Hiring top talent is easy: write a job offer, share it, do a couple of interviews and sign the contract.

If you tried to follow the above workflow, you’d soon bump onto the questions like “how to write a job offer?” or “how to get my job offer across to the right people?” or “how to decide between tens of applicants?”

Hiring isn’t that easy after all.

However, MeetFrank can make it times easier for you – no matter if you’re an experienced recruiter or the CEO of a small venture making your first hire. 

We’re here to help. 🙌

If you’re not exactly sure how MeetFrank is different from all the other hiring platforms out there, take a look at the main benefits of adding your job offers to the app.

It might sound too good to be true, so try it for yourself!


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Yes, MeetFrank is real –  Image source


1. Create a hyper-targeted job offer in 5 minutes

MeetFrank’s mission is to transform the hiring process for both sides: employers and job-seekers.

For job-seekers, we have built a sleek app that sends them a notification every time a relevant job offer appears, and gives them information about job market trends (like salary levels in their industry).


meetfrank app

Job-seekers download the MeetFrank app


Companies looking to hire talent can login to MeetFrank’s desktop platform for employers and set up the job offer in a few easy steps.

One of the best parts about MeetFrank’s job offer posting is that you don’t need to write a 1,000-words long essay of a job offer. 

Your MeetFrank job opening will be automatically compiled based on the small bits of information that you select during the setup process.

For example, you can select the seniority and skill set that you’re looking for and it will be visible in your job offer. No need to type it all out!


create meetfrank job offer


Read our guide on creating the perfect job opening in MeetFrank.

The only things that are left for you to describe in the written part of your job description are:

  • Who are you looking for?
  • What will be the main tasks of that person?
  • Any additional information you would like to add

Here’s an example of a job opening text we created when hiring a marketer to MeetFrank’s team:

meetfrank job opening

Once you have created your job offer(s) it’s time to make them visible! 👀

And with MeetFrank, you’ll have plenty of options for reaching top talent.


2. Get a beautiful job offer to be shared on social media

Every time you publish a new job offer in MeetFrank, there will be an auto-generated stylish landing page that you can access and share. 😍

Some companies hiring with MeetFrank are using their job offers instead of a Careers page – a great hack if you don’t have the resources to build a beautiful Careers website.

See an example job description page here.


job offer example


You’ll get a job opening 2.0 with high-quality images, lots of context and all social media profiles included – perfect for sharing on your company’s social media accounts and for asking your team members to share with their networks.

The job offer page even features blog articles and media coverage about your company + your operating markets…


market information


… and you can list all of your company’s social media accounts for easy access.


social media accounts


But hey, you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting on your on. We will also share your job offer with all relevant MeetFrank app users!


3. Automatically reach the talent pool of 300,000 people

More than 300,000+ job-seekers across Europe have downloaded the MeetFrank app. 

Every time you publish a job opening, our algorithms make sure that it reaches all the relevant job-seekers. 

We’d like to emphasise the word “relevant.” – Based on the details that you selected during the job offer’s setup process, we will find the best-matching candidates for the job. 

This way, you will get only relevant applicants and save hours of time on reviewing all the applications.


job applicants


You can review all the candidate profiles conveniently on your MeetFrank Employer account, see their LinkedIn profiles, and chat with them to agree on the best interview timing.


4. Reach both active AND passive job seekers

There is one HUGE difference between the talent that you reach through the MeetFrank app vs on job portals…

MeetFrank app also helps you to reach passive talent – that’s people not actively looking for a job.


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You can also reach passive talent with MeetFrank – Image source


Because you know… Only people actively looking for a new gig are checking the job search sites. And your perfect applicant might actually be currently employed and not looking for a new job in particular.

How do we do it? – By having thousands of users that check the MeetFrank app not because they necessarily need a new job, but because they’re curious about the latest job market trends.


5. Build your employer brand together with MeetFrank

We are serious about adding value for both sides on the MeetFrank job market: employers and job-seekers.

And when it comes to attracting top talent, one of the most valuable assets is a strong employer brand

Here’s one more BIG benefit of hiring with MeetFrank: We create cool marketing collaborations together with our clients to boost their visibility in the job market.


1. Special Facebook ads:

We regularly invest some 💵 in Facebook and Instagram advertising and promote the job openings of cool companies hiring with MeetFrank – to help you find more top talent and let people know that you’re hiring.


meetfrank facebook ads


2. MeetFrank blog interviews

We regularly get in touch with the recruiters in some inspiring companies and interview them for a fascinating glimpse into their hiring processes and office life.

One such interview was with Nikolai Kabatsikov, Head of Talent at Bolt. Read it here!

Even better if the timing coincides with a positive announcement such as the next €100M fundraising round. 🎉


meetfrank interviews


Want to be interviewed for the MeetFrank blog? Drop a hint to your sales representative and our marketing team will get in touch!


3. Seasonal marketing campaigns:

We love collaborating with the cool bunch of companies hiring with MeetFrank.

So we’re looking for creative ways to visit your office, talk to the people working there, and sharing our findings with the world.

In August 2020, we reached out to 50 companies across Europe and conducted a photoshoot in their offices. Not only did we share all the pictures with our clients, but we also created a Facebook ad campaign introducing all the companies and people working there.

All costs were covered by MeetFrank. 🤭

See an example of a Facebook ad that we created for Katana (among other 30 companies) below.


katana ad


This campaign won’t certainly be the last one that we launch. There’s plenty more to come!


Building a better hiring experience ❤️

In MeetFrank, we believe that building long-term relationships with our customers and helping them find top talent is the key to success on all sides.

Let’s build your employer brand together!

If you don’t have a MeetFrank account yet, sign up here for a free trial.