Your Key to Optimal Salary Decisions Your Key to Optimal Salary Decisions

The role of Human Resources (HR) has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years. As businesses seek to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing market, one of the biggest challenges facing HR professionals is determining optimal salary offers. This complex process often involves trawling through outdated salary surveys and making educated guesses, a stressful and opaque task that can feel like shooting in the dark. But what if there was a way to turn the lights on? Enter 💡 is a groundbreaking tool that shines a spotlight on the often murky world of compensation data, providing accurate, real-time information to guide your decisions. No longer do you need to rely on guesswork or old data. Whether you’re working with recruitment agencies, sourcing candidates directly, or using job boards, equips you with the information you need to set competitive yet realistic salary offers.

Real-Time Statistics: We’ve partnered with 20+ HRIS providers, ensuring we provide up-to-the-minute accurate data.
💰 Absolutely Free: Share your company’s data and gain access to vital statistics for free. It’s a win-win situation.
🔒 Complete Anonymity: Share your data securely. We ensure that all data cannot be traced back to your company.
📊 Standardization: We ensure uniform compensation levels across organizations, making comparisons easy and accurate.

In an environment where employment trends can change almost overnight, relying on survey-based models for salary information can quickly lead you astray. Manually handling this outdated data is not only time-consuming but can also lead to inaccuracies. However, solves this issue by integrating directly into your company’s HR systems and generating anonymized, real-time statistics.

🇪🇺 This efficient tool not only saves you time and money but also helps your company adhere to salary reporting obligations set by the European Union Council for companies with 100+ employees.

🚀’s real strength lies in its ability to provide comprehensive, real-time compensation data for a wide array of roles and seniority levels. Let’s take a practical example to illustrate this. Consider the role of a Software Engineer. When you open, you can easily select this specific role from an intuitive drop-down menu. Instantly, you’re presented with an array of real-time salary data for that role, including the average salary, percentile distribution, and market rate comparisons.


📈 But that’s not where the power of ends. Recognizing that different roles and seniority levels within an organization require specific compensation considerations, offers data categorized into five distinct seniority levels: Entry (IC0), Junior (IC1), Mid-Level (IC2), Senior (IC3), and Expert (IC4). This allows you to make confident, informed compensation decisions that account for the unique requirements and market conditions of each role.

This granular approach to compensation data extends across more than 120 different roles in various industries, ensuring that your compensation decisions are not just informed, but also tailored to the specifics of each role and level. Whether you’re setting the compensation for an entry-level analyst or an expert consultant, provides the insights you need.

To further simplify the process of data analysis, introduces a potent tool – percentiles. This statistical approach allows you to benchmark effectively, spot outliers, ensure fair analysis, enhance talent acquisition and retention, and plan budgets intelligently.

To gain access to these benefits, all you need to do is share data with, and you’ll receive comprehensive, real-time statistics free of charge – all while ensuring complete anonymity. It’s time to leave behind the era of static, outdated PDFs and embrace the dynamic, real-time information offered by

👉 In today’s data-driven world, is your key to unlocking fair and informed compensation decisions. Empower yourself to stay competitive, make informed decisions, and ensure equitable practices with Experience the transformative power of its comprehensive position and seniority coverage today by booking a demo call with our team.


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Top 10 Most-Read MeetFrank articles (2023 Edition)

Top 10 Most-Read MeetFrank articles (2023 Edition)

This year we bring you a diverse mix of insightful interviews and articles. These articles will explore the realm of market dynamics, delve into data interpretation, and dispense useful insights.

We’ve been privileged to have conversations with numerous distinguished individuals and companies, each contributing a unique narrative. Our discussion topics cover a wide spectrum, from remote recruitment strategies to fostering exceptional organizational culture and offering attractive employee benefits among many other intriguing themes.

Presented below are the 10 most engaging articles from our blog, ranked based on reader count.

#10 – Interview: Nikolai Kabatsikov, Head of Talent at Bolt

One of the interviews that has consistently garnered significant readership over the past few years is once again asserting its popularity by securing a spot in this year’s Top 10. 🔝

Besides shedding light on the company, Nikolai Kabatsikov, the Talent Head at Bolt, also shares evergreen tips on crafting a compelling LinkedIn profile and securing a job in a rapidly expanding tech firm.

