Finnish Job Market Report, May 13, 2020

Finnish Job Market Report, May 13, 2020

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

May has brought warmth, storms, and rainbows all at the same time, and the current situation in the Finnish job market is no different. 🌞🌧

Last week, we had a rollercoaster tour of the Finnish job market. Given the current global situation, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Finland is also getting its share, despite the durability of its market. 

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As you’re now equipped to dive into the pool of stats, let’s find out the latest news from the Finnish job market! 🏊‍♀️

Job Market Overview

In last week’s report, we had shared that the number of active job openings was down by 12%. This week saw a slight increase by 3%.

Talent and job seekers in Finland

There was also a slight decrease in the number of active job seekers in the past week. The lower the ratio of the active job seekers to talent, the higher the chance of finding a job. ✅

The ease of finding a job in the Finnish job market is better than the ‘OK-level’ this week, thanks to the decrease in the number of active job-seekers.

Finnish market competitiveness

So, are all industries at the same ease level? Fortunately and unfortunately, no. 🎭

If you’re looking for a job in the IT & Sysadmin sector, luck is with you. However, if your industry is Marketing & PR & Media, the situation will be a bit challenging for you. Wondering how and why? You’ll get the answer in a section later in this article! 👀

what motivates people in Finland

The saying “Money doesn’t make you happy” might have Finnish origins. 💸 Lately, the top 2 motivation factors of the job-seekers in Finland have been new challenges and growth opportunities.

Let’s find out which companies have been favoured the most by those challenge-lovers since the beginning of January 2020.

Weekly special chart: TOP 15 Companies with the most applications in 2020

This week, we’ll dig into the Top15 companies with the most applications in 2020 in the Finnish job market. 🤓 top 15 companies with the most applications in FinlandLet’s celebrate the success of the top 5 companies firstAppgyver, Visma, Screenful, Supermetrics, and Mount Kelvin Oy. These companies managed to attract the most talent in the past four months. 👏

The job-seekers looking for jobs in the Finnish job market are apparently more interested in regional and local companies than global giants. 

When it comes to the industry; software, IT, data technology, and automation technologies seem to have been leading the path since January 2020. 🖥📱 There has been a similar trend in Estonia and Lithuania as well.

Weekly highlight: Marketing & PR & Media

In the previous sections, we gave a hint of the challenges the Marketing & PR & Media sector in Finland is currently facing. Now, we will dig deeper. 🕵

We’ll begin with the data from the last 8 weeks. 

There has been a sharp fall in the number of job openings in the second week of April, as the coronavirus hit the Finnish job market. It seems to have increased since then and has not changed the last 2 weeks. active job openings in marketing & pr & media in FinlandThe number of job applications in the Marketing & PR & Media industry in Finland has been fluctuating in the last 8 weeks. When there was a noticeable increase at the end of April, last week saw a 50% decrease. 📉

applications in marketing & pr & media in Finland

Given the recent fluctuation in the number of job openings, it’s no surprise that it has become difficult to find a job in the Marketing & PR & Media sector in Finland. The slight decrease in the number of active job seekers hasn’t helped either. 

Finnish talent & job seekers in marketing pr media

This week, market competitiveness dropped to ‘difficult-level’ for job-seekers which represents the well-not-that-good zone for finding a job. 😟 On the other hand, our data shows that finding a job in this industry has never been a low-hanging fruit for job-seekers

Finnish market competitiveness in marketing pr media

So, how do these insights affect the salaries? 

salaries in Finland in marketing pr media

With the majority of businesses facing the impacts of a slowdown, the offered salaries saw a decrease in the Marketing & PR & Media sector in the Finnish job market. On the other hand, the expected salaries have been on the rise in the past few weeks. 

Let’s discover the job openings and companies that welcome new talent:

And which perks do companies offer to their teams?

FI perks marketing pr media

The most common perks offered by companies are flexible hours, team events, and free coffee in Finland. What stands out from the list is health insurance which can be interpreted as a nice offer considering the current situation worldwide. 😷

👏The most popular job opening in Marketing & PR & Media has been the ‘Head of Marketing’ role at Cavai!

