What is Trending for The Best Designer Jobs in Finland?

What is Trending for The Best Designer Jobs in Finland?

When Finland’s impact is mentioned on the world stage, three things stand out: design, video gaming and some more design.

For a country that describes itself as “the design nation” (not ‘a’, mind you, ‘the’), you would hardly expect different. Its citizens are perfectly design conscious and their work simply oozes taste, creativity and that little spark that makes a true classic.

You should probably riot if we didn’t tell you that designer jobs in Finland are among the best in the world. The market is a mix of some of the most disruptive design companies in the industry, fueled by some of the most talented designers around.

And lucky for you, we have all the stats that’ll help you understand the market for designer jobs in Finland right here.


Designer jobs in Finland: The world’s design capital


To hear the Finnish tell it, design runs in the blood of the country and its citizens. Finnish design has become the stuff of lore, having been internationally promoted since 1875.

The country prides itself on being on a “first name basis with design”. No wonder it is considered the world’s design capital. That’s an actual title by the way. Finland literally holds the title of world design capital.

In 2012, Helsinki was recognized as World Design Capital, a designation awarded to recognize cities that use design as a resource for social, financial and cultural development.

The country’s stellar design culture spreads to everything, from its commercial art and fashion, to graphic design and its IT industry. 

Its illustration, digital environments and corporate identities are strong and renowned worldwide. Contributing to a $14 billion IT industry, they showcase a recognition of the fact that a product is only as good as its finish. 

This is one of the reasons why Finland’s gaming industry is a hub for the best of the best. The country is rated as one of the best places in the world to be a game designer. Popular hits developed in the country include worldwide favourites Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and Max Payne.

The industry has risen to become one of the most valuable in the world, with a turnover of €2.5 billion in 2016, roughly 7% of the global revenue. Wouldn’t you want a piece of that?

Designers and developers all over the world have their eyes set on Finland. With expected salaries between €50,000 to €80,000 a year, who wouldn’t?

Data on offers for designer jobs in Finland made on MeetFrank also indicates that there were 85% more offers in the first 6 months of 2019, as against July to December 2018.

Quite simply, offers on MeetFrank for designer jobs in Finland are exploding and there’s no better place to be at the moment.


2019 trends for designer jobs in Finland: Where can you find the jobs?


Recently, there has been a lot of recruitment activity for designer jobs in Finland. Several companies have set out to find the most talented designers around and attract them.

The top ten most active companies currently hiring designers in Finland include BON Games, Visma, Surrogate Games and G-Works. It should have been expected that gaming companies would be amongst the top ten.

Others in the top ten are Digitalist Group, Fira Group, Haahtela Group, Myyntimaatio Oy, Kaiku Health and Suomen Sopimustieto Oy.

design jobs in finland

Who are these companies looking to hire? Mostly senior designers, as our data on offers per seniority shows. The most offers made on the platform between January and July 2019 were made to senior designers.

Offers for mid-level and lead designers were very close, with the former just edging out to second place. The least offers were made to entry level designers and executives, although the demand for junior level designers was reasonable.

It’s not all in the hands of design companies though, as MeetFrank users in Finland also have their preferences. Most of our Finnish users want to work for a startup, in the Fintech and in the next big thing.

Our data indicates four companies that fit this bill. BON Games, Surrogate Games, Zero Keyboard and Kaiku Health all qualify.

BON Games fits every definition of startup you’ll find. Launched in 2017, the company is passionate about old-school tycoon and business simulation games. It published its first game, Transit King Tycoon, in 2018 and the game has since become a worldwide sensation. The company is young, agile and growing fast. Check them out on MeetFrank.


Average salaries for designer jobs in Finland

designer jobs in finland

You’ll be glad to find that designer jobs in Finland pay quite a bit. MeetFrank data on average salaries indicates that the overall average monthly minimum earned in 2019 was €2,420, while the average maximum was €4,232.

The total highest salary offered on the platform during the period was €7,000. Quite a payday eh?

Senior level designers were the highest paid during the period, commanding average figures of €4,400 per month. This is consistent with the high demand for senior developers between January to July 2019.

Lead designers earned slightly lower at €4,388 on average and mid-level designers came up third with €3,961.

Brand new entry level candidates in the market for designer jobs in Finland, earned a monthly average of €2,650. Not a bad start at all. The experience gap between entry and junior designers showed however, as juniors were paid €3,720 on average, more than €1,000 higher than entry level designers.

average salary in design finland

Our data on average salaries per month showed that January to July 2019 was really positive for designer jobs in Finland.

