Perforce – Developing tools for software developers

Perforce – Developing tools for software developers

Perforce Software (previously ZeroTurnaround) is the leading provider of enterprise-scale software for technology developers and development operations teams. Their services are for teams who require productivity, visibility, and scale throughout all phases of the development lifecycle.

We interviewed Hannes Linno, Director of Software Engineering, who told us about the maturity of the DevOps field and how Perforce’s innovation helps developers around the world work smarter. Among other things, we talked about career opportunities in a team consisting mainly of senior level engineers and the challenges of developing a range of products in various stages of maturity.

🔵 ZeroTurnaround originally developed JRebel and XRebel before being acquired by Perforce back in 2017. What organisational changes, if any, did the acquisition bring as both products are still developed in Estonia?

After the acquisition, Estonia has become the European strategic development centre for Perforce, a talent hub for multiple products. In Estonia, we went from being a Java-only company to a company that offers tools for the entire DevOps cycle. 

The acquisition brought organisational changes, as would be expected, but Rebels are still a key part of the Perforce family. However, the product portfolio here keeps growing, as does Perforce globally, via new acquisitions. Our newest acquisition is Puppet, a leading software configuration management tool.


Perforce in Brief

🔵 As you mentioned, Perforce is building many products for the DevOps field. Before we dive into more details, could you clarify what you mean by DevOps in your context?

To answer this question, I would start with what it is not. In recent years there has been a huge increase in job openings for DevOps engineers. Sadly, it is often simply considered a nicer name for system and application administrators when more and more infrastructure orchestration is done via coding and scripting. In reality, DevOps is a wider area, so it is not simply taking care of servers and infrastructure on public clouds or on-premise infrastructure.

So, what is DevOps? It involves Development and Operations tools and processes covering the full spectrum of areas from product planning, development and quality control to execution and stability in production environments. 

DevOps is totally focused on doing things smarter and automating wherever possible to have higher quality and shorter development cycles. While DevOps as an area includes both tools and processes, Perforce’s focus is on building the best tools that support DevOps processes.

Our product portfolio already covers all main phases of the DevOps cycle, so we have tools for planning, development, quality control and operating customer solutions. 

🔵 How mature is the DevOps market currently and where it is heading in the next few years?

In software development, the digitalization wave is still picking up speed immensely. In Estonia, we are used to everything being digitalized, but the rest of the world is still lagging behind. 

In the next several years, more and more traditional companies must increase their IT investments to keep up with stiff competition. To manage the extra complexity, companies that want to remain relevant in ten years must increasingly focus on the full cycle of the DevOps flow. 

We can already see the huge gap in the available software engineering workforce and increasing demands will only add to the pressure. In addition to growing digitalization, the new emerging technologies like AI, virtual reality and quantum computing increase the complexity to the next level. 

This means that development and operations must improve automation so that developers work smarter and spend less time doing repetitive tasks. Continuing in the same way as we have built software so far is not possible. There are simply not enough software engineers in the world. 

At Perforce our focus is to build tools that aid software engineers (developers, QA, system administrators, and tech support) to decrease development time and ensure the quality of the results. 

🔵 Who are the users of your products?

At Perforce, we are building tools for other engineers. I would say it is a unique opportunity because, often, we are solving problems that most developers, including ourselves, are facing. 

Our engineers have access to all the tools we are building in-house, allowing our employees to work together across products to find insights and provide quick feedback on what to improve. Whether it is about the functionality, usability or simply the documentation that is available for using the products and tools. It also allows us to build the features that fill the gaps between our different products so that the full cycle of tools works together efficiently.

Having a wide selection of products in our portfolio enables us to focus on areas that otherwise could fall between different products or solutions, especially where the market is too small for anyone wanting to invest there. In other words, we fill the gaps to save our customers time, money and reduce stress!

When speaking to our candidates, we often hear that they are coming from industries where the company’s purpose is not interesting for them, or they don’t really understand the problem their product is trying to solve. In our case, it is the opposite: Most engineers love the area they are working in and are eager to have better tools that help them work smarter.

🔵 Let’s talk a little about your organisation. What best describes your engineering teams?

Our teams are mainly built around senior level engineers. The advantage is that even if a team member has been in the industry for 10 or 20 years, they still have interesting challenges and can continue their learning path, as they can discuss the issues and solutions with like-minded people. It allows our teams to be agile, move faster, make quicker decisions and have the greatest innovation potential.