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

Here are our new members! This week we welcomed FINGLO ICT Services, Kide Science, Rexel Finland, Empower, and Virta Ltd to the MeetFrank family. 🎊 

As the last word, explore the latest job offerings below and make a new step in your career: 

Finnish Job Market Report, May 6, 2020

Finnish Job Market Report, May 6, 2020

This article is based on data from MeetFrank Job Market Insights. For additional and per-track reports, visit this page.

🤓If you’re anything like us, you get excited for new statistics and data on the job market. Yes, we are once again sharing some interesting insights about the Finnish job market with you. 

Also, the Finnish media shared some of the latest data from MeetFrank this week, read the articles below:

We see that the Finnish job market is currently on a rollercoaster. Fasten your seatbelts, you are in for a ride.

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And now, time for a review of how the Finnish job market is doing this week. 🎢

Job Market Overview

The Finnish job market is as volatile as the stock markets these days. Last week saw a noticeable increase in the number of job openings, and this week the number is down again by about as much.

Based on our data, the number of active job openings is down by 12% this week. 📉 

The number of people looking for a job has seen a slight increase, as now about 8.3% of the talent in Finland are active job seekers. 

talent in Estonia

Market competitiveness remains in the slightly above average range, meaning that in general it is not too easy and not too difficult to find a job in Finland. 

finding a job in Finland

⚠️ However, different specialties are not equal in this. Currently, finding a job is the most difficult for people in Marketing & PR and easiest for those in Finance, IT & Sysadmin.

To dig even deeper, we see that the biggest volumes of talent movement are currently happening in the field of software development. This is also evident when we look at the most sought-after skills of the Finnish job market: development, development, development. 

skills in demand Finnish job marker

Weekly special chart: Remote work across specialties

✨ There’s no need to reiterate how much remote work is on the rise this year. It is obvious. In this week’s special chart, we are looking at remote work opportunities in different specialties.

More specifically, we are looking at what percentage of job openings in different tracks are open to remote work in Finland. We focus on the top 6 tracks in Finland by volume.

remote job offers Finland

In general, we can see that many companies in Finland are open to remote workers. The percentages we see are noticeably higher than those of Lithuania and Estonia, for example. 🌍

More specifically, job openings in two specialties are most welcoming to remote applicants. A striking 36% of Marketing & PR & Media job openings and 27% of openings in Sales & Business Development are open to remote workers. 

Customer support and software engineering job openings are in the middle, at 17% and 13% accordingly. From the most popular tracks, finance and IT & Sysadmin are least welcoming to remote applicants, at 6% and 9% respectively.

Weekly highlight: Finance

Each week, we take a close look at one specialty and evaluate what are the biggest trends in that field. This week, we are zooming in on Finance in Finland. 💳

First of all, we see that the percentage of active job seekers in finance is lower than that of the job market as a whole. While the percentage is below 6% for finance, it is above 8% for the overall job market.

finance talent in Finland

When it comes to job openings, we see that the last few months have seen a significant increase in the number of active openings in Finance

finance job offers Finland

At the same time, the number of applications have remained quite low in recent weeks. This is perhaps unsurprising, as the percentage of active job seekers in finance is quite small.

Finance job Applications in Finland

So, what does it mean if the percentage of active job seekers is relatively low and yet there is a fair number of companies hiring? That’s right, it means that finding a job in finance is very easy right now. 😎

finding a job in finance Finland

Next, let’s talk about money. The offered and expected salaries are pretty much in agreement. That’s a healthy sign for the finance sector in Finland.

finance salaries Finland

If you are looking for a new challenge in finance, here are a few recent openings you may want to take a look at:

When it comes to hiring in finance, Finnish companies are not in the best spot. Our data shows that it is currently quite difficult to hire in finance, as there are relatively few job-seekers actively looking. But don’t fret, we’re here to help you. 🦸‍♀️

We can see that job-seekers in finance are most motivated by new challenges, a higher salary and growth opportunities. So, be sure to highlight these perks if you are putting together a job opening!

what motivates people in finance Finland

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

🏆 New week, new companies! We are happy to extend a warm welcome to Tidy Technologies, Visit Tampere, Powder, Phaver, Nextcon and TaskShare for joining the MeetFrank family. 

