates.

Estonia, like most countries around the world, is seeing a constant increase in consumer purchasing power. Consumers have never held as much power as they currently do, and companies are scrambling to find the perfect mix of product and experience that will put them firmly in consumers’ good books.

Businesses are constantly honing their sales tactics to attract and retain loyal customers, and sales and business development teams are central to all these tactics.


If you have been wondering what the possibilities are for sales jobs in Estonia, you’ll find plenty to excite you in this article. Utilising data from our employment solution platform, MeetFrank, we did a deep dive into the market for sales jobs in Estonia. And we have some interesting insights for you.


Sales and business development industry in Estonia


The sales industry is a pretty interesting one. It features a never ending dance between businesses, through their sales and business development reps, and consumers. Since someone is usually trying to gain something from the other (businesses want massive sales, customers want low prices + high quality), friction is always bound to occur.

For instance, Hubspot reports that only 17% of sales reps would admit to being pushy, while 50% of prospects would think otherwise. And to put their point across, only 3% of buyers trust sales reps. The only people that attract less trust are car sales persons, politicians and lobbyists. That’s quite some company.

sales jobs in estonia

Despite the often uneasy relationship between sales professionals and consumers, there’s no doubt that there are many salespeople who get it right. 52% of customers say they have made an additional purchase all because they had great service from great salespeople. And another 73% say they stuck with a brand because of friendly employees. 

The consumer sales industry is reaping the rewards of this great service. Statista reports that global retail sales are expected to exceed $26.29 trillion by the end of 2019. The market itself is expected to increase in value by 4.7% in 2019.

The figures are similar for Estonia. In 2018, retails sales in Estonia grew at a faster pace than GDP and retail trade increased by 4% year on year in August 2019. Statistics Estonia reports that the turnover of retail trade enterprises in August 2019 alone was €661 million.

Clearly, the industry has no real trouble generating sales. The only challenge for businesses is beating the competition to those sales. That’s where candidates for sales jobs in Estonia are expected to make the difference.


Sales jobs in Estonia: Who do companies want to hire?


Since the challenge for companies is attracting the right prospects, the obvious thing to do is to try and get in capable hands. To achieve this, it makes sense to build out teams that have a good mix of skills and experience.

sales jobs in estonia seniorities

Our data on offers for sales jobs in Estonia indicates that companies offered the most jobs to mid-level and senior sales reps during the first half of 2019. These positions were the most in-demand by a wide range.

Offers for junior and lead reps were also substantial, although they came in second and third respectively. Executive positions attracted the least offers, although this makes sense as there can only be so many leaders in one team. Entry positions however attracted almost as few offers as executive positions.

What does this mean for talent? It may be necessary to look more closely at the possibility of acquiring more skills and experience before looking into the market for sales jobs in Estonia.


How much are companies willing to pay?


We have three tracks of data on average salaries for sales jobs in Estonia. Given the importance of sales and business development jobs, you should expect that these jobs would pay well.

sales jobs in estonia salaries

And they do, according to MeetFrank data. The data for overall average salaries for the first half of 2019 indicated that average minimum salary was €1,376 while average maximum was €2,793. The highest salary offer received was €10,000. A bumper payday, if we’ve ever seen one.

Employees in entry roles earned an average of €1,928 per month, while juniors earned even higher, taking home an average of €2,147 every month. Seniors and lead reps earned over €3,000 while executives earned over €4,500.

sales jobs salaries in estonia

Our data on monthly averages indicated that salaries dwelt between an average of €1,149 and €3,009. Although, they only went below €1,800 once, and that was the €1,149 posted in February.


Want to earn more than €5,000? Skills you’ll need


For high achieving talent, it is possible to earn way above the average salaries reported for the first 6 months in 2019. According to our data, to get a chance at earning more than €5,000 per month, candidates must be competent in account management, business development and sales management.

skills in sales jobs estonia

These also happen to be the top three out of the 5 most in-demand skills for sales jobs in Estonia. Each was required in 13%, 11% and 8% of offers respectively.

This means that if you can count these skills under your portfolio, you will be eminently qualified for at least 34% of job offers. That’s not a bad deal at all, if you can acquire these skills.

skills in sales estonia


Find the perfect workplace for sales jobs in Estonia


No matter what your preferences are, you can find the sales jobs in Estonia that fit them perfectly. Our users in Estonia say they want to work for startups, fintech firms and companies that offer remote work.

where people want to work in estonia

We know the exact companies that fit this bill and are also hiring for sales jobs in Estonia. Top amongst them include Scoro, Bigbank, Messente, Mindtitan and MeetFrank.

Others are Telia, Adcash, Katana, If Insurance, Nortal, Coop Bank, Weekdone, e-Agronom, Fortumo and Pocopay. You can find all these companies and more on MeetFrank.

Apart from these companies, there are others that have made waves in the market already with their hiring activities. They are the top ten companies hiring for sales jobs in Estonia.

top 5 companies hiring in sales estonia

They include MeetFrank, LGFG Fashion House, Scoro Software, Mobinner, Bigbank, Dynodesk, Veriff, Apranga Group Estonia, Messente Communications and Eliko.




With these stats, you have all you need to set out on your search for the best workplaces for sales jobs in Estonia.

MeetFrank provides the perfect platform for recruiters and talent to meet. Find the companies that make the most sense for you and see all the data about what they have to offer. Download MeetFrank for talent on Android and Apple today.

Recruitment is now easier than ever on MeetFrank. Companies do not have to scour through thousands of CVs to find the perfect candidate. Using MeetFrank, recruitment can be stress free, and even fun. Try it out today.

Our New Global Job Marketplace is Live!

Our New Global Job Marketplace is Live!

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Our Vision


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