Tele2 is a challenging company to work for. To us, good enough isn’t good enough. We want things to be great. We work harder than most to create value for our customers. At Tele2 you must be able to deliver even when the boat is rocking, because it will.

Our industry and our customers’ demands change constantly. That’s why we need people who challenge outdated mindsets and who rewrite the rules. People who think fast and move fast. Who take bold initiatives and never hesitate to challenge persons with longer titles on their business cards.

This is the kind of people we need to maintain the edge that comes from our founder Jan Stenbeck.

The reward? To people like us, taking on a challenge is rewarding in itself. But of course we also notice and compensate results. We salute and celebrate victories. And we often play as hard as we work. But still, we like to go home to our families. We also find it rewarding to operate in some of the world’s most dynamic and fast-growing markets.