How MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter works?

How MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter works?

MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter: Your Key to Efficient Hiring


In our ever-evolving digital age, companies are constantly seeking to streamline their processes, and one area ripe for transformation is recruitment. Traditional hiring methods often struggle to source the best talent efficiently and effectively. That’s where MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter comes into play – a forward-thinking service designed to redefine the way businesses approach hiring.


Introducing MeetFrank: Your Personalized Recruitment Solution

Central to this innovative service is MeetFrank, your committed, full-time sourcer who expertly manages all open roles within your organization. Far from a simple digital assistant, MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter is a complete recruitment solution that utilizes a well-trained human eye, smart algorithms and our vast talent pool to find your ideal candidates.

Virtual Recruiter

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Customizing Your Brief

The journey towards successful recruitment begins with a deep understanding of your needs. MeetFrank partners with you to construct a detailed, precisely targeted job offer. This tailored strategy ensures the pre-selection of candidates who not just meet, but surpass your expectations. A well-designed brief plays a key role in attracting top-tier talent, and securing the perfect fit for your team.


Step 2: Leveraging MeetFrank’s Talent Pool

Once we’ve shaped your job offer, MeetFrank’s in-house recruiter taps into our extensive premium talent pool. This invaluable resource allows us to quickly identify the right individuals for your role. Our talent pool comprises high-caliber professionals from diverse sectors and backgrounds, ensuring we find the perfect match for your unique needs.


Step 3: Delivering Interview-Ready Candidates

After identifying potential fits, we deliver a shortlist of interview-ready candidates. These are individuals who not only meet your criteria but are also enthusiastic and prepared for the role at hand. We alleviate the stress of sifting through countless resumes and conducting preliminary interviews, leaving you with the simple task of choosing the perfect fit.


In essence, MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter Service revolutionizes your hiring process by placing the right candidates in your lap. It’s a tailored, efficient, and effective solution designed to take the headache out of recruitment and ensure you get the best talent for your team.

This innovative approach to recruitment is quickly winning over industry leaders. With the power of a dedicated recruitment team, smart algorithms, and a vast talent pool, MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter Service is a true game-changer in hiring. Join the new wave of recruitment today and experience the future of hiring.

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Streamlining Hiring with MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter Service

Streamlining Hiring with MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter Service

Too busy to recruit? MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter saves you time. In the ever-evolving landscape of business, one thing remains constant: the importance of hiring top-tier talent. For many companies, however, the process of sourcing, vetting, and interviewing potential candidates is a time-consuming task that can drain valuable resources. This is where the Virtual Recruiter service by MeetFrank comes in, revolutionizing the traditional hiring process by seamlessly blending technology and human expertise.

Reimagine Recruitment with MeetFrank

MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter service is the perfect solution for businesses struggling with the recruitment process. It’s more efficient than a traditional job board and more cost-effective than a recruitment agency. Our unique blend of cutting-edge technology and deep human expertise allows us to find the right talent for your business, aligning perfectly with your custom requirements.

But, how exactly does our service work? Let’s delve a little deeper into the key steps involved in our recruitment process.

📝 Step 1: Crafting a Tailored Brief

Every recruitment journey with MeetFrank starts with a brief. We understand that every company is unique, and this uniqueness extends to their hiring needs. Hence, we collaborate with you to create a custom brief that reflects your specific requirements. This ensures a more accurate pre-selection process, setting the stage for finding your perfect candidate.

🔍 Step 2: Quality Sourcing

Sourcing is the crux of any recruitment process. MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter taps into our rich talent pool, which is continuously replenished with top-tier candidates. Our intelligent algorithms scan through the pool to find the best match for your requirements, ensuring you get nothing short of stellar candidates for your role.

⭐ Step 3: Delivering a Curated Shortlist

After the sourcing comes the shortlisting. We understand that your time is valuable, so we make sure that you only review candidates who are a perfect fit for your company. Our Virtual Recruiter delivers a curated list of high-caliber contenders for your selection, saving you hours that would have otherwise been spent sieving through an endless pool of candidates.

🤝 Step 4: Seal the Deal

With a ready pipeline of top-notch candidates, you can shift your focus from sourcing to actively engaging with potential hires. We help facilitate interviews, and when you find your perfect match, we’re there to help you seal the deal. And voilà, your recruitment process is complete, and your time and effort are saved!


With MeetFrank’s Virtual Recruiter service, businesses now have an efficient, cost-effective solution to the traditional recruitment process. We aim to save you time, effort, and resources by sourcing and shortlisting the best talent, allowing you to focus more on the essential aspects of your business. Your ideal candidate is just a few clicks away with MeetFrank. So why wait? Start your recruitment journey with us today and experience the difference.