We also try to focus our benefits package on senior engineers. The emphasis is on work-life balance and extra time off because we know how important it is to take time for yourself or spend it with your family and friends. Happy people are best positioned to create innovation. 

People and teams have a lot of independence and trust. We also have flexitime where each person manages their own working time, and each team can agree what is the best work routine for their team, like how many meetings they want to have, what kind of meetings, how much office time and what are the team’s working hours in general.

🔵 What kind of technologies can one expect to work with when joining Perforce?

As we have a wide range of products in various stages of maturity, we offer interesting challenges for different tastes. 

We have products (such as Gliffy) that are end-user facing, where the focus is on usability and clean design. Then we have products where developers must work on deep tech and solve problems on a very low level, close to operating system features, like Rebel products that interact with code on the compilation level, to make it smoother and faster to execute.

We also contribute a lot to open source communities by addressing all kinds of unexpected user cases and problems. In relation to open source, not many people know that Zend, the trusted tool for PHP developers, is also developed by us. And at the same time, specifically for the semiconductor industry, we are developing an IP lifecycle management solution – Methodics.

🔵 What kind of career opportunities does Perforce offer?

Having such a wide stack of technologies provides numerous opportunities for long term growth for our people. It is common that if an engineer would like to work on a different product or with a new tech stack, they will receive support from their managers on finding another project within Perforce. 

The experience we have is that people with long tenure want to stay in the company, as they love our culture and benefits, but simply want a new challenge and continue improving their skillset. And the only opportunity is not just moving between projects and technologies – since we are growing rapidly, we also have many opportunities to grow from engineering roles to management roles.

Check out Perforce’s
career page and open positions:

 View all positions

🔵 Could you briefly describe your hiring process? Do you have any tips to be successful in the process?

After an initial quick meet and greet on the phone with our recruiter, we typically have a more in-depth interview where we look for the technical knowledge needed for the position. Assuming that goes successfully, there is a meeting with the team and the direct manager. 

My primary advice is to do your research about the product and the company. The interview process is not there to find your weaknesses, but rather to see where your skillset will best advance the Perforce vision. We are looking for people who are genuinely interested in our products and the problems they are there to solve.



Estonian Job Market in September 2020 

Estonian Job Market in September 2020 

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

August was full of good news along with some great physical and online events for the Estonian job market. Let’s start with two of them: 🎆

👉 The flagship tech and startup event, Latitude 59 took place online and also in Tallinn with some physical events. 

👉 Estonian fintech EvoEstate raised €320K to grow its next-gen investment platform globally.

Even though the Estonian job market is still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, we are keeping our hopes high for a fresh start in September. 🙌

As we said in the title; new season, new updates, and new job opportunities! 😊

Let’s discover what the new season has brought so far for employers and job seekers! 💡

Job Market Overview

In our previous report, we shared that August saw a long-awaited increase in the number of job openings. 

🔊 In the last 4 weeks, there has been a very small change in the number of job openings. On the other hand, the last week of August and the first week of September saw the highest increase. 📈

openings in Estonia on September

🔊The number of job applications saw a notable increase since mid-August. Job-seekers are finally on track. 😉

applications in Estonia in September

Let’s dive into market competitiveness. 

Market competitiveness in the Estonian job markets on September 17

Compared to August, market competitiveness has become more challenging in the Estonian job market. This could be related to the increasing number of job applications in September (one of the favourite months for job seekers). 🤔

While it is at the ‘OK level’ for Data & Analytics professionals to find a job in Estonia, it is sadly difficult for Design experts. Fingers crossed, design people: good times will come! ✌️

So how is the situation with offered and expected salaries in relation to this?

Gross historical salaries in the Estonian job market on September 2020

Both the offered and expected salaries have seen a slight increase by mid-September. 

Despite the small change, there is still a gap between the two numbers. Whereas employers are ready to pay a bit more to hire the best talent, job seekers seem to be reevaluating their expected salaries to some extent. 💰

Top 6 Specialties with the Most Openings

🏹 The job hunting season has begun. So which industries are welcoming the most new talent?

top 6 specialties with the most openings in Estonia


Looking at the chart, it is clear why it is at the ‘OK level’ for software engineers to find a job in Estonia seeing while it is challenging in general. The field ranks first in the list, far ahead of the IT & Sysadmin jobs, which is on the second place. 🥇

Customer Support and Sales & Business Development rank in third and fourth places respectively, followed by (Tech) Project Management. There are only slight differences between them. 