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Finnish Job Market Report, April 29, 2020

Finnish Job Market Report, April 29, 2020

What comes to your mind when we say Nokia, Supercell, Angry Birds, Wolt, and thrilling job opportunities? Yes, it’s Finland we are talking about. 

The good news is the Finnish job market remained relatively resilient during the worldwide turmoil. And even better news is that recently there have been even more positive changes to the market in general. 🎉

In this weekly report, we will share the latest trends, updates and hopefully good news from the job market in Finland. You can also have a look at the Estonian and Lithuanian reports to have a better understanding of the region. 

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👀 Already curious? Let’s find out what has been happening in the Finnish job market lately. 

Job Market Overview

Last week’s report showed that there were 12% more job openings as compared to a month ago.

Talent in Finland and active job seekersThe upward trend continues this weekthere has been an approximately 10% increase in the number of job openings in the Finnish market. Happy and relieved, we can now say good-bye to April and keep our expectations even higher for May. 👋

When it comes to the number of active job seekers, we see that there is a slight increase as well. Although finding a job is in the ‘OK’ level in the Finnish job market, the signs of recovery outstrips the rest, and Finland proves to be one of the most solid markets in these tough times. 

historical salaries in finland
The expected salaries have gone parallel with offered salaries in Finland in the last 8 months, which has been a very steady ride compared to that of most countries. Recently, there has been a 4.5% decrease in the offered salaries and a 7.4% decrease in the expected salaries. The COVID-19 seems to bring the expectations of the employers and employees closer in the Finnish market. 

Now, let’s find out the changes in the average salaries in Finland. 

Weekly special chart: Average salary per industry

Each week, we’ll take one special chart and further discuss it from different angles. For today, our highlight is the average salary in Finland in the last 8 months.

📈average gross salary per profession in finlandWhile the average offered salary in the software engineering, sales & marketing, and IT & tech project job openings is higher than at the beginning of this 8-month period, it was not a calm journey for any of them. 📈

There have been significant fluctuations in the average salary stats which shows that the market has faced many changes in demand for the last 8 months.

When we look at the chart above, what strikes us at first glance is the dramatic increase in the average salary offered in IT & tech management openings from September to November. Now, it seems to have reached a more stabilised point, which is higher than the initial value. 

Let’s have a closer look at the market and see how the sales & business development industry in Finland is doing nowadays. 🔎

Weekly highlight: Sales and business development 

Every week, we focus on a hiring track and see what the trends show us. In this weekly report, we will discuss sales and business development jobs in Finland.

Let’s start with the good news. This week, the Finnish job market saw a 20% increase in the number of sales & business development jobs. Given the numbers from last week’s report, it’s noticeable that Finland is steadily recovering from the recent effects of the coronavirus. 

Change in job offers in EE
In the Finnish job market, the expected salary is higher than the offered salary by approximately 10% by today’s numbers. It’s worth noting that both of them are on decline and so is their disparity. It’s no surprise that the recent changes to the economy seem to almost close the gap in April.

historical salaries in Finland
Despite the increasing number of job offerings and the relatively low number of job-seekers, competition in the market seems to be high. The reason why it is challenging to find a sales and business development job nowadays in Finland may be related to the higher salary expectations. 

market competitiveness in finland

These are some of the exciting job offerings in the Finnish market which may be worth lowering  your salary expectations a bit for (just saying 😊):

Wondering which skills would make you a good candidate for these positions given the competition? Have a look at the most in demand skills in the sales & development industry in Finland in the chart below:

in demand skills in Finland for sales

🏆The favorite job offering in the sales and development industry in the past 30 days was the ‘Entrepreneurial Sales/Project Director and Co-founder’ role at ReFaMo.

🏅The second place went to Fiuge Lth with its ‘Product Manager’ role. 

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Finnish Job Market Report, April 23, 2020

Finnish Job Market Report, April 23, 2020

It’s no secret that the Finnish job market is quite solid, with a good mix of established high-tech companies and exciting startups.

However, we’ve noticed some interesting changes to the labor market of Finland in the recent weeks. To quote the poem “First lines of emails I’ve received while quarantining.”, in these uncertain times, as we navigate the new normal, the Finnish job market is now settling into the changed landscape. 🏞️

In this series of weekly reports, we’re going to keep you updated on what’s going on in the job market of Finland (as well as Estonia and Lithuania). 

