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💐Do you know the saying “April showers bring May flowers?” We do hope to see some blossoming in the job market in May. For now, let’s see how the very beginning of May has been for the Estonian job market.

This week, there was yet another drop in the number of active job openings. At the same time, job-seekers remain active across specialties.

So, if you’ve been thinking about hiring more people, now might be a good time to join the Meetfrank family.

If you are currently looking for a job, you can download the MeetFrank app to see what the world has to offer for you this week.

But now, let’s take a closer look at what is new on the Estonian Job Market. Read on, if you’d like! 👇

Job Market Overview

The Estonian job market remains a turbulent one to keep an eye on. Last week’s 5% increase in the number of job openings was a slight rebound from the decline of prior weeks. This week, we see another 9.7% decrease in the number of active job openings. 📉

We also see that 12.4% of talent in Estonia are active job seekers. This number has remained on last week’s level.  

active job seekers in Estonia

The Estonian job market has seen a few changes since the coronavirus crisis hit. The general declining trend in the number of job openings coupled with a steady number of active job seekers has resulted in a more competitive market. 

estonian job market competiton

In other words, it is now a little more difficult to find a job in Estonia than it was a few months ago, 

This trend is similar in almost all specialties, except one — finding a job in IT & Sysadmin is easier, based on our data. Even software engineering jobs have become a little more difficult to find as compared to the beginning of March. 👩‍💻

However, when we look at what skills are most in demand in the Estonian job market, they still revolve around development. Backend development and full-stack development are currently the most in demand

job skills in demand in Estonia

Weekly special chart: Remote work across specialties

This week, we are taking a look at remote work opportunities in different specialties. 🕵️‍♀️

More specifically, our weekly special chart shows the percentage of job openings that are open to remote work in the top specialties in Estonia. This is based on our April data, fresh out of our servers.

remote job offers estonia

We can see that one specialty is leading the Estonian kob market with remote work opportunities. As many as 23% of job offers in Marketing & PR & Media are open to remote workers. 🏖

Most other specialties are on even levels, around 10-14%. Customer support roles in Estonia are the least welcoming to remote applicants at just 7%.

Let’s see if these trends change in the future, as the whole world adjusts to remote-flexibility in 2020.

Weekly highlight: Finance

This week, we are taking a closer look at the finance sector in Estonia. Home to TransferWise, Monese, Fortumo, Erply, Change and many others, Estonia does have a good amount of finance talent. 🏦

More than 1700 of these talented people are on the MeetFrank platform, and according to our data, close to 10% of the finance talent are active job-seekers.  

finance talent in Estonia

Similarly to the trends of the job market as a whole, the finance sector has seen a decrease in available job openings. The number of available openings in finance has dropped nearly by half. 🎢

finance job openings Estonia

When we look at the number of applications, we see that the number of job applications fluctuates quite a lot. The general trend is clear, though: in recent weeks, there have seen fewer applications in finance than before. 

job applications in Finance Estonia

What do we see when we put all of our job market insights data together? Turns out, it is quite easy to find a job in finance in Estonia right now. The ratio of job-seekers to job openings favors the job-seekers!

finding a finance job in Estonia

Now, let’s take a look at salaries in the financial sector. Interestingly enough, the job-seekers in finance have consistently had higher salary expectations than what the market has offered. 🤑

In recent months, this gap has been diminishing. Our latest data shows that the current average salary expectation is €2113, while the average offer is €1894 (gross). 

finance salary expectations Estonia

If you are looking for a role in finance, you can take a look at the ones below. Here are the most recent job openings in finance:

In recent months, hiring people in finance has become more challenging for companies. Estonia is not alone in this — we have seen a similar trend in Finland and Lithuania, for example. 🇪🇪 🇫🇮 🇱🇹

This is where we can share some useful insights with you. Namely, we know that Estonians in finance are most motivated by new challenges, a higher salary and growth opportunities. 

what motivates people in Estonia

As you can see, flexible working hours and remote work possibilities are less important to people in finance. Be sure to use this information to your advantage when hiring!

The most popular opening in finance is one for a Compliance Department Team Leader with Fusion Services. It’s still open for applications, so you can take a look here. 🏆 

New job offers this week

To wrap up the Estonian job market report for this week, we’re sharing the latest job offers. We see that there’s a good variety of jobs posted every week. If you’re looking for a new challenge, see if any of the below strike your fancy. 💼