Surprisingly, the last place belongs to Data & Analytics as it used to be one of the most popular industries in the last 6 months. 😎

It seems the Estonian job market needs engineers and IT people the most nowadays. If you are looking for an opportunity in one of these sectors, chances are your dream job is waiting for you. 🤝

Salaries Offered by Employers: September vs January 2020

A lot has changed since January. Where to begin? The pandemic conquered the whole world, it has affected every single economy on Earth and the way we live and work have completely changed. 😷

Now, let’s check how the offered salaries have changed in the last 9 months. 🕵

salaries in Estonia in September vs January 2020

👉The good news is each of the top 6 specialties have seen an increase in the offered salaries

👉 (Tech) Project Management saw the highest increase. 📈

👉 Data & Analytics saw the lowest increase. This also justifies the point we shared in the previous section: the number of job openings in this sector is lower than in others. It seems the demand for the Data & Analytics experts has changed a bit during the pandemic. 💡

👉 Despite the turmoil the pandemic created, companies are willing to pay more in order to hire the best talent. 💪

Companies with the Most Remote Options

If you are looking for a remote option and want to work for an Estonia-based company, you are reading the right section. 😊

Let’s discover the most remote work friendly companies in the Estonian job market. 🖥

Estonian companies with the most remote options

🏆 First place goes to Testlio, a leading company in app testing. If ‘testing’, ‘mobile’ and ‘app’ are some of your favourite words, download the MeetFrank app and check their openings!

In second place, we see WebARX, a web application security program. Needless to say, cybersecurity has gained significant importance as more people have started working from home. If web security is your thing, WebARX could be ‘the’ company for you. ❤️️

The list continues with Softwerk EU, an Estonian company providing software solutions and Timbeter OÜ, a forest tech company. 👏

Surprisingly, starting from third place, the companies are offering an equal number of job openings. The list continues with Toolsale, Acty OÜ, ONLINE ONLY OÜ, MindTitan, and Outvio OÜ. 👍

💡 All of the companies in the list are web-based tech companies. That’s probably why they have more room for flexibility and capability to offer more remote options. 😉

Welcome to the MeetFrank Family!

🥁 The MeetFrank family is growing! Lately, we welcomed two new members to our family: Nordic Digital AS, North Coast Code, WebARX, Basaar Group OÜ, Koemo OÜ, Aurora Solutions OÜ, Põllumajandusuuringute Keskus, Toolsale, Bercman Technologies AS and OÜ. 

Check their latest job openings and download the MeetFrank app to see more: 


Estonian Job Market in August 2020 – What to Expect?

Estonian Job Market in August 2020 – What to Expect?

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

July has brought lots of news to Estonia. Where to start? The country has partially re-opened borders with certain countries—attention please, if you are planning to start a career in Estonia! 🤩 

Given that TransferWise is now valued at $5 billion by private investors, this country’s the hotbed of unicorns. 🦄

The long-awaited Digital Nomad Visa applications also started on August 1. If you are a remote worker, have a look at the remote opportunities in our blog post. 🖥

In this article, we’ll delve into the the job market overview and discuss the average salaries, job openings, and more. 🎆

Actively looking for a job? If so, you’ll enjoy the section on the top 10 companies with the most openings

By having a look at the top 6 specialties with the most applications in July, you can also have a better understanding of which areas have been standing out in the Estonian job market lately.

If ready, let’s dive into the ocean of stats! 🏊


Job Market Overview

Let’s start with good news! The first week of August saw a long-awaited increase in the number of job openings. 

active job openings in Estonia in August

The number of job applications seem to have doubled up! Lately, the data for openings and applications are going hand in hand in Estonia.

job applications in Estonia in August

So, how has market competitiveness changed when compared to July? In our previous article, we had shared that the Estonian job market was challenging. Well, it seems August doesn’t have anything different to bring for now.  competitiveness in Estonia in August

While Data & Analytics professionals will find it easier to find a role, software engineers may be surprised by the fact that it has become a tad difficult even for them to find a job nowadays. 🤷

Why is it like that? It may be that the slow economic recovery combined with the summer sun is making it a bit challenging for job seekers to find their dream job. 🌞

Wondering how the situation is in the average salary world?

average salaries in Estonia in August
Recently, there has been a growing disparity between the average offered and expected salaries in the Estonian job market. 🤔

💰 Companies are ready to pay more for the best talent and apparently, job seekers are keeping their expectations much lower. 