Average salaries ranged between €2,700 and 4,200 during the period and the average dropped below €3,000 on only three occasions. Those were only in the summer months. This is symptomatic of the usual lull experienced in recruitment activities during summer.


Skills you need to get ahead


You need really good skills to do well in the designer jobs market. That’s because you’ll often be all that stands between an idea that works and one that people love.

Take websites for instance. 75% of people form their opinion about a website based on its aesthetics, not what’s on it. That means no matter how useful the info on the website is, precious few people would be bothered to stick around if it’s not eye candy as well.

top skills in design in finland

Companies hiring for designer jobs in Finland also want their customers to stick around. That’s why UI and UX design, at 10% each, were the joint most in-demand skills for job offers on MeetFrank.

Companies want their brands to interact better with customers and they want to improve user experience while they’re at it.

The other skills that make up the top 5 in-demand skills were graphic design, Photoshop and other designing skills, at 7% each.

To increase your chances of getting the best job possible and earning higher than €4,000, you need a combination of UI design, UX design and Photoshop skills. Essentially, you need 27% of the top skills for designer jobs in Finland. No pressure.




The market for designer jobs in Finland is pretty old, but it is classy and creative enough to keep adapting to the times. Top candidates for designer jobs in Finland will also need this creative agility and companies will need to keep an eye out for the current trends. With MeetFrank, all of that becomes easy as pie.

MeetFrank is an app that provides transparent data on all the stats that talent and recruiters need to make the best decisions. Our platform lets you keep tabs on all the trends close to your heart, and then some.

We do what we do because we love it when people love their job. That’s why we make life easier for recruiters and help talent find their passion. Check out our app here on Android and Apple stores or schedule a demo with us (if you’re a recruiter) to see how MeetFrank works.

Why Designer Jobs in Estonia Pay Above Average Salary and How to Get in

Why Designer Jobs in Estonia Pay Above Average Salary and How to Get in

You can probably find worse ways to spend your career than in designer jobs in Estonia. 

No matter where you are in the world or what part of the digital economy you occupy, there’s one fact that’s a constant: nobody will enjoy what you’ve built if it’s not appealing. This is why designer jobs in Estonia are the in thing. 

Add to that the fact that Estonia is considered the most advanced digital society in the world, according to Wired, and you probably will never find a better spot for design jobs than Estonia. 

If you’re looking to get in on these jobs, we have the stats and data that’ll warm your heart. Drawing on data for January to July 2019 sourced from MeetFrank, we’ll explain why designers in Estonia are amongst the highest paid in the country and other stats you need to know. 


Better than average salary for workers in Estonia’s signature industry 

designer jobs in estonia

Estonia is a country founded on the digital economy. Agile, futuristic and incredibly modern, the country has adopted IT and R&D as a national policy and is blazing the trail in Europe. 

Estonia’s digital capabilities have developed incredibly, such that they are now among its biggest exports. More than 130 countries around the world have adapted its solutions to one degree or another, creating an industry worth more than €3.6 billion. 

It is fair to say that Estonia’s IT sector has become its signature industry. Designers occupy an important place in this sector. When you consider the crucial part they play in making IT solutions interactive and attractive for consumers, it’s not hard to see why. 

It takes users only 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website. To put that into context, consider that humans blink at least once every 4 seconds. How long does a blink last? Only 1/10 of a second. It takes half that time for a user to decide whether they like what they’re seeing. That’s why the first look they get has to be perfect. 

Workers in Estonia’s IT and designing sector are amongst the highest paid in the country. Official data from Statistics Estonia indicates that average salaries in the country were €1,419, as at the 2nd quarter of 2019. 

For the IT sector though, that figure was €2,390 per month. Almost double the national average, and the highest during the quarter. Working off data collated from offers made on our employment platform, MeetFrank, we found similar statistics for designer jobs in Estonia. 

designer jobs per seniority

For instance, on average salaries per seniority, we found that entry level designers earned an average monthly salary of €2,550. For employees on the lowest rung of designer jobs in Estonia, that’s not a bad start at all. 

Mid-level designers earned an average of €2,856 while lead designers earned up to €3,129 on average. Executives were the highest earners with average monthly pay of €4,400. 

average salary in design in estonia

Our data showed the average of minimum salaries was €1,421 (basically national average), while the average maximum was €2,856. The highest salary recorded on the platform during the period was €6,000. 

