Do You Know the Hottest Skills for Customer Support Jobs in Finland?

Do You Know the Hottest Skills for Customer Support Jobs in Finland?

In this 21st century, quality customer support means a good deal more to companies than it used to. It’s not hard to see why either. 

Across the globe, 96% of consumers say that customer service is an important factor in their choice of brands and how loyal they are to the brand. When asked what impacts their level of trust with a company, consumers consistently ranked excellent customer service as the #1 factor

Clearly, it’s a smart company that focuses on what its consumers are saying. And a winning strategy definitely involves tidying up relations with their consumers and offering perfect customer service. 

MeetFrank data indicates that Finnish companies have also come to this realisation, as indicated by the heightened recruitment for customer support jobs in Finland. 

There’s a lot involved in making a winning stake for these jobs though. Talent need to be aware of the relevant skills that companies are looking out for. Companies also need to understand the benchmarks across the Finnish industry and how these should shape their recruiting practices. 

Knowing this, we have trolled through our data and come up with the solid stats and facts you need to know. What are the hottest skills that recruiters look out for when hiring for customer support jobs in Finland? What companies are leading the charge in hiring customer support reps? 

We’ll look into all that and more right here. But first, let’s take a look at the industry for customer support jobs in Finland and the world. 


Customer support jobs in Finland: Industry overview


The customer support industry is a big deal. The value of the global industry, as at 2017, was over $350 billion according to Forbes. Indeed, the rise of the industry tallies with the increasing dominance of consumers in the market and the premium that companies now put on repeat business. 

Consider this for instance. According to a whitepaper from Dimensional Research, 52% of consumers say they have made an additional purchase from a company after a positive sales experience. Other research indicates that attracting a new customer is 6-7 times more expensive than simply retaining an existing one. 

However, reports indicate that while consumer expectations for quality brand experiences are high, brands do not always deliver. Needless to say, the end result for brands that fail to deliver are not inviting. 

customer support in finland

1 out of 3 customers would consider switching to a new brand after a single instance of bad customer service. Many will even refuse to go through with a purchase because of poor customer service. And it gets worse. 

The average consumer will spread the news of bad customer service to 15 other people. Men are more likely to make it a clear 21 (that’s not because they are prone to holding grudges or anything, eh). 

Considering this, it is beyond doubt that great customer service brings great business. As a companion industry to pretty much every other market-facing industry, the customer support industry is vital to growth everywhere in the world. 

From data collated on our app, MeetFrank, we found that offers for customer support jobs in Finland have increased recently. There was a surge in the number of offers made on the app, growing by 319% in the first 6 months of 2019, compared to July to December 2018.

Clearly, the opportunity for these jobs is growing on MeetFrank as more and more companies look to fill out their customer support teams. What skills do they prioritise? 


English is the top skill required by companies for customer support jobs in Finland


No kidding. English is the most in-demand skill for Finnish customer support jobs, required in 24% of job offers. 

Considering that Finland is an international design and business hub, it makes sense that companies want customer support reps that can communicate in international lingua. Apart from this, English is widely spoken in the country too. 

skills in customer support finland

Account management is the next most required skill for customer support reps, being demanded in 18% of offers. Sales, technical support and Finnish make up the rest of the top 5, with 16%, 13% and 11% of the demand respectively. 

Arguably, great interpersonal skills are just as important as these. According to research from RightNow, 73% of customers come to love and stick with a brand because of friendly customer service representatives. 

So, here’s a pro tip: if you want to succeed in customer support jobs in Finland, work on your smile. 


Who are companies looking to hire?


Current hiring trends as tracked on MeetFrank show that companies have been hiring a lot of mid-level customer support reps in 2019. Candidates seeking employment in senior roles enjoyed almost similar demand. 

customer support

Lead and junior customer support reps saw about average demand while the least offers were made to employees in entry roles. No executives were hired during the period. 

Overall, it seems a good market for candidates with some experience and above-entry level skills. 


Average salaries for customer support jobs in Finland


We have figures for three tracks on average salaries. These are overall averages for the first 6 months of 2019, averages per seniority and averages per month. 

Our figures for the overall averages indicated that the average minimum salary offered during the period was €1,850 while the average maximum was €3,483. The total highest salary offered during the period was €6,500. 