Now, let’s head to the next section and see which industries were popular in July. 🏆


Top 6 specialties with the most applications in July

Which industries did job seekers prefer last month?

top specialties with most applications in Estonia

Software Engineering, Sales & Business Development, and Marketing & PR & Media make up the top 3 of the top specialties with the most applications list. 

Remember from the previous section that it’s been challenging for software engineers to find a job lately? The more applications Software Engineering attracts, the more challenging it becomes for job seekers to find ‘the’ job.

It’s a no brainer that Estonia attracts lots of bright software engineers, as the country is a world leader for IT skills.

So, which industry couldn’t make it to the list this time? The answer is (Tech) Project Management which ranked in 7th place.

With that being said, we should also add that there was a slight difference between the number of applications for IT & Sysadmin and (Tech) Project Management.


Top 10 companies with the most replies to applicants in July

We all know how frustrating it is when you apply for a job and then wait for a response for months. Thankfully, some companies are very diligent from the beginning to the very end of the process, even when they reject a job candidate.

Let’s meet the kindest companies in the Estonian job market. 

companies with the most openings in Estonia

The Oscar goes to Parim, a leading professional staff management solution used by more than 100,000+ users every day. 🏆 So, if you have ever applied for one of their openings, the chances are you received a response. 

The 2nd kindest company is Bolt, a ride-hailing service provider and the 3rd fastest-growing company in Europe. Can we say that strong human relations go hand in hand with success? In their case, we definitely can! 👏

Kühne + Nagel Estonia, a leading transportation and logistics company, celebrates 3rd place. If you are looking for an opportunity in this industry, Kühne + Nagel Estonia might be your dream company. 💭

👉The rest of the list goes like this: MindTitan, Paxful, MeetFrank (yay!), 99Math OÜ, Glia, Scoro Software OÜ, and Singleton

The champion industries are Software Development, SaaS, Finance, and Recruitment

So, do the results align with the number of job openings in July?


Companies with the most openings in July

Which companies offered the most opportunities for job seekers in the month of July? Here is the answer. 👇

top 10 Estonian companies with the most openings

👉 Bolt has acquired the title of “the most active company when it comes to the number of job openings” in July. 

If you’re looking for a role from Marketing to Development, download the MeetFrank app and have a look at their openings today. 🤓

👉 Kühne + Nagel Estonia and Nortal are in joint 2nd place with exactly the same number of openings. Nortal is a multinational strategic change and technology company headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, with operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

So, if you’re a fan of corporate companies, now you know where to look for your dream role.

The whole list tells us that the most active industries so far have been Finance, Software, and Ride-hailing

Are you actively looking for a job? If yes, check the job openings at these companies as there are lots of opportunities waiting for you. 💪


Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

Welcome our new members: Investly, AS BMGS Eesti filiaal, WiseDrive, and Insplay! 


Estonian Job Market in July 2020: What’s new?

Estonian Job Market in July 2020: What’s new?

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

June brought an abundance of news in Estonia: the loosening of restrictions, the opening of the borders, and the announcement of the new digital nomad visa. 🔊

Wondering how the Estonian Job Market has been doing before we get to July’s news? Let’s rewind to June and refresh our memories first:

✅ There was a slight increase in the number of job applications.

✅ In general, there wasn’t a significant change in market competitiveness. However, the ease of finding a job varied per industry. 

We’ll see what July will bring and how things’ll be for companies and job seekers. We hope for more opportunities and signs of getting back to a better normal. 😊

Now, get ready to delve into the most current stats! 🚀

Job Market Overview: July vs June 

In our latest report, we had shared that there wasn’t a significant change when it came to market competitiveness and the number of job applications. 

So, what’s the news as of today?

number of active job seekers in Estonia

The first week of July saw a very slight increase in the number of active job seekers. As of today, there was no difference at all! There might be several reasons for that. 