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Nikolai Kabatsikov at Bolt (photographer Mikko Leo Selg)

#9 – Interview with Mara Steinberga from SmartLynx Airlines

Most-read interview from last year’s top also makes it this year. It hails from the world of aviation, a domain characterized by pace, stressful circumstances, joy, and an ever-evolving day-to-day life that is a norm for all those at SmartLynx Airlines. ✈️

Our conversation with SmartLynx Airlines’ Chief of People & Culture, Mara Steinberga, provided insights into the aviation industry’s distinctive work culture. She shared her perspectives on the unique aspects of working in this sector and gave a glimpse into a typical day at SmartLynx (spoiler alert: there’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ day here).

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#8 – Data-driven Hiring: TOP 10 Factors of Employee Motivation

A mere 13% of the tech employers surveyed admitted to successfully hiring and retaining the talent they require. To amplify the appeal of your job offers for superior talent, it’s critical to address the typical motivational factors. 📊

In this article we take an in-depth view, based on survey results of 163 386 users, of what precisely drives individuals.

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#7 – Fail fast, learn faster at Oxylabs

The IT sector is seeing a trend where talent has the negotiation advantage due to a surplus of jobs and scarcity of talent. Companies like Oxylabs, a tech firm providing web-scraping solutions, are tackling this by nurturing internal talent and initiating development plans. Over three years, Oxylabs has launched new products, caught Fortune 500 companies’ interest, and doubled its staff size.

In our discussion, Web Product Owner Monika Gerybaite shared insights into overcoming these challenges while maintaining rapid growth. 🚀

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Fail fast, learn faster at Oxylabs

#6 – Äripäev Salary TOP 2023: Vacancies at the Highest Paying Companies

The Estonian financial newspaper, Äripäev, annually compiles the Salary TOP list, spotlighting the highest-paying companies. MeetFrank presents you with the latest job openings at a range of these top-paying firms. 💰

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Äripäev Salary TOP 2023: Vacancies at the Highest Paying Companies

#5 – Inside the diverse culture driving the success of Entain Baltics and Nordics

We talked to Oleg Karpušenko, the head of the HR department at Entain Baltics & Nordics, about how to build a great company culture that values diversity and inclusiveness and what are the essential elements for creating a friendly and down-to-earth company culture. 🌟

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#4 – 10 Ways to Get More Job Applicants when Hiring

Hiring an exceptional team player can be a challenging task. 😖 Posting a job vacancy on a job board might garner about 5-10 applicants. But for the ideal hire, you’d need a pool of over 30 candidates to select from.

So, how can you attract more high-quality job seekers? Regardless of whether you have an extensive HR & Recruitment department supporting you, as a hiring manager, there’s a plethora of strategies you can employ.

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#3 – Enabling employee growth through learning at Oxylabs

Fostering employee development and enhancing their expertise, skills, and abilities has become increasingly pivotal in propelling business performance. Oxylabs, a technology firm and a leader in innovative web-scraping infrastructure solutions, stands out in its commitment to Learning & Development (L&D) activities.

We had a conversation with Frederika Dovgal, the Learning and Development Manager at Oxylabs, discussing the company’s strategies in cultivating its in-house talent and fostering growth.

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Enabling employee growth through learning at Oxylabs

#2 – You’re Recruiting All Wrong — Say Goodbye to Job Boards

Traditional hiring strategies, like advertising job vacancies and awaiting applications, are becoming obsolete and less effective. Recruitment is evolving into a selling process, deviating from the earlier purchasing concept — companies failing to adapt can’t attract or hire top-notch talent. 🔝

In this article we take a look at what the recruiters need to change in order to fix the problem and more importantly, how it can be achieved.

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#1 – What Is Employer Branding and How Do Companies Do it?

The most popular article of the past year is about employer branding. Employer branding might feel like an elusive concept that’s often talked about, but rarely fully grasped, much like a mythical unicorn. 🦄

Yet, certain companies seem to have mastered it, magnetizing the best talent. So, what exactly is employer branding? How is it effectively implemented? And who within your organization should shoulder this responsibility?