The averages per month held steady between €2,700 and €3,500. Per seniority however, there was a clear indication of the skill level between the seniorities through the average salaries. 

customer support jobs in finland

Entry level employees earned lowest, with a monthly average of €1,600. Juniors earned about €700 higher at €2,300 per month, while mid-level employees earned €3,860 per month on average. 

Seniors and lead employees were the highest paid during the period, earning €4,200 and €5,000 respectively, on average. 


Top 5 companies recruiting for customer support jobs in Finland


Amongst the top companies hiring customer support reps in Finland, we have curated the top five. 

Zeffi, Singa, Proximi, Aiven and Dazzle Rocks make up the companies most active in recruiting for customer support jobs in Finland. 

Zeffi helps companies create and administer surveys that provides insights that drive growth. With its 20-year experience, the company has helped several international brands such as Aljazeera, Reuters and Haribo create insightful surveys. 

Learn more about Zeffi and the other companies that make up the top five on MeetFrank


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With these facts and stats, you have all you need to get a head start on snagging your dream job or learning all you can about the industry for customer support jobs in Finland. 

If you’d like to learn more, all the info you need can be accessed through our app. Check out the app on Android and Apple stores to access current facts on industries, jobs and companies of your choice. 

The app also helps companies streamline and save resources on their recruitment process. Contact us to set up a demo so we can show you how MeetFrank works. 

7 Things to Know About Customer Support Jobs in Estonia

7 Things to Know About Customer Support Jobs in Estonia

So far, 2019 has been an interesting year for customer support jobs in Estonia. As tracked on our job solutions platform, MeetFrank, companies have been pretty active in hiring customer support representatives.

They seem to understand that the dynamics between businesses and customers have changed very much from what they used to be. Previously, customers were more interested in low prices and good quality. This is why businesses also focused on getting customers good products at great prices.

customer support jobs in estonia

But with the generally high standards in today’s market, there’s little to differentiate one product from the other. Due to this, companies are becoming more consumer oriented instead. They now focus more on the positive experiences that will result from a customer’s use of their product.

And they should too. While customers still love great quality at low prices (who doesn’t?), a new factor in choosing between similar brands is the quality of service they get. Stats from McKinsey confirm this, showing that 70% of a customer’s journey is based on how they feel they are being treated.

If that doesn’t put a new spin on “the customer is always right”, we don’t know what does. So, without further ado, we’ll launch into 7 of the top facts you need to know about customer jobs in Estonia for 2019.


#1: Offers for customer support jobs in Estonia grew by 319% in 2019


Jobs for customer support reps in Estonia experienced astonishing growth in the first six months of 2019.

Our data tracked the offers for customer support jobs made on MeetFrank between January and July 2019. We found that there was a 319% increase in these offers during the period, compared with the last 6 months of 2018.

The data indicates that if you have been eyeing customer support jobs in Estonia, your time is now. Through MeetFrank, you have a better chance at sizing up and getting in touch with the companies that make sense for you.


#2: Junior and mid-level positions attracted the most offers from companies

customer jobs in estonia

The most offers on MeetFrank were made to reps in mid-level and junior customer support positions. Offers for seniors followed closely, with offers for entry level positions coming third.

This is pretty interesting, as it shows that companies hiring for customer support positions in Estonia have no problem hiring less experienced employees. In fact, the most offers were made to candidates in lower level positions.

This means that Estonia has a great environment for candidates that are just starting out in their careers. The job market is pretty balanced and favours both experienced and new hires. We’ll tell you more about the companies leading the way in this hiring surge below.


#3: The highest salary offer made in the first 6 months of 2019 was for €5,000

Although the average minimum recorded during the period was €1,044 and the average maximum, €1,763, the total highest was €5,000. That’s a figure more than 3 times higher than the national average of €1,419. It is perhaps fitting that it was for an executive role. 

Our data on average salaries per seniority showed that entry level reps earned an average of €1,721 per month and juniors earned up to €1,676. Mid-level employees earned €1,783 on average while seniors and candidates in lead roles earned €2,018 and €2,061 respectively. Executives were the highest paid with average monthly salaries of €3,050.

On averages per month, January started out with average salaries of €1,443 while February dipped a bit to €1,366. Interestingly, salaries rallied between April and May, ending at the 6–month high of €1,857 right in the middle of summer.

