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Despite the expected negative effects of the pandemic, Lithuania’s economy has been coping very well with the challenges. 😷 Let’s see how this affects the Lithuanian job market. 

Recent months saw a stagnation in the number of job openings and applications in Lithuania, which was more or less the same situation all around the world. 🌍

This week, we have some good news. Are you ready? 😉

If so, let’s start with the job market overview and how things have changed since the beginning of July. 🤓


Job Market Overview

After a 3-month period of ups and downs, August started with some good news from the Lithuanian job market. 

As of today, the number of job openings has increased by 63% compared to July 1. 📈

job openings in Lithuania in August

What about the number of job applications? Have job seekers followed the same trend as companies? 

applications in Lithuania in August

Well, not really. There has been a drop in the number of applications lately. The reasons for that might be:

👉 The openings may not match with the expectations and needs of active job seekers. 

👉 Job seekers may be enjoying a much-needed rest this summer. 

Let’s jump into the market competitiveness stats. 

competition in Lithuania in August 2020

More job openings combined with lower applications result in a less challenging market competitiveness level in the Lithuanian job market. Nowadays, it’s at the “OK level” to find a job in Lithuania. 

If you’re a software engineer, it’ll be even easier for you. 😉

And what about average salaries?

average salaries in Lithuania in August 2020

There has been a slight decrease both in the average expected and offered salaries. Even though they got a bit closer this week, apparently job seekers and companies are not quite on the same page — the offered salaries are still higher than the expected salaries. 


Top 6 specialties with the most applications in July

Similar to Estonia and Finland, Software Engineering has been the most popular industry in the Lithuanian job market in July.

top specialties with most applications in Lithuania in August 2020

In the chart above we can see that Marketing & PR & Media has found a place in the top 3, just like in Estonia. 

It seems the pandemic has affected Customer Service a lot, as nowadays the number of applications in this area has decreased a bit. 

So, who couldn’t make it to the top 6 list? It’s the Design industry. 🤷 It did make 6th place in the Finnish job market report which you can read here. 

This might be related to the low number of openings as well as design professionals being happy with their current jobs. It would be worth checking how this progresses in the next report. 😉


Top 10 companies with the most replies to applicants in July

In this report, we’ll find out which Lithuanian companies have been doing a good job when it comes to replying to applicants. 

Lithuanian companies with the most replies to applicants in August 2020

🥁 The champion is Vertex, a creative product development company. On behalf of all job seekers; thank you Vertex, for being so kind and replying to your applicants. 🌟

2nd place goes to Indigroup, an expert consulting company, and 3rd place to KEVIN, an innovative fintech company. 💪

The other companies which deserve an applause are as follows: Whatagraph, Tesonet, Telefoftas, Hostinger UAB, Smart Brands Laboratory LLC, UAB Teltonika, and Fintegry.

When we have a look at the rest of the list, we can see that the Finance and Software Development industries are leading the way. 


Companies with the most openings in July

We have talked about the most popular industries, the companies with the most replies and now it’s time to switch to another ‘most’ and discuss the most active companies with the highest number of openings in July.

Lithuanian companies with the most openings in July

Do some of the companies remind you of something? Maybe you can already recall some of them from the list of ‘kind’ companies with the most replies to applicants?

We also thought so. 🤓

First place goes to Tesonet, “a proud creator and investor of over 30 various global products and projects” in their own words. It seems the company is growing and now in need of more and more talent. 

The list continues with UAB Teltonika and Indigroup which you can remember from the previous section. Their number of openings go hand in hand with their kindness. 🤩

4th place goes to Amston, a recruitment company, followed by Intrum Global Business Services,  a market leader in credit management services, and world-renowned Lithuania-born website Bored Panda.

The rest of the list shows are that the most active industries in July have been Media Publishing, Recruitment, and Software Development.


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