👉 Read the article

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Mid-October Updates from the Lithuanian Job Market

Mid-October Updates from the Lithuanian Job Market

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-specialty reports, visit this page.

Similar to the rest of Europe, Lithuania is also discussing new measures in response to the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. 😷Any plans to travel to Lithuania soon? Before packing, we recommend you have a look at the latest travel updates here. 🧳

Just like to Estonia and Finland, Lithuania also saw an increase in the number of job applications in September. 📈

We will see if this was just a short-lived trend among job seekers at the beginning of the last quarter of the year or if numbers are still on the rise. 📝

Let’s dive into the pool of stats and see what is happening in the Lithuanian job market. 🏊


Job Market Overview

Let’s recall September’s stats: while there was not much change in the number of job openings from mid-August to mid-September, the number of job applications was visibly on the rise. 💡

This month saw an increase in the number of job openings by 19%.

number of job openings in Lithuania

When we look at the job seekers, we can see that they spent most of their energy in September, as the number of applications have decreased this month.

no of job applications in Lithuania

Next in line is market competitiveness in the Lithuanian job market. 

competitiveness in Lithuania

Let’s get this straight; if you are looking for a job opportunity in Lithuania, considering relocation or open to remote work, the chances are you are very close to your dreams at the moment.

Unlike Finland and Estonia, the ease of finding a job is at the “OK level” in Lithuania which corresponds to 3.1 out of 5. It is great to see the market flourishing here! 😊

In the following section, we will dive into the market competitiveness per specialty in the last 4 weeks in Lithuania. 👍

salaries in Lithuania

Here comes more good news for job seekers. October saw an increase of 4.1% when it comes to the gross offered salaries. Can we say that companies are ready to offer more to find the best talent? Sure we can! 🤸

As for the expected salaries, there has been a slight increase as well. As of mid-October job seekers and companies seem to be on the same page . 🤝


Offered Gross Salaries per Specialty 

In the previous section, we shared data from our Insights page and discussed the recent changes. 

Now, we will talk in more depth about how the offered gross salaries have changed per specialty since March. 💰

offered gross salaries in Lithuania

Looking at the chart, 4 major points catch the eye:

👉 All specialties saw an increase in offered gross salaries in October compared to those in February. 💰        

👉 Customer Support saw the lowest increase. 

👉 February and March saw the increasing trend in offered salaries in all specialties except for (Tech) Project Management.

👉 The second increasing trend can be seen from July to September in general. 📈


Top 6 Specialties with the Most Applications

Do you remember the top 6 specialties with the most openings in Lithuania from our previous market report? Want to refresh your memory? 🧠

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Marketing & PR & Media
  3. Sales & Business Development

To compare this list with the most popular specialties of the month, have a look at the chart below:

top 6 specialties with the most applications in Lithuania

✅ The top 3 specialties have been Software Engineering, Sales & Business Development, and Marketing & PR & Media. 🏆

✅ Unlike in Estonia and Finland, the winner is not in first place by much. The above mentioned industries have very close numbers. 🏃‍♀️🏃

It seems the least number of applications are in the Design industry. This explains why it is much easier for job seekers (at a promising “OK level”) to find their dream role in this sector. 👀

Want to hear more about the market competitiveness? Just scroll down a bit and you are already there! ⬇


Market Competitiveness per Specialty 

In this section, we will delve into the market competitiveness per specialty in the last 4 weeks in Lithuania. 🕵️‍♀️

This way, we can see how the September CV rush has affected the job market industry by industry.

market competitiveness in Lithuania

💡 The ease of finding a job has deteriorated a bit for Software Engineering, Sales and Business Development, Marketing & PR & Media and Tech (Project) Management.

💡 The luckiest job seekers are working in Design and Customer Support

💡 As of mid-October the industry most on the rise has been Design. Now it is almost at the “easy level” to find a job in this field in Lithuania. 