The fallout of the coronavirus is affecting both job seekers and companies. It’s also common to have less openings and less applications during the summer. 🌞

Estonia market competitiveness

At the end of the first week of July, we can see a slight change in market competitiveness. It’s still challenging to find a job in Estonia. 📈 

Is it the same for Marketing, Engineering or Sales people? Well, not really. 

While IT & Sysadmin specialists have more opportunities in the Estonian job market nowadays, it’s sadly difficult for people in the Design industry. 

We’ll share a more detailed analysis on this topic in our report. Coming soon! 😉

Salaries in Top 6 Specialties

Finding a job may still be a bit challenging in Estonia, but it seems employers are currently willing to pay more, compared to May. 💰

By the first week of July, it seems the upward trend in the average gross salaries is set to continue. 📈

average gross salary in May vs June in Estonia

  Let’s recap the 3 main points from the stats:

The average gross salaries in Software Engineering, Sales & Business Development, IT & Sysadmin, Marketing & PR & Media industries have increased

✅ The only industry that couldn’t manage to increase salaries has been Finance. 🤔

IT & Sysadmin saw the highest increase with 381EUR. 🤑

What about the expected salaries? Let’s see if the expectations of job seekers and companies align with each other. 👀

Average expected salary in Estonia, May vs June
✅In parallel to the average offered salaries, the expected salaries have also increased. 💰

✅ The highest increase has been in the Sales & Business Development industry. 

✅It seems Finance people have been more cautious, as there has been a tiny increase in their expectations of only 2.7%

Overall, the average offered and expected salaries have both increased. It’s a good sign that nowadays job seekers and companies are more or less on the same page. 🤝

Competition in Top 6 Specialties

In this section, we’ll elaborate on market competitiveness in the Estonian job market, which we briefly mentioned in the Job Overview part. 

The ease of finding a job remained at the same level for most industries in May. So, what about now?

Market competitiveness in Estonia, May vs June

Finding a job has become more challenging in Estonia since May, except for in the Finance industry. 🕵

If you’re a finance expert, the chances are you will have more opportunities compared to professionals working in other sectors. 🍀

While there is a slight increase in the market competitiveness of the Sales and Business Development and Software Engineering industries, things seem to have become more challenging for Marketing & PR & Media professionals

(Tech) Project Management also saw a sharp drop in the number of opportunities. Hopefully, next month will make it easier for job seekers in all industries to find their dream job. 🙏

TOP 10 Companies with the Most Applications in June 2020

Wondering which companies attracted the most talent in June 2020? Here you go! 👇

Top Estonian 10 companies with the most applications in June

🔊 As of today, the first place goes to Bolt, a ride-hailing service provider and the 3rd fastest growing company in Europe. 

If you’re interested in being part of this thrilling company, have a look at our recent interview with Nikolai Kabatsikov, Head of Talent at Bolt and get some tips for the application process. 😉

In second place, we see ONLINE ONLY, which offers digital marketing solutions for SaaS business. It’s followed by Viveo, a healthcare app for individuals and companies. It’s no surprise that the healthcare sector has become more popular in these times. 😷

Look who’s in fourth place? 🥁 (Drum roll please) MeetFrank! It’s great to be one of the companies with the top number of applications. 

The list continues with companies operating in Finance, Software, SaaS, Transportation, and Logistics. These are the industries managing to attract the most talent nowadays. 

Download the MeetFrank app now and see their latest openings! 

Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

🎆Recently, we welcomed Xfly, a leading long-term strategic capacity prodiver for commercial airlines in Europe. Get your resumes ready if you’re working in this industry:  Xfly is looking for a Business Controller. 📝

To see more openings, download the MeetFrank app today! 

Recovery Outlook in Estonian Job Market, June 2020

Recovery Outlook in Estonian Job Market, June 2020

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

Estonia’s economy is opening up like the doors in the recent VisitTallinn ad

As of June 1, indoor events of 100+ people are allowed, and citizens of 16+ countries are allowed to enter Estonia without quarantine. 🛳


“Tallinn is opening!”, an ad by VisitTallinn Image source

And we’re happy to share that this week, Estonia had its first day with no positive cases of COVID19 in nearly three months. 🙏

Now, what about the labor market? In this article, we’re giving you an overview of Estonia’s job market recovery outlook.

