The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has arrived in Finland as well which resulted in new restrictions and measures starting from November until December 15. 😷

In this report, we will compare market competitiveness, the number of job openings, the offered gross salaries and more between November and May. 👍

Our goal is to see how the Finnish job market has been doing in the first and second waves of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Let’s rewind to last month:

👉 Both the number of job openings and applications saw a decline.

👉 Finland saw a slight change in market competitiveness in October. It was somewhere between the “challenging” and “OK” levels. 

Now is time to dig into November’s stats and see the most significant changes since May!


Job Market Overview

As we mentioned above, both the number of job openings and applications saw a decline in Finland.

What about this month?

However this month, similar to Estonia and Lithuania, the number of job openings in the Finnish job market has seen an increase. 📈

However, the number of job applications has decreased this month. This is similar to other countries in the region as well. Apparently, the opportunities outnumber demand. 🤔

➡️ From a different angle, the expectations of job seekers may not be matching with the offerings from companies.

What about market competitiveness?

Market competitiveness in Finland

If you are looking for a job in Finland, we have some good news for you. Nowadays, it is at the happy green level – the “OK level” – to find a job in the Finnish job market. 😊

Wondering about the offered and expected gross salaries?offered and expected gross salaries in Finland

Both salaries saw a small increase as of mid-November. This has been an ongoing trend since October which means the low gap between the salaries persists. 


Job openings in Top 6 Specialties: November vs May

Time to talk about every job seeker’s favourite topic: job openings in the top 6 specialties. 🤓

In this section, we will compare November’s number of job openings (as of today) with May’s. 

🔊 What was the situation like back in the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic? What about now – how is the Finnish job market doing in the second wave? 

no of job openings in Finland: November vs May 2020

When we look at the chart, we can see that: 

✅  In November the number of job openings in all industries fell compared to May’s stats

✅ The Software Engineering industry saw the highest fall – more than 50%. Despite this significant decrease, this specialty still has the highest number of job offerings compared to the others in the list. 

Data Analytics already had a low number of job openings in May and now it has decreased by more than approximately 60%.

Let’s see how the data will look in December!


Offered Salaries: November vs May

The offered and expected salaries have been a rollercoaster for most countries and Finland is one of them.

In this section, we will discuss how the offered gross salaries have changed since May.

offered gross salaries i FI: November vs May 2020

➡️ The winners of this section are Design and Data Analytics. These 2 industries saw an increase in November compared to May’s numbers. 

Good for you designers – Design made a giant leap forward as of mid-November! 💃

➡️ Surprisingly, companies operating in the Sales and Business Development industry are offering exactly the same salaries in November as they were in May

➡️ Marketing, PR & Design saw the lowest increase when it comes to offered salaries. 


Market Competitiveness Per Specialty 

In this section, we will talk about market competitiveness and how easy it is to find a job in Finland nowadays. 

We will also dive into the top 6 specialties.

market competitiveness in FI: November vs May 2020

Let’s summarise the data above with 4 main takeaways: 

💡 Software engineers are always at the top of the list when it comes to the most sought-after employees. But as of mid-November, it seems finding a job will be a bit more challenging for them. 

It seems to be at the “OK level” now, whereas it was “easy” in May.

💡 Good news for IT & Sysadmin experts! Now it is very easy for you to find a job in Finland. Our data shows that the market is offering the perfect environment for you!

💡 The market has become more competitive for (Tech) Project Management and Data & Analytics.

💡 The Sales & Business Development and Marketing, PR & Media industries are facing less challenges in November as well. The ease of finding a job in the latter is not perfect though.


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