After such a tough year especially for you all, this is well-deserved Design experts! 👏

Want to know more? Have a look at MeetFrank Insights! 🔊

Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

💃 The MeetFrank family is growing every day and we are happy to announce our new members: EXLEASINGCAR, Fraicheur Paris, SKUBA, Teleklinika UAB, UAB JUGUM, ATEA, IWH, InVision, Interautomatika UAB, and MB Moto Inn

See some of the latest offerings below:

To see more openings, don’t forget to download the MeetFrank app! 📱

Top 10 companies globally with the most applications in June 2020

Top 10 companies globally with the most applications in June 2020

Nowadays the global job market is a bit like the European countries which are opening their borders. It is recovering slowly with cautious steps, but things are better than in May and June. 💪 Hopefully, there’ll be even more opportunities in August. 👀

In this article, we’ll delve into the top 10 companies globally on MeetFrank with the most applications in June. First, let’s start with the general country profile on MeetFrank globally.

countries with the most companies on MeetFrank

As we can see in the chart above, there are 91 companies from 14 countries on MeetFrank. The top 3 are Pakistan, Latvia, and Germany

Now is time to meet the winners! 🌟

top 10 companıes wıth the most applicatıons on MeetFrank ın June

Let’s delve into these companies. What about their company type and size?

company size and type of the top 10 companies with the most applications on MeetFrank in June 2020

As we can see above, startups and scaleups make up the majority of the list. In June, job seekers seem to have preferred working with companies with a fresh mindset yet with a strong growth potential.

SaaS, Technology, and Finance are leading the way when it comes to industries.

But what has made these companies so favorable? Why have job seekers preferred working with them? Let’s  focus on each company that made it to June’s list of global stars. 🥁 

1. iPhone Photography School

photo by iPhone

Wouldn’t it be great if you got the most out of your iPhone by taking awesome photos?

It seems someone else has asked this question before, thus the iPhone Photography School, also known as “the number 1 company with the most applications on MeetFrank globally”, was born in Lithuania. 👏

The Riga-based company offers in-depth photography learning resources to those who want to unleash their potential in this art form. In their words, they want to “bring joy to people’s lives by inspiring and empowering them to create beautiful photos”. 🤳📱

It’s a no brainer that the iPhone Photography School is the job seekers’ favourite globally! 

If you want to be part of an creative team and work at an inspirational office in Riga, here are the latest openings. iPhone Photography School is looking for: 👇

Download the MeetFrank app and apply today! 👍📱


office scene from

Blockchain technologies are reshaping the finance world and more and more people are becoming interested in them. 💻

So, not that surprisingly, from the United Kingdom is celebrating second place on the list. As the world’s leading software platform for digital assets, has a large team of 51-200 people. 👩👨

If you want to build your career in the finance sector and are looking for a new role at the moment, can offer you many opportunities, an open finance future and the chance to be part of a prestigious company with a strong culture, to name but a few! 


Cavai logo

🤑 A revenue of 1M to 3M, a large team of professionals and a great office in Oslo. Meet Cavai, a market-leading conversational adtech company from Norway

As the third most applied for company, Cavai works with advertisers, agencies, and publishers. 

If you are working in the Marketing industry, chances are you might be finding it a bit challenging to find a job nowadays. It’s also good to remember from our previous global job market report that there has been a decline in gross salaries for Marketing professionals. 

So, the point is, Cavai might be offering your dream job right now. Currently Cavai is looking for: 👇

4. SadaPay

sadapay card visual

When we look at the top 4 in the list, we can see that job seekers have mostly applied for successful startups in June. And SadaPay from Pakistan is one of them. 👏

Offering the highest number of openings as of today, SadaPay is a free debit card and mobile wallet with no monthly fees. They have three offices in Lahore, Dubai, and Islamabad

Recently, the company has announced a new exclusive partnership with Mastercard, which is likely to grow their number of users.

If you’re looking for an exciting opportunity in one of these cities and want to work with a fresh team, tweaking their tagline which is “Say goodbye to annual fees”, we tell you to say goodbye to your job search and have a look at their openings below. 🤩

SadaPay is looking for:

5. Visual Meta

man drawing something on the board

Based in Berlin, Visual Meta is a prestigious company, founded in 2009 and acquired by the Axel Springer Group in 2011. 

The company connects online shops and consumers through their online shopping portals. 📱 As a corporate company, Visual Meta has a large team of professionals. 

If you’re seeking opportunities in Germany, this could be the one!

6. OLX Group

OLX Group

In 6th place, we see OLX Group from the Netherlands, a company with over 1000 employees. Want to work at a corporate giant? Here it is! 🏆

OLX Group is the world’s fastest-growing network of trading platforms and their services are used by 300 million people every month. 