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⭐️ Without further ado, let’s jump into the review of how the Finnish job market is doing this week.

Job market overview

📈 This week, there are 12% more job openings as compared to a month ago. With employers continuing to hire, this is a sign that the Finnish job market is faring quite well in the current crisis.

While the ease of hiring has gone down since the beginning of this year, we can see a slight trend of relief in April, as compared to March. See our data on the secret-sauce index for how easy it is to hire a person on the Finnish market in the monthly chart below.

Finland hiring

🏃‍♂️ Another healthy sign can be seen in the number of active job-seekers. In the Finnish job market, we can see about a 6% increase in the number of job-seekers as compared to a month ago.

Finland talent

Although all of the above makes it look like the global pandemic has had no impact on the labor market in Finland, then the data on salaries offers a rebuttal. The average expected and offered salaries have seen a noticeable decrease across specialties. 💸

Finland salaries

Weekly special chart: Active job offers in the last 8 weeks

Each week, we’ll highlight one chart with the most interesting and relevant current data. This week, we’re showing you how the numbers of active job offers have fluctuated over the past 8 weeks. 

As you can see, the data shows a slow but steady increase in the number of active openings, with the biggest increase happening in the last week. Any slowdown in March was small enough to be a statistical error. 

job openings in Finland

So, overall, this chart confirms that the Finnish job market is staying strong in the current storm. Let’s see whether this trend continues in the weeks to come.

Weekly highlight: Software Development

In every weekly job report, we review one field of work in more detail. We’ll be taking a look at how easy or difficult it is to hire, to find a job, and what are the average salaries like. This week, we’re zooming in on software development. 🕵️‍♀️

While March saw a slowdown in hiring in the Finnish software development field, then April is showing us signs of a bounce back to activity. The number of active openings has recovered to pre-crisis levels. 

software development openings in Finland

On the software development job-seekers side, there was a temporary steep drop in applications for a few weeks in March, but these have also recovered by now. At the same time, the job-seekers have steadily increased their usage of the MeetFrak app in the recent weeks, with a bigger jump in user sessions this week. 📈

So, why are the job-seekers more active on the app but not necessarily applying to jobs more? It could be that they’re just browsing to see what’s available, or they may be mustering up the courage to apply. Let’s see if it translates to more applications in the coming weeks.

Finland software development job seekers

Finding a job in software development in Finland has remained quite easy, so the job-seekers certainly should not hold back from applying now. 

finland software engineering

There’s a good variety of active job offers available for software developers in Finland. Here are some of the more recent ones, if you’d like to take a look.

💰The expeced and offered salaries in software development have remained quite stable. While there is a small downward trend for expectations and an upward trend for what’s offered, these changes are incremental compared to other specialties and countries. You can see the most recent data on this below.

Finland software development salaries

The most popular software development job offer in Finland in the past 30 days has been a Head of Developer Inspiration role at Appgyver with 32 people applying for an interview. 🏅

Welcome to the MeetFrank family! 

🏆 In the past week Superior Sales, Luckan, Unikie, Sogeti and Droppe joined the MeetFrank family. Here’s a selection of their current job offers and download the MeetFrank app to apply.

The Current State of Finnish Job Market, 2020 Update

The Current State of Finnish Job Market, 2020 Update

When thinking of technology and Finland, probably the first things that come to mind are the historic tech giant Nokia or the gaming sector comets Rovio and Supercell.

Maybe you’ve even heard of one of the biggest and coolest startup conventions in the world –- Slush – that takes place in Helsinki or that Aalto University opened a centre for startups

From all the signs we’ve encountered that a lot more is brewing in the land of a thousand lakes! Here are some of the highlights of what we’ve learned:

  • The average salaries in the Finnish tech sector stand firmly above the European average
  • The competitiveness for Finnish jobs is lower than the EU average
  • The tech sector is experiencing a boost in investments
  • The startup scene is booming with over 4000 active companies

The Finnish tech sector in numbers

When Nokia, one of the biggest mobile phone producers during the 2000’s, sold its phone production brand to Microsoft and later failed, it was a big blow to the Finnish economy, but even more to their pride. 

However, the layoff that followed, created a ripple