🦅 The bird’s-eye view of the Estonian job market is not too shabby. Here are the key takeaways from the recovery outlook:

  • Average gross salaries have grown to a six-month high. 🤑
  • The number of job offers is in a declining trend. 📉
  • 3 Estonian startups attracted the most applicants in May. 👨‍💻

Hungry for more details? Let’s dig deeper and review how the Estonian job market is doing. 🕵

Job market overview: May vs June

The biggest trend of the last few months continues: there has been a clear decline in the number of active job offers in the past month. 

In Estonia, the number of active job offers is down by almost 20% compared to a month ago. 📉

active job openings in Estonia

When we look at job seekers though, we see that the number of active job seekers is up by about 5% in the past month.

These key indicators paint a pretty straightforward picture of the recovery outlook. Employers are being cautious while an increasing number of job-seekers are looking for new opportunities

As a whole, the market competitiveness has remained on more or less the same level in recent months. 

Recovery Outlook in Estonian Job Market

Salaries in TOP 6 specialties

What about money? 💰 It looks like Estonian employers are happy to be hiring less, but offer higher salaries than before for the roles they do hire for. 

The average gross salary offered in the Estonian job market is now €2,869, which is higher than at any point in the last 6 month

Let’s take a closer look at the changes in salaries by specialty. First off, we see that based on May and April data, average offered salaries are up in nearly all specialties. The only exception being marketing & PR & media, where the average offered salary dropped by about 700EUR. 💸

average gross salaries Estonia

Job-seekers’ expected salaries are also on a recovery trend. However, the expectations are still about 300EUR lower than they were in the beginning of the year for the market as a whole. The current average expected salary is €2,240.

Note that expected salaries have not gone up in all specialties. Job-seekers in software engineering, finance, marketing & PR & media and (tech) project management have raised their average expected salaries by about 100EUR each. 📈

At the same time, job-seekers in sales & business development and IT & sysadmin have lowered their expectations by 100EUR. 📉

expected salaries Estonia

Competition in TOP 6 specialties

The job market competitiveness in Estonia as a whole has remained quite stable over the past few months. However, we do see small fluctuations in the ease of finding a job per specialty. 

For example, finding a job in software engineering, IT & sysadmin, marketing & PR & media and (tech) project management is now easier than before. 👨‍💻

At the same time, job-seekers in sales & business development and finance may now find it more difficult to find a job than before. 💼

job market competitiveness Estonia

TOP 10 Companies with the most applications in May 2020

Next, let’s take a look at which companies scored the most applicants in Estonia in May 2020. 🏃‍♀️

top employers in estonia

In the first place, we see our beloved unicorn Bolt. 🦄 Needless to say, Bolt is a true rockstar. Just about a week ago they announced a new funding round, having raised €100 million from Naya Capital. Yes, during a time of global turmoil. We’ll likely see Bolt in our top lists again.

In second and third place, we see a few other Estonian startups: Yaga, an online platform for second-hand clothes, and Scoro, a business management software. 👏

The rest of the top 10 tells a pretty convincing story of the fields that had exciting work to offer in May 2020. For example, eCommerce is certainly booming right now: 3 companies in the top 10 offer services or tools to eCommerce (Katana MRP, Inbank, Outvio). 

We also see 2 agencies that specialize in building digital products in the top 10: Nortal and Cyberland. The remaining two of the top 10 companies are perhaps also telling of the times: Invent Baltics, a consultancy helping technology firms and R&D organizations secure EU funding, and 99math, a multiplayer math game. 🎮

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

Hello, newcomers! In the past week Orien Trade, ChallengeMe and Pet Retail joined the MeetFrank family. 🥳 See if any of their recent job offers strike your fancy:

Recent News on the Estonian Job Market

Recent News on the Estonian Job Market

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

It has been 10 days since the emergency situation officially ended in Estonia. Even the border restrictions have been eased with Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland, which is a sign of slow yet very promising recovery. 😊

Another big news this week is that the ride-hailing company Bolt raised a funding round of €100M. (They’re also hiring with MeetFrank!)

The recent news on loosening restrictions seems to have had a positive effect on the Estonian job market, as we saw some newfound stability in the numbers of openings and job seekers last week. 