Have you heard their latest news? Recently, it was announced that the company joined forces with Encuentra24 in Central America. 💪

If you’re interested in working in the Consumer, Retail, and Fashion industries, then OLX Group may have lots of opportunities for you. Keep an eye on the MeetFrank app to catch their job openings!

7. Aklamio

Aklamio office berlin

Berlin, referral marketing, a large team from 51 to 200 people, a promising scaleup company. If these sound good to you, then Aklamio, 7th in the list, might be your next company. 🤩

With the goal of becoming one of the strongest acquisition channels, Aklamio is a referral marketing company providing SaaS solutions in and out of Berlin. 

It has been challenging for Marketing & PR & Media professionals to find a job in the past 3 months globally, which you can also see in our previous global job market report. If your expertise is Marketing or you want to make a ‘pandemic pivot’ in your career to this industry, this could be your chance. 

Download the MeetFrank app, check the openings below, and apply today! 🌟

Aklamio is looking for:

8. Komoot


Interested in traveling? Can’t say no to adventurous trails? Want to be part of a company that makes it easier for adventure lovers (like you) to plan and navigate routes easily? 

If so, join the ranks of those who have made Komoot one of the top 10 companies with the most applications globally. 🚀

Based in Germany, Komoot is a scaleup company providing navigation and recommendation technology for cycling and hiking tours. Founded in 2014, the company has become popular among the biking community. 🚵

If you want to build a career at an exciting scaleup in Germany, Komoot might be the one. Check the MeetFrank app to see their future openings. 

9. ready2order

ready2order team picture

🎆 Here comes an inspiring success story. Ready2order, 9th in our list, was born as a simple hobby project. By 2015, it became quite a successful company, having helped more than 10,000 small business entrepreneurs with their point of sale

Based in Austria, ready2order offers a simple and easy to use point-of-sale system designed for small businesses, retail and restaurants. 🏢

If you’re a fan of team events, keep in mind that ready2order has lots of creative ideas to keep you fresh and feel part of the team! Besides, there’s the opportunity of remote work and flexible working hours as well. ⏱

Want to be a part of this thrilling company? ready2order is looking for: 👇

10. Orange LV

orange lv

Last but not least; based in Riga, Lithuania, Orange LV offers creative solutions, custom tools, big data management, and experiential design for industries such as Gaming and Media. 📱🖥

Their expertise ranges from animation and VFX content production to content creation, platform and application design for AR/VR/MR/Mobile and software solutions. 🤓

🔊 Attention, software engineers, creatives and geeks all around the world! if you want to work at a full-range interactive media company, this one is for you. 

🌍 To hear more about the top companies, promising startups and thrilling scaleups worldwide, download the MeetFrank app, see all the openings and take your career to the next step!  

June News From the Lithuanian Job Market

June News From the Lithuanian Job Market

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

On June 16, Lithuania saw its last day in lockdown. Now the country’s getting ready to open up again like most countries in Europe. 🎉

Despite its relatively low coronavirus rates, the Lithuanian job market has been hit by the pandemic, which we explored through the decreasing number of job openings in our latest blog article

Wondering what has changed in the past 2 weeks? Want to learn more about job openings and market competitiveness? 🤓

🔊 Spoiler alert: Let’s dive into the world of stats from the Lithuanian job market. Now, it’s the rising star of remote job opportunities, which welcomes talent from around the world. 🌍

Job Market Overview: May vs June

At the beginning of June, the number of active job openings was down by about 22% in the Lithuanian job market.

So, here is what has changed in the past few weeks. The number of job openings has decreased by approximately 24%. 📉

active job openings in Lithuania

There has been a very slight decrease in the number of job applications. This doesn’t quite cover the drop in the openings. 

number of job applications in Lithuania

Despite the decrease in the number of job openings at the beginning of June, finding a job is almost at the ‘OK-level’ in Lithuania.

market competitiveness in Lithuania

Unlike in Estonia, design candidates have more opportunities in this market. If you’re a designer and looking for a job in Lithuania, the chances are you may get one in the near future.