Ordinarily, the summer months see less recruiting activity and lower average salaries overall. But that’s not the case with our data on customer support jobs in Estonia as the unseasonal spike in salaries shows. We guess there won’t be much complaining about that one.


#4: Estonia has 1,500 islands, 1,000 lakes and 7,000 rivers


No, you didn’t read that wrong. Estonia does have an astonishing number of islands, lakes and rivers. 

Add to this the fact that over 50% of the Estonian landscape is covered by forest and you have yourself a very picturesque work location. 

It’s also a pretty handy fact to have at the tips of your fingers when you want to draw a tense customer in. Pretty great eh? Right, let’s get back to more regular facts. 


#5: English is the most in-demand skill for customer support jobs in Estonia

highest paying skills in customer support

There’s quite a demand for English speaking customer support reps. In fact, this was the skill most required by companies out of 23 tracked skills. It was required in 6% of offers.

IT help desk, technical support, Estonian and help desk skills made up the rest of the top five. Each was required in 4% of offers.

The in-demand skills are representative of the varied jobs available in the customer support sector in Estonia. Although, IT related skills constituted the bulk of top 5, as would be the case in the digital economy that is Estonia.


#6: Estonian users want to work in Fintech, startups and remotely

Since MeetFrank helps both talent and companies find each other on a common platform, our data also includes work preferences of talent.

We found that the majority of our users in Estonia want to work for startups, Fintech and from remote locations in companies hiring for customer support jobs in Estonia.

There are several companies that perfectly fit these preferences and also happen to be recruiting. They include BigBank, MeetFrank (aren’t you glad to see this?), Veriff, betPawa, NoCry, Telia, Testlio, Scoro, Inbank, If Insurance, Derivco and Katana.


#7: MeetFrank is one of the top 10 companies hiring for customer support jobs in Estonia

companies hiring in customer support estonia

Yep. MeetFrank does not only fit the preferences of most Estonian users, it is also one of the most active companies hiring customer support in Estonia. Wouldn’t you love to come work with us?

Other companies in the top ten include Ridango AS, one of the most accomplished ticketing solution providers in Europe and Bigbank, a really big bank operating in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Spain.

NoCry, Veriff, betPawa, Alliance for Recruitment, ABB, Olympic Entertainment Group and Apranga Group Estonia make up the rest of the top ten.


And that’s it, 7 of the top facts you need to know about customer support jobs in Estonia in 2019. We are certain that these facts will help you understand where the job market currently is and how it makes sense for you.

If you would like to see more facts about customer support jobs, head on over here to download MeetFrank for talent. It’s available on both Android and Apple stores so you can get the hottest facts from anywhere.

For recruiters and companies, MeetFrank provides recruitment solutions that incorporate ease and cost-efficiency. Get in touch with us today to schedule a demo so you can see how it works.

What are the Top Companies Recruiting for Customer Support Jobs in Lithuania?

What are the Top Companies Recruiting for Customer Support Jobs in Lithuania?

As a part of the larger global business services sector, the customer support industry in Lithuania has been thriving of late.

Due to its incredibly inviting business landscape and the unsaturated nature of the industry, many international companies now choose to call Lithuania home. Their service centers in the country provide various back room and front-facing services to clients all over the world in over 30 languages.

The presence of these international companies has greatly helped the Lithuanian business services sector grow. These companies now form the nucleus of the growing customer service industry and are fueling demand for qualified candidates in customer support jobs in Lithuania.

This article outlines these companies and the top ten that are currently hiring for customer support jobs in Lithuania. You’ll also learn other important data including hiring trends, average salaries and the skills that set some candidates apart from the rest.


Overview of industry for customer support jobs in Lithuania


It would not be wrong to say that the Lithuanian global business services sector has become an international force to be reckoned with.

Now home to at least 78 global service centers, the sector caters to international clients from Africa, North America, Europe to Australia/Oceania, Asia and South America. These include massive names such as Nasdaq, Western Union and Danske Bank.

The sector grew by 13% in 2018 and currently employs over 17,000 highly educated individuals.

The customer support industry comprises a substantial part of the Lithuanian business services sector, constituting fully 34% of the whole. It provides a comfortable backdrop to a wide variety of business functions including IT, finance & accounts, global HR, analytics, R&D and a host of others.

