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If you’d ask a friend, “What is the best city for finding a job in Europe today,” you probably wouldn’t expect to hear Vilnius as a response.

Well, we ran the numbers and despite some graphs being in the red, the Lithuanian job market remains a strong contender for that ranking. 🏅

This week, we see some turbulence in some of the key indicators of the job market in Lithuania. The streak of increasing numbers of job openings has come to an end, but the total number of openings is still higher than that of Finland or Estonia, for example. So we’d say there’s no big cause for concern for the Lithuanian job market.

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Now, let’s take a look at how the Lithuanian job market is faring this week. 👀

Job Market Overview

Recent weeks have shown a seemingly ever-increasing number of job openings in Lithuania. You know what they say, “What comes up, must come down.”

This week, we see a stark decrease in the number of job openings. In fact, the number of active job openings has decreased by 19.9% as compared to a week ago. 😱 

The numbers of active job seekers have remained stable, though. We see that 9.7% of the talent are active job seekers at this time.

active job seekers in Lithuania

Across the specialties, finding a job in Lithuania remains relatively easy on average. At the same time, the ease of hiring is a little below average, leaning towards “Challenging”.

Hiring in Lithuania may 2020

However, not all competition is created equal. Job-seekers in Software Development, Data & Analytics as well as IT & Sysadmin should find it easy to get hired, while those in Marketing & PR, Design and Customer support will likely find it quite challenging. 🙇‍♂️

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, software development skills remain the most in-demand skills in the Lithuanian job market. 

skills needed in Lithianian job market

Weekly special chart: Remote work across specialties

This week’s special chart showcases the percentage of job openings that are open to remote work in the top tracks in Lithuania. 📊

remote job offers in Lithuania

We can see that IT & Sysadmin is leading this graph, with the highest percentage of remote job offers. In fact, nearly 25% of IT & Sysadmin job offers in Lithuania are open to remote applications. 🌎

Job offers in two fields are not too far behind. Currently, around 17% of job offers in Marketing & PR & Media and Customer support are remote job offers.

From the top tracks in Lithuania, two specialties are least open to remote work. Our data shows that only 4-5% of the openings in (Tech) Project Management and Data & Analytics are welcome to remote workers at this time.

Weekly highlight: Finance

🏦 This week, we are taking a closer look at the finance sector of Lithuania. What are the most recent trends? Where are the salaries like? Who is hiring? Let’s take a look.

First of all, we can see that in general, the number of active openings has been stable week over week, with a slight steady increase in the more recent weeks. 

finance job openings in Lithuania

When it comes to job applications in the finance sector, it is clear that some weeks see more activity than others. The overall trend is a slight increase in the number of applications, which is a good indication of activity.

job applications in finance in Lithuania

What about salaries? The first thing that stands out about compensation in finance is that salary expectations are consistently higher than what is offered. 💰

finance salaries Lithuania

In recent months, job-seekers seem to have become a little more realistic in this. Now, expected and offered salaries are more aligned than in the last 6 months. 

We do hope that aligned expectations lead to more happy hires. Here are a few of the more recent vacancies in finance, if you are looking to become a happy hire:

In the last few months, the number of job seekers has been relatively low as compared to the number of job openings. As a result, finding a job in finance is quite easy

finding a finance job Lithuania

This is not great news for employers looking to hire people in finance. Our data shows that it is quite challenging to hire people in finance right now. 

hiring in finance Lithuania

We do have some great inside info for anyone hiring in finance, though. To increase your chances of getting stellar applicants, you should consider offering what motivates people the most. 💡

Our inside info suggests that Lithuanian job-seekers in finance are most motivated by higher salaries, growth opportunities and new challenges. Be sure to highlight these benefits in your job description and thank us later. 😉

what motivates people LT

🏆 One stellar example of how to hire talent is the Chief Accountant – Country Finance Manager opening with Motivate LT. They’re certainly doing something right, becayse they received the most applicants in finance in the last 30 days. Check it out here.

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