The Marketing & PR & Media professionals are in a tight spot. Sadly, it’s challenging for them to find a job in the Lithuanian job market nowadays. 👀

historical salaries in Lithuania

Similar to Estonia and Finland, offered salaries are higher than expected salaries in Lithuania. 📈

There has been a decrease in expected salaries, whereas companies don’t seem to have made any changes in their offerings lately. 

Job Applications in the Top 6 Specialties in June 2020 vs 2019

In the past few months, we’ve been discussing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic aftershock. 🌍😷

What about ‘before corona’ times? What were the stats for job applications in the top 6 specialties last year in the Lithuanian job market? 🤔

the number of job applications in Lithuania in 2019 vs 2020

Let’s start with 3 key points:

✅ Similar to Estonia and Finland, the Software Engineering industry has seen a significant increase in the number of job applications.

✅ But in Lithuania, this industry doesn’t rank in first place. Apparently, sales & business development job seekers are the most active group in Lithuania nowadays.

✅Unlike Estonia and Finland, one industry has made a huge leap in the number of job applications: Marketing & PR & Media. This could be either related to the recent layoffs or the growing interest in the sector.

Compared to the number of applications submitted in mid-June 2019, all industries saw more interest from job seekers. 

This may be related to the recent layoffs due to the pandemic and also the growing interest in the Lithuanian job market.

Who are the companies hiring with MeetFrank?

In this section, we will learn more about the company profiles on MeetFrank. Get ready to find out more about Lithuania-based companies!

✅ As of today, there are 121 Lithuania-based companies looking for talent on MeetFrank. The number is increasing every month. 📈

✅ Unlike Estonia and Finland, they are mostly corporations and consultancy companies. If your dream job is at a big corporate name, then Lithuania might be ‘the’ place! 🙏

Lithuania-based company type

✅ So, what sectors are these companies operating in? If you have gone through our Estonia and Finland reports, you’ll already know the answer. As of today, software engineering, SaaS, technology, consultancy, and enterprise software make up the Top 5 there. 

The answer is the same for Lithuania as well. 👍

industries of Lithuania-based companies

✅ The Lithuania-based companies generally have 11 to 50 employees. This range is similar to those of Estonia and Finland. 

size of Lithuania-based companies

Remote Job Offers By Specialty in Mid-June

Due to the pandemic, not only have more job interviews become online, but the number of remote openings has significantly increased. 📈

This fact applies to Lithuania as well. Did you know that Lithuania-based companies are offering more and more remote jobs nowadays?🔎

remote job offers in Lithuania

When it comes to remote job offers, the champions remain the same as for Estonia and Finland—software engineers. 🖥 

It seems software engineers will be the new digital nomads, following in the footsteps of design and advertising people. 🛩

Professionals from the Sales & Business Development, Design, (Tech) Project Management, and Marketing & PR & Media industries are next in line with an increasing number of remote job offers. 

Looking for a remote job? Interested in working for a Lithuania-based company? Here you go:

Welcome to the MeetFrank family!

👯 Here are our new members: SDAkademy, ARENAMEDIA, Procentalis, VĮ Lietuvos oro uostai, JSC JUARA, and IT Akseleratorius

Looking for a new role in your career? Your new job might be waiting for you: 





How to build your personal brand and get hired

How to build your personal brand and get hired

There is no surprise that the global pandemic made the job market highly competitive. With a lot of layoffs and closed businesses, the job search may appear gloomy for the average job-seeker. From now on, simply sending an excellent CV won’t be enough to land a good job.

It’s high time for standing out and giving companies a strong reason to choose you over other applicants. So let’s discover the most meaningful steps to help you land a job during a market downturn.

Approximately 95% of recruiters go through LinkedIn profiles to research more about talent. So a strong profile is a must-have if you want to get more interviews on your list.

1. Pimp your LinkedIn headline to get noticed

Having a catchy LinkedIn headline is the very first step to make recruiters and hiring managers to notice your profile in the ocean of job seekers. 

Instead of typing your current or previous job position (LinkedIn does that by default), use the headline to name your biggest expertise or the job you’re looking for right now. 

Add multiple positions if you’re handling different projects at once. The more precise your title is, the faster it will draw recruiters’ attention.

2. Broaden your location, think remote

Job market decline during the global pandemic made finding new career opportunities harder.