Although the average salaries recorded per month from January to July fluctuated a bit, they held steady between €1,500 and €2,600, confirming that web designing in Estonia brings in at least above average salary. 


Designer jobs in Estonia: What are the skills you need to stand out?


Designers are superstars in the field of IT. Due to the role they play in simplifying and beautifying tech/digital solutions, their work is invaluable. 

Imagine for a moment how the world of tech and the digital economy would look without designers. This webpage would probably be just a monochrome page with no pictures and only shades of black and white. All the text would appear in one solid block and you’ll probably need to see an optician by the time you’re done. 

Your iPhone would weigh two pounds, come in a thick rectangle with no rounded edges and a voice assistant that speaks like R2D2 from Star Wars (no Siri because, what’s a Siri?).

Everything that a designer does helps make tech exciting, fresh and quite simply fun. That’s why you need a healthy dose of creativity and the right skills to justify the great pay you’ll be getting on designer jobs in Estonia. 

skills in design estonia

From 24 tracked skills, we collated the top 5 skills that employers demand in their hotshot designers. UX design was the hottest skill in the Estonian market during the period, with 10% of the demand. 

UI design and web/visual design were joint second, being required 9% of the time respectively. Graphic design and illustrator skills each took up 7% of the demand. 

What’s the right mix of skills to exponentially increase your earning potential – and hiring options? According to our data, skills in UI design, UX design and web/visual design will give you the best shot at earning over €2,500 per month. 

Incidentally, they are also the top three most sought after skills for designer jobs in Estonia. So, acquire these skills, and you can set yourself up for the top 24% of designer jobs in Estonia. 


What are the hiring trends for designer jobs in Estonia?


Offers on MeetFrank for designer jobs in Estonia increased by 43% in the first 6 months of 2019, compared to July to December 2018. 

Our data from the period between January to July 2019 showed that mid-level designers were in highest demand. Offers for senior designers were second with demand for lead designers closely following. 

There was much less demand for entry level designers and executives, while the demand for junior designers was fair. Those are the trends from the perspective of employers though. What about candidates, what are their interests? 

where people want to work in estonia

We found that most MeetFrank users want to work for a startup, in Fintech and in organizations that offer remote work. 

Several companies fit this bill too. They include MeetFrank (won’t you love to work for us), Monese, Testlio, Weekdone, Telia, Outfunnel, SMIT, Scoro, Nocry, Epicolo and Omniva. 

The top ten companies actively hiring for designer jobs in Estonia are Derivco, Velvet, MeetFrank, Dynodesk, Paxful, Swedbank, Fiizy, Luminor Estonia, Nortal and Zero Turnaround. 

top ten companies hiring designers




It’s a fine time to get on board with companies hiring for designer jobs in Estonia. We hope we have been able to provide you with the insights you need to make the best decision possible. 

If you feel there’s a need for more insights, then you can check out the MeetFrank app on Apple and Google playstores. 

MeetFrank is an employment solution that provides benefits for recruiters and talent alike. Companies looking to add some needed agility and cost-efficiency to their recruitment process can use MeetFrank to save valuable time and money. 

Using the platform is pretty simple too. To get started with MeetFrank or just to see how it works, schedule a demo call here and we’ll get in touch with you.

Stats That Let You Beat the Odds for Designer Jobs in Lithuania

Stats That Let You Beat the Odds for Designer Jobs in Lithuania

Historically, Lithuania has never had much of a design industry. In 2015, it was tagged one of the few countries in the EU that had no design policy. But all that has changed now. 

The country has become far more proactive in its design ambitions and is carving out a stake for itself in the worldwide industry. 

Offers on MeetFrank for designer jobs in Lithuania are increasing by the day and there are more companies looking to hire skilled designers. 

Do you have what it takes to find the jobs that tick all the boxes for you? Is your company properly positioned to attract the best talents and keep them interested? 

Working through data we have gleaned from offers on MeetFrank for designer jobs in Lithuania, we’ll show you all the stats you need to know. 


Who do companies want to hire for designer jobs in Lithuania? 


There are six general roles for which companies routinely make recruitment. These are entry, junior, mid-level, senior, lead and executive roles. 