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NEW MeetFrank acquires to provide real-time salary data

NEW MeetFrank acquires to provide real-time salary data

Recruitment app MeetFrank has acquired salary data startup In contrast to outdated survey-based models, the innovative platform integrates directly into the company’s HR systems and generates statistics anonymously and in real-time. 


Since 2017, MeetFrank has been connecting skilled talents with quality recruiters. Throughout the operation, clients have always asked the big question:


What are the current salary trends? gives answers. The income data is updated in real-time as the information comes directly from the HR systems and HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) of participating companies. Ensuring complete anonymity, the data can be filtered according to preferences: job position, industry, company size, etc.


Top companies and influential startups have already joined the by MeetFrank. The service helps to comply with the salary reporting obligations set by the European Union Council for companies with 100+ employees. The automated solution offered by MeetFrank’s dramatically reduces the workload spent on reporting.


Kaarel Holm, CEO, and co-founder: 

MeetFrank has provided valuable job market information to thousands of B2B clients to help them to attract top talent. Transparent salary information has always been the basis of our mission – and we’re taking a huge leap forward. Instead of static and outdated PDFs, we offer real-time salary data that is actually useful.



❔❔How does it work ❔❔


♺ Share data, get statistics for free – ensuring complete anonymity, the data cannot be traced back to the company.

🤝 The service helps to comply with the salary reporting obligations set by the European Union Council for companies with 100+ employees.


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 In 2017 MeetFrank was founded in Estonia and delivers a recruiting service for record fast direct hires. The tech-enabled candidate experience is supported by a mobile app. The unique talentpool is verified and with high intent – actually happy to hear from you. MeetFrank is more effective than a job board and cheaper than a recruitment agency. was founded by Georg Vooglaid, Uku Markus Tammet & Marten Jaago


ChatGPT for Recruitment: MeetFrank Innovates Hiring Messages with AI

ChatGPT for Recruitment: MeetFrank Innovates Hiring Messages with AI

ChatGPT, the dialogue-based AI, is capable of understanding human language and generating detailed human-like written text. With the ease of use like no other, it took the world by storm.

Excited by the potential tool for hiring, MeetFrank asked a burning question: How can we reduce recruitment admin time with ChatGPT? 

We did a deep dive on what this new AI phenomenon means for recruitment. The main problem to solve here is the administration tasks that unnecessarily take up recruiters time. 

Our goal is to free up their time which could be invested into perfect hires instead. So, we added pioneering AI generation possibilities to the MeetFrank hiring platform. 

Let’s see how the unique integration in the recruitment industry works:




Create a job description with AI


1. Open MeetFrank for Business and add an opening.

2. Set the target (Employment type, speciality, location, salary etc) as always.

3. In the next stage for Introductory Message and Job Role Description you’re now able to click on the Generate with AI button to save some time.

4. Voilà! You can see it delivers pretty much ready-to-publish descriptions. Just read them though, edit if needed and you are ready to go!




Write candidate outreach copy with ChatGPT


MeetFrank users do not apply for specific jobs, they request to be headhunted. Therefore you need a perfect Pitch Message to attract top talent:

1. Finish up the job opening with a Pitch Message that will be used for candidate outreach. 

2. If you are time-pressured and you’re not a natural writer, then again Generate with AI tool comes to help.

3. Edit if needed. But the time spent it’s nothing compared to writing Pitch Message from scratch


We asked: How is ChatGPT useful for recruitment in short? And it answered: ChatGPT can work 24/7 reducing the time-to-hire.




Want to ease your recruitment process?


With MeetFrank you will reduce the time & money spent on recruitment – 10x compared to traditional hiring. Daily 5 minutes spent on MeetFrank frees up your time to invest in perfect hires. 

NEW The Talent Agent – Live Marketplace for Headhunting

NEW The Talent Agent – Live Marketplace for Headhunting

It is in MeetFrank’s DNA to improve the hiring process for both sides – the company and the applicant. Now we have opened a live marketplace of people currently open for headhunting. The Talent Agent connects the top companies with best talent even more efficiently.



📱App view for Talents


Headhunting app MeetFrank matches UNIQUE talent like you with QUALITY recruiters. The RELEVANT offers approach you – not the other way around. How does it work?

In our standard service, the applicant profile is only disclosed when the talent replies to the company’s request. The default profile status is set to anonymous.


With the new Talent Agent you can find out who wants to hire you – without applying to jobs. Without sticking a notable post-it on your forehead “I WANT A NEW JOB”, Talent Agent spreads that message discreetly by making your profile available to relevant headhunters. Let the dream job find you – on your terms. Not the other way around.


How does it work?


  1. ✅ Set your profile “Visible” – answer a few quick questions and add your LinkedIn profile. 
  2. 👀 We’ll show your profile to relevant recruiters. 
  3. ⭐ Recruiters themselves will pitch you new job opportunities. Just pick the best offer! 


