ChatGPT, the dialogue-based AI, is capable of understanding human language and generating detailed human-like written text. With the ease of use like no other, it took the world by storm.

Excited by the potential tool for hiring, MeetFrank asked a burning question: How can we reduce recruitment admin time with ChatGPT? 

We did a deep dive on what this new AI phenomenon means for recruitment. The main problem to solve here is the administration tasks that unnecessarily take up recruiters time. 

Our goal is to free up their time which could be invested into perfect hires instead. So, we added pioneering AI generation possibilities to the MeetFrank hiring platform. 

Let’s see how the unique integration in the recruitment industry works:




Create a job description with AI


1. Open MeetFrank for Business and add an opening.

2. Set the target (Employment type, speciality, location, salary etc) as always.

3. In the next stage for Introductory Message and Job Role Description you’re now able to click on the Generate with AI button to save some time.

4. Voilà! You can see it delivers pretty much ready-to-publish descriptions. Just read them though, edit if needed and you are ready to go!




Write candidate outreach copy with ChatGPT


MeetFrank users do not apply for specific jobs, they request to be headhunted. Therefore you need a perfect Pitch Message to attract top talent:

1. Finish up the job opening with a Pitch Message that will be used for candidate outreach. 

2. If you are time-pressured and you’re not a natural writer, then again Generate with AI tool comes to help.

3. Edit if needed. But the time spent it’s nothing compared to writing Pitch Message from scratch


We asked: How is ChatGPT useful for recruitment in short? And it answered: ChatGPT can work 24/7 reducing the time-to-hire.




Want to ease your recruitment process?


With MeetFrank you will reduce the time & money spent on recruitment – 10x compared to traditional hiring. Daily 5 minutes spent on MeetFrank frees up your time to invest in perfect hires.