Rakettitiede is a Finnish software development company specialising in web and mobile services, IoT and embedded systems. Instead of blending in with other similar consulting businesses, the five founders agreed in 2011 to combine high-quality software development with a quirky culture of humour. 

The Finnish word rakettitiede means rocket science in English – that’s why they call themselves the Rocket Scientists. Not only because it’s more fun, but because the Rakettitiede crew consists of only top skilled developers.

Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want a rookie to steer 🚀 if the goal is to reach the Moon.


At the moment, almost 40 experienced Rocket Scientists have boarded the Rakettitiede shuttle, and they are picking up some new ones full speed ahead. Rakettitiede only recruits top software developers who can carry out complex technical development, as well as consult different clients with different projects.

But why should you board this shuttle? To hear more about what working life looks like at Rakettitiede, we talked with consultants Saska and Johnny about Rakettitiede salaries, “no bullshit” mentality and everything in between.👇👇👇



Rakettitiede proudly states to have the best and most transparent salaries in the industry. How is this wonderful promise implemented in real life?


Johnny: It was rather extraordinary at the beginning. Coming from Germany, the salary is a rather well-kept secret there. You just don’t talk about it.

At Rakettitiede our sales team always posts the latest rates negotiated with clients, which leads to small celebrations in our internal Slack channels. By getting the idea what each skill set is worth, it motivates to grow as a group.

On top of that, we’re also getting monthly reports via email. This outlines the whole business side of things – sales information, the deals continued and/or closed and what the financial situation of the company is.  

Saska: In short, the hourly rates are public for everyone within the company. The salary is 50% of that. No need for complicated math.



It’s no secret that software developers are in high demand. What motivated you to board the Rakettitiede shuttle? 


Saska: I checked the vacancy in the MeetFrank app. The salary range was public and it caught my eye. Also, cannot deny that I had also heard only good things about the competency in the company.

Johnny: After the initial point of contact with Rakettitiede and after my first job interview, I was astonished how nice things can be! 

The job interview consisted of code review and small talk. Something I have never experienced before – everyone was super friendly, yet professional. I was quite confused, as interviews went a bit different “back in the days” (I hadn’t been on a job interview like a decade).

I didn’t focus on the financial side in the beginning, the truly relaxing atmosphere won me over. The friendly and open communication showed I was in the right place. Being with Rakettitiede for a year and a half now, I appreciate the extensive healthcare package, the general supportive attitude and the possibility to grow personally and professionally.




Brands are different, projects are different, people are different – what do you do when you feel like that current development project is not your-cup-of-tea?


Johnny: Let’s just start with the fact that I’m truly happy with my current assignment! It’s a perfect match with my skill set and my passion.

Part of Rakettitiede’s interview process is a small meet-and-greet with our awesome sales ladies Marietta and Iida. Their goal is to do everything (and believe me they do!) to find the right match for us, based on what the market has to offer. 

Saska: Yeah, obviously depends on the contract but if you feel like you’re in the wrong place it’s in everyone’s interest to get you to the right one. 

Johnny: We can openly say if mismatch occurs and after some notification period we can leave the project. And switch over to something more exciting and refreshing. Although it has never happened to me, it gives me a lot of peace of mind, knowing I’m not chained down somewhere!



Can you name the most memorable project or client during your time as a Rocket Scientist? 


Saska: I’m on my first project – and it’s been pretty great! The reputation of Rakettitiede gives positive effect – we’re trusted with a lot of freedom. 

Even when creating a platform (almost entirely by Raketti resources) that’s very core to the operation of the entire client. There is a lot of actual consulting – not just outsourced development.

Johnny: It’s been a blessing. Getting a chance to deep-dive into new technologies and to be a part of the R&D team at the client. 

The client will stay nameless, due to NDA in place. But I’m currently building a platform that deals with forecasting air quality data. This means collaboration with meteorologists and scientists. I learn a lot along the way! 

As I love working with spatial data on a bigger scale, this is the perfect playground to improve my originally “side-project” skills on a daily basis. Currently, a strong focus is on data-science (Python, Pandas, Postgis etc) and infrastructure (Kubernetes, Jenkins, Docker and Golang). 



Looking at Rakettitiede’s channels, the tone of voice really reflects the company’s culture. The terms like “no bullshit” mentality and a fluffy sarcastic mind were used. Do you only hire people with quirky humour?


Johnny: What happens, if you put 40 nerds into a one room? It gets interesting. 

Back in a normal universe, when we had our little #night-out’s, we talked about everything and nothing. It’s great to get everyone’s and someone’s opinion on things, and not always in a straight-forward way.

*Johnny was cut off by his own laugh*

Saska: The minimum requirement is to tolerate quirky humour (read: terrible jokes) because it’s very hard to operate without it while reading Slack. 

Johnny: I must admit that I don’t get every joke. But this is how it goes, when having such a broad range of characters. No one gets judged and everybody’s helpful.



Who are you looking for to join the team?


Johnny: Personally I enjoy colleagues I can learn from. We never stop improving. Our profession just doesn’t allow us to stop, and it becomes a useful habit. Changing ideas and discussing other projects consultants are working on, gives a family feeling. 

If you’re interested in working at Rakettitiede, then just contact us! Our sales team can match your skill set with our vacant projects. 

Saska: Also, don’t get too hung up on the embedded / mobile / web header pigeonhole – we have loads of different projects and could also find the right fit outside those competencies. So if you’re good at doing the computer stuff you might just want to give it a shot, even if you’ve never made a custom Linux distro for a pair of ski pants or whatever.



Job ads aren’t always enough and sometimes more information is needed before hitting that ‘Apply’ button. If our readers would like to hear more about how working life looks like at Rakettitiede, what should they do? 


Ping our Recruitment Commander Kristo on social media. Send a smoke signal, bottle mail, email (kristo@rakettitiede.com), text message or call +358 50 551 3552.

Connecting with us via career site is also an option. Don’t hold yourself back, let’s start a conversation!



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