Want to learn more about the last week’s stats? Have a look at our previous report here. 👀

Let’s dig into this week’s numbers and find out how the Estonian job market is currently doing. 🕵

Job Market Overview

Last week, the current number of job openings was about the same as it was two weeks ago. 

This week saw a sharp fall in the number of job openings by 23%. In parallel, the number of job applications fell by approximately 50%. 📉 

Lately, out of approximately 29,000 people in Estonia’s talent pool, just over 12% of them are actively looking for a job. It has not changed that much since last week. talent and job seekers in EstoniaWhen it comes to historical salaries, an upward trend continues for both expected and offered salaries. We’ll see if the gap between them increases in the upcoming weeks. 👀historical salaries in Estonia

Market competitiveness remained the same as last week staying at the ‘almost-OK’ level for finding a job in Estonia.

ease of finding a job in Estonia

Guess which industry is luckiest nowadays? The answer is the ‘IT & Sysadmin’ sector which reached the 4.5 point, meaning that it is almost ‘very easy’ to find a job in this industry.

Weekly special chart: Expected vs offered salaries across top specialties

The ongoing crisis has changed the demand for various industries in different ways all over the world. To have a closer look at this matter, we will compare the expected and offered salaries across the top 8 specialties globally and in Estonia in the past 30 days. 

Overall, out of these 8 specialties in the Estonian job market, the salary offerings of 5 industries have been higher than the expectations of job seekers. 💶expected vs offered salaries in Estonia

Here are the main takeaways from the stats👇

✅We see the biggest difference between expected and offered salaries in the Data & Analytics sector in the Estonian job market. The salaries offered are considerably higher than expected! 🥳

✅In addition to the Data & Analytics candidates, job seekers looking for opportunities in the IT & Sysadmin, Finance, Customer Support, and especially Software Engineering industries should raise their salary expectations too. Companies are offering higher salaries than you think! 😉

✅While there’s only a small difference between expected and offered salaries in (Tech) Project Management, Marketing & PR & Media and Sales & Business Development candidates may need to lower their expectations a bit more. 

This also goes in parallel with the market competitiveness which is relatively higher in these sectors compared to others.

Globally speaking, 6 industries out of these 8 are offering higher salaries than expected even in these challenging times. 🎊offered and expected salaries globally👉Global trends are in line with those of Estonia when it comes to the Software Engineering industry. Expected salaries are higher than offered salaries.

👉As opposed to Estonia, companies looking for Marketing & PR & Media, (Tech) Project Management and Sales & Business Development are ready to pay more for talent. 

In general, the salaries in Estonia seem to be lower in both expected and offered salaries than the global average.

Weekly highlight: Customer Support

Knowledge, communication, and patience—this week, we’re focusing on Customer Support. 😎

Let’s see what the trends have been in the last 9 months. 

March was the most active month in terms of job openings. May saw the lowest number of openings so far, but many things can change before the end of the month. 🤞job openings in CS in EstoniaThe number of job applications have been fluctuating in parallel with that of job openings in the last 9 months. 

applications in CS in Estonia

However, job seekers in need of a Customer Support role significantly outnumber the demand in the Estonian job market. This may also be related to the recent layoffs in the industry. 

The talent pool in Estonia contains over 2,000 people, and more than 20% of them are actively looking for a job. talent, job seekers, companies in CS in EstoniaGiven this high ratio, it is no surprise that finding a job in the industry is difficult nowadays. 🤐

ease of finding a job in CS in Estonia

So, what about the salaries? How has this competitive job environment affected expected and offered salaries?historical salaries in CS in EstoniaSince February, there has been a growing gap between offered and expected salaries which might be considered as one of the inevitable results of COVID-19. 😷

At a time when we can mostly get support via email or phone, customer support has gained even more importance. So, as of May,  companies seem to be ready to pay even more to find the best talent. 💰

Interested in a Customer Support role in Estonia? Here are the most recent openings for you:

When we look at the skills in demand, we see that English and (surprise surprise) customer service & support beat Estonian. So, you can still have a chance to build a career in the Estonian job market, even if you can’t speak the language. 💪in demand skills for CS in Estonia

But we suggest you give it a try, not only because this would increase your chance of finding a job, but also because it sounds so harmonical. 🎶

👏Here comes the ‘congrats’ part. The most popular job opening in Customer Support is the ‘Customer Happiness Specialist’ role at Yaga!

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