The premium placed by these companies on customer support and operations indicates that they understand where the market is going.

Reports indicate that customer experience will become more important than great price and quality by 2020. With 55% of consumers already resolved to spend more on a brand that guarantees a satisfying experience, it’s obvious where the smart money lies.

MeetFrank data indicates that offers on the platform for customer support jobs in Lithuania grew substantially in the first 6 months of 2019. Compared to the period between July to December 2018, these job offers increased by 57%.

Clearly, companies are more actively making offers for these jobs on MeetFrank, underlining the buoyant outlook of the industry.


Top ten companies hiring for customer support jobs in Lithuania


Several companies have led the charge in hiring customer support reps in Lithuania. The top ten include international names such as Intrum Global Business Services, Danske Group IT Lithuania and Blockchain LT.

hiring in customer support lithuania

The rest of the top ten are Cognizant Technology Solutions Lithuania, ORCA Alliance, CoinGate, Kilo.Health, Interactio, Rokkex and Telia Lietuvoje.

As mentioned earlier, these companies already employ over 17,000 people in Lithuania, including locals and foreigners. It is expected that the number they employ would have increased to 22, 130 by 2020.


Employer and employee preferences: What are the trends?


Current hiring trends indicate that the most offers are currently being made to employees in junior customer support positions. Offers for entry and mid-level roles also enjoy significant and almost similar support.

Interestingly, there is much less in the way of demand for senior, lead and executive positions. To the casual observer, this may indicate that there are many companies building out their customer support teams from scratch in Lithuania.

customer support jobs in lithuania

However, the figures may be better explained by the unsaturated nature of the industry for customer support jobs in Lithuania. Vilnius and Kaunas, two of the leading locations for global business service centres have only 25.6 and 9.5 people employed per 1,000 in these centres.

This indicates that there’s a lot of scope for growth and the Lithuanian market can still absorb a lot of candidates, both experienced and relatively inexperienced.

Employees, on their own part, also indicate what their employment preferences are. Most of our users in Lithuania want to work for companies in this industry that are startups, run the coolest offices and provide remote workspaces.

There are several companies that fit this and are also looking to hire candidates for customer support jobs in Lithuania. They include Orca alliance, CoinGate, Rokkex, Telia, Kilo,Health, Blockchain, Cognizant and Rely in the Baltics.


How much can you earn from customer support jobs in Lithuania?


This is one area that will definitely interest talent. Are companies hiring for customer support jobs in Lithuania ready to walk the talk?

Our data on overall average salaries indicate that the average minimum during the first 6 months of 2019 was €818 while the average maximum was €1,568. The total highest salary offer during the period was for €2,645.

Entry level employees started out their career with a tidy average of €1,487 per month while juniors earned €1,554 on average. Senior and lead employees continued to be the highest paid with average monthly salaries of €1,774 and €1,760 respectively.

customer support average salary lithuania

Averages per month indicated that the general level of salaries per month held between €950 and €1,500. Although, both extremes were only experienced within the last two months of the period.


Top 5 skills you need to get ahead


What do employers consider the most important skill for customer support jobs in Lithuania? No prizes for guessing this one.

English communication skills were the most in-demand, being required in 24% of job offers. There’s no mystery here, since English is the single most popular language in all the service centres run in the country.

Fully 100% of all the centers offer services in English. Considering the international clientele they serve, this can only be par for the course.

Other skills that make up the top five include help desk, account management, technical support and front desk skills, with 9%, 8%, 8% and 7% of the demand respectively.

What skills do you need to earn more than €2,500? You’ll need to be proficient in English, account management and technical support.

That’s interesting, considering that IT service desk, general ledger & accounting and customer help desk are three of the most common functions performed by Lithuanian service centers. Coincidence? We think not.




From all facts presented above, it remains clear that the Lithuanian customer support industry is in fine fettle. It constitutes a fine investment for companies that want to expand and for talent that want to bring their skills to bear.

If you would like to learn more about these companies and the industry for customer support jobs in Lithuania, simply download the MeetFrank app from Apple or Android stores. You’ll find all you need to know.

MeetFrank especially works to democratise the job market. We make it easier for companies to find talent that ticks all the boxes for them, and for talent to get the information they need to make their choice.

If you are a recruiter, schedule a demo call with us today to see how MeetFrank makes recruitment easy as pie.