At the same time, it finally pushed most companies to review their working policies and allow people to work remotely. As a result, now you have a huge chance to get a dream job from any location worldwide.

Set your LinkedIn location as a whole country rather than one small city. This will make it easier for companies to find you.

Tip: If you’re applying for a job in other countries, you could set your LinkedIn location to that country to show up for recruiters looking for talent in their local region.

You will also get more job offers in the MeetFrank app if you select “Remote work possibility” and “Relocation” while setting up your profile there.

MeetFrank App

3. Bring life into your LinkedIn summary.

Most people are pretty lazy to invest some time into the LinkedIn summary in the “About” section.

Why is it so important? Because summary can quickly show up your skills and expertise in the most interesting and engaging way, like a universal “cover letter”.

Put some effort and write a memorable summary of your career that says exactly who you are, what is your professional passion, and what value you can bring to the companies. Don’t overload it with the information listed in the “Experience” part.

Let your professional summary be your most important content masterpiece. Rock it, make it sell you as a top talent. 🚀

Here is an example of a well-written summary section from Karola Karlson, Growth Marketing Consultant.

Why is it good?

It answers the question “Who are you?”
It mentions all key expertise and skills
It shows up the most important experience being handled so far
✅ There is a call to action in the end

Tip: Do an extra step and record a short 2-minutes video clip. Add the link to your summary part. It will bring a human touch to your personality and help to catch recruiters’ attention faster.

You can also use it later when applying to job openings via the MeetFrank app or during your interviews. ☝️

4. Start building a personal brand to stand out from the crowd

A nicely presented personal brand is a powerful tool for marketing yourself and your career expertise. It shows what you stand for and what you’ve achieved so far. 

Before you start mastering your personal brand, think how would you answer on these 3 questions: 

  • What motivates you to tackle the day after waking up every morning?
  • How are you unique?
  • What is your biggest passion?

This information will help you to set the right focus for your further steps.

The best way to make you visible through the brand is by creating content.

Don’t be scared about that word. You don’t have to be a super copywriter.  All you have to do is to present your daily job experience in a format you like the most:

  • Written – daily posts on LinkedIn, articles on Medium or your own blog
  • Audio – podcast
  • Video – Youtube channel, IGTV series 

Start generating content regularly. Tell your best stories and key lessons learned.

Don’t be afraid to share what challenges you’ve met. This is a nice chance to show how you’ve overcome them.

Here are the links of nicely built personal brands in different formats: 

Don’t be shy – share and pin your content on your social media profiles to get more reach.

When you published your first article – Image Source

5. Ask for recommendations

One more step to improve your personal brand on the job market is to get references from your previous employers, supervisors, clients, suppliers, and co-workers. 

LinkedIn recommendations are a vital part of an effective professional’s profile. It supports your skills, experience, and accomplishments as well as brings light on your soft skills.

How many should you get?

A rule of thumb is to get 10 recommendations. If you ask 2-3 different people in each company you’ve been working for, you will quickly get enough of them written from different angles.  

How to ask for the recommendation?

When you’re asking people for written feedback, try to give a specific context of what you’re looking to get. Explain what kind of job you’re trying to land and what skills and experience are essential for it. 

Thus, you will make it easier for the person to outline meaningful information about you as a talent and highlight your key results. 

Check out a constructive example below. 👇🏻

6. Grow your network

The job you want to get may not be advertised at all. Here is where networking might matter the most. 

There are a lot of ways on how to build and maintain a professional network in normal times. 

But the fastest step you could do during social distancing is to reach out to people via social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Who to connect? 

Put effort into using every networking resource at your fingertips:

✔️ Alumni network
✔️ Job industry online communities
✔️ Local and worldwide friends
✔️ Classmates
✔️ Previous and present colleagues
✔️ Managers you’ve been working with
✔️ CEO’s of the companies
✔️ Career coaches if you had one
✔️ Industry thought leaders

Final word

Job searching is like cooking. If you read the recipe and have all ingredients in place, you’ll definitely achieve success.

Nothing propels a candidate’s level like meaningful hustle does. Do your best to position yourself on the job market professionally.

Implement the listed tips as soon as possible, and you will yield results sooner than expected! 🚀

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