Last week, we shared the latest news and trends from the Estonian job market that showed the ups and downs in various industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, we see that there are some surprising trends in the labour market. 

Recently, the situation in the Estonian job market has been like the Estonian spring—it is sunny on some days and a little bit cold on others. So, despite the recent cooling down of the market, there is definitely a positive vibe in the air. 🌞

In this weekly report, you’ll get to know what is happening in the Estonian job market in general. If you’re also interested in reports on the Lithuanian and Finnish markets, have a look at our blog where you’ll find plenty of information.

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🚀Ready? Let’s take an insightful tour of the Estonian job market. 

Job Market Overview

Last week’s reports showed that the biggest change in the Estonian job market was a drop in the number of job openings compared to that of March. 

📈And here comes the good news there has been an approximately 5% increase in the number of job openings in Estonia since last week. 👏 

Talent in Estonia and active job seekers

Similar to that, we see a slight increase in the number of active job seekers. It may be a bit early to see these upward trends as a sign of recovery, but don’t we all know that from little things come good things?

In April, there has been a 5% increase in offered salaries and a 3.2% decrease in the expected salaries

These changes don’t come as a surprise, considering how the current economic situation has reshaped the expectations in the business world. It seems, when the employers are ready to invest in the right talent even more, the employees are fine with earning less, as finding a job may be challenging nowadays.

Weekly special chart: Average salary per industry

Every week, we will pick one chart and discuss different aspects of it. This week, our focus is the average salary in Estonia in the last 8 months. 🕵️‍♀️

Coronavirus has shaken the global economy resulting in surprising consequences. While there is a decline in average salary in some industries, it has been quite the opposite for some. 

Estonia average gross salary per professionIn the first half of this 8-month period, there was a steady decline in the average salaries in most industries except for software engineering, IT & tech management, and sales & marketing in Estonia. While software engineering and sales & marketing salaries have fluctuated considerably, the rest do not look any more stable either. 

In the past two months, there has been an increase in the average salary in all sectors except for data analytics and IT & tech project management which have seen a demand for talent in the market. The world is slowly recovering from the recent turmoil. So are the companies! 

🏆The salary winners of the past 8 months: when we compare the numbers from September 2019 and April 2020, we see that there are two winners—designers and administrators & support teams. The latter shows the highest increase in average salary. 

What this means is that companies are still looking for top talent and willing to offer them competitive salaries. However, the number of job offers in the market has dropped, driving up the competition among job-seekers.

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Weekly highlight: Sales and business development 

Every week, we take one hiring track and break it down. This week’s focus is sales & business development jobs.

📉Let’s start with the number of job openings in April. Due to the current situation worldwide, it’s not surprising that the number of active job openings in sales & business development has decreased by approximately 11% in Estonia. 

Change in job offers in EEWhile some industries are recovering faster, some are a bit behind due to sectoral characteristics. Let’s keep our motivation high and see what the numbers will say in May.

When we look at the chart below, we can see that there has always been a visible disparity between the average expected and offered salary. Since February, there has been a steady decline in the average expected salary which can be easily explained by the impact of COVID-19 on the job market. 📉

Historical salaries in sales in EE

On the other hand, the data from the past 6 months shows that the difference between the average expected and offered salary does not stem from the current situation but it is rather a general trend in the market.

Competition in Estonia

Competition is relatively high in the sales & business development sector, given the ratio of talent to active job seekers in Estonia. So, this could explain the decline in the average expected salarythe number of job seekers is on the rise. 📈

Let’s match this top talent with the latest sales and business development job offers in Estonia:

And these are the most in demand skills that would help you get your dream job in Estonia:

in demand skills EE for sales

🏆The favorite job offering in the sales and development industry in the past 30 days was the ‘Sales Development Representative’ role at Modash.

🏅The second place went to Scoro Software OÜ with its ‘Account Manager’ role. 

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