Designers in entry roles usually have the least experience while lead designers usually have the most. Junior, mid-level, senior and lead designers generally form the bulk of designing teams as they have the right balance of skills and experience. 

Data from MeetFrank showed that mid-level designers were in highest demand during the period between January and July 2019. There was slightly less demand for designers in senior and mid-level roles, coming in second and third respectively. 

Demand for junior designers was at less than half the demand for lead designers, indicating the premium that companies put on better skills and experience. Entry roles didn’t fare any better either, drawing the least demand. 

Candidates that want the best shot at getting into designer jobs they favour will need to skill up. Since there’s not such a market for entry level and junior roles, it would be helpful to obtain crucial skills so there’s a better chance to enter these roles or higher roles. 


Average salaries in 2019 for designer jobs in Lithuania


For average salaries paid to designers in Lithuania for 2019, our data is tracked according to average per seniority, average per month and overall average for the period. 

On averages per seniority, entry level designers earned an average of €1,600 per month. Mid-level designers earned €1,794 and seniors earned €1,940 on average. 

Executives were the highest paid with an average monthly salary of €3,300. They don’t earn the massive pay for nothing though. Executives are expected to provide administrative and technical leadership to design teams, not a task for the faint hearted.

That’s why they earn the big pay. That’s also why you don’t see them being in highest demand. No one wants to build out a team made out of only €3,300-a month executives. Who’ll get the coffee? 


Skills you need to stand out in the Lithuanian design industry 


Out of 24 tracked skills, we collated the top 5 skills that companies required in their top candidates for designer jobs in Lithuania. Photoshop skills were the most in-demand, being required in 10% of offers. 

Web / visual design was second, with 9% of the demand. The importance of this skill is clear, especially in light of stats that suggest 94% of negative website feedback is design related. Nobody likes having to browse an ugly website, and your job would be to ensure that they don’t. 

Other designing skills, graphic design and UX design came in third with 8% of the demand each. 

These skills are what companies consider important right now and they serve as an indicator of what skills candidates must possess to beat the odds. 

What skills would help you earn more than €2,500 a month? Our data indicates that UX design, sketch and UI design skills are just the right mix to earn north of €2,500 per month. 

Like much of the IT industry, the design industry is heavily dependent on skills. That’s why to be the best you can be in the industry, candidates must consistently deepen their skill set every chance they get. 


MeetFrank user preferences for designer jobs in Lithuania: Where do people want to work? 


The stats on designer jobs in Lithuania are not just about the companies hiring designers. On MeetFrank, talent also gets a voice in the market. We asked our users what kind of companies would tick the right boxes for them and they answered. 

Most MeetFrank users in Lithuania want to work for the coolest offices, for startups and from remote locations. 

Companies that fit this bill and are also looking for designers in Lithuania are Kilo.Health, TeleSoftas, Mistertango and Mediapark. 

TeleSoftas is a consulting and software development company with its hands in almost every pie. It has clients in Fintech, communications, big data and a host of other sectors. 

Named one of Europe’s fastest growing companies in 2019 by the Financial Times, there’s plenty to look forward to, working at TeleSoftas. Check them out on MeetFrank

TeleSoftas is also one of the top ten companies currently hiring for designer jobs in Lithuania. Others include We Are Marketing (yes, that’s the company’s name), Kilo-Health, SEB Lietuva, UAB Mistertango, Adroiti, Umega Group AB, UAB Interior Composer, ACC Distribution and Filippo Loreti. 

You can see everything you want to know about these companies on MeetFrank. Simply head on over here to download the app on Android or Apple stores and you’re in. 


MeetFrank throws the job market open for you


MeetFrank is an app that seeks to democratise the job market. We make it easy for talent to find the companies they are interested in, and for recruiters to find the talent that suit them perfectly. 

We believe that job hunting should not be stressful. Talent should be able to make informed decisions about job offers and prospective workplace with full information at hand. That’s why we made the platform for you, the talent, first. 

Download our app for Android or Apple here to see what’s happening with designer jobs in Lithuania and any other jobs you are interested in. 

Recruitment can often be stressful, time consuming and expensive. Hours saved on the recruitment process can be better spent on increasing productivity and growth. That’s why MeetFrank exists to help companies solve their recruitment problems. Schedule a demo here to see how MeetFrank puts the ease in recruitment. 

Altogether, our employment solution combines the interests of both talent and recruiters to offer the best of both worlds. We do what we do to make life easier for you.