Think of MeetFrank as your career assistant (without any fees) – figuratively knocking door to door and finding out who wants to hire you and how much they are willing to pay.


Although the service breaks new ground, MeetFrank always commits to the core value – we put you, the talent, always first. You, and only you, decide if your profile is visible for recruiters or if you wish to hide it from certain companies. If you decide to remain anonymous, your profile is disclosed to the recruiter only if you start a conversation with them.



💻 Web view for Recruiters


The time, when recruiters could lazily sit back and wait for the applicants to roll in, is over. Actions must be taken immediately, or else you will lose the top talent.

Nobody has time to write every profile on LinkedIn or talk to everyone at a nosy business cafeteria. No worries, we got you sorted!


As always, MeetFrank does the initial verification for you. We will ease the headhunting progress by gathering RELEVANT and QUALITY talent, who are actually open for talks


  1. Open MeetFrank for Business and click the “🌏Source” section 
  2. Insert “Location” or any keyword, and start browsing 🔍
  3. Find suitable candidates and make them a direct offer 🎯
  4. Make the 🔝 steps part of your routine. New people – currently open for headhunting – are added daily. 



With the new Talent Agent feature, companies have access to a high-level talent pool. People who are currently open for headhunting.



TOP3 reasons why MeetFrank’s talent-driven marketplace is the solution:

Life’s too short to spend it hating Mondays.


For Talents

🤫 DISCRETION – the current employer remains unaware of your new career wishes.

⏱️ TIME SAVER – Nobody has the time to keep checking job ads. Sit back and relax, MeetFrank brings offers directly to you. 

🤝 CUSTOM-MADE – No vacancy available? Your profile inspires them to open one (or some companies are just secretive).


For Recruiters

⏩ FASTER AND CHEAPER HIRE – drop the traditional platforms and let MeetFrank ease the recruitment process.

🚀 ENGAGED TOP TALENT – get instant responses and attract people, who may not have applied for the role, but are open for talks.

⭐ WIDER SAMPLE OF CANDIDATES – MeetFrank offers them discretion (they don’t want to add the notable “I want a new job” tag on LinkedIn).



How to access the new feature?

Sourcing and headhunting app MeetFrank makes the recruitment process easier, faster, and more fun. 


NEW: Freelance Jobs & Internships in the MeetFrank App

NEW: Freelance Jobs & Internships in the MeetFrank App

To help companies and job-seekers cope in times of crisis, we’re making some fast changes to the MeetFrank app. 

We have already launched the remote job offers category in our app and launched Insights to show real-time job market data.

But there are also many companies that do not want to risk hiring additional full-time employees right now. Or that simply need project-based help urgently.

To bring together people looking for a job and companies in need of talent, we have launched three new job offer types: 

  • Freelance part-time jobs
  • Freelance project-based jobs
  • Internships

meetfrank job offer types

We hope this will give greater flexibility to the companies searching for top talent, and will also help to bring more opportunities to the market.

Let’s take a closer look at each job offer type in the MeetFrank app. 👀


Introducing freelance part-time jobs

The part-time job offers are a good fit for companies looking to hire people at a lower weekly work volume than a full-time role.

For example, some companies might need a designer only 50-60h per month. The part-time jobs provide an opportunity to hire talent at an agreed-upon hourly contribution.

💎 We recommend to use a part-time job offer when:

  • You’re looking to hire someone at a lower schedule than full-time 
  • You’re looking for a team member or a freelancer for long-term collaboration (6+ months)
  • You’re certain that you can provide a stable workflow to the person hired


Introducing freelance project-based jobs

The project-based jobs are suitable for companies looking to bring top talent into a specific limited-time project.

This could mean a 3-month software development project where you need extra hands, or a one-off consultation from someone highly experienced in their field.

By letting the job-seekers know that a job is project-based, businesses can attract top talent looking for a side gig.

You can get top talent not available via freelance job sites to join your projects. That sounds pretty cool, right?

💎We recommend to use the project-based job offer when:

  • You need extra workforce to a specific limited-time project (1-6 months) 
  • You want to find a top-level expert to consult your company
  • You want to hire a contractor for a limited-time without any commitment


Introducing internships

The spring is here and so will soon be the summer. This means that many graduates and university students will be looking for internship opportunities. 👀👀👀

In today’s grim outlook, taking interns to your team might seem more difficult. But pause and think about how much you could help young talented people looking to take the first steps in their career.

We hope that many companies in the MeetFrank family will help the graduates by adding cool internship offers.

To add a job offer to the MeetFrank app, sign up here or visit the Employer Web if you’re already a user. 

To help job-seekers around the globe to find a job during the difficult times, we are offering all new companies hiring with MeetFrank a free trial and we will extend it throughout the crisis. 

❤️ Help us help the community by adding all your job offers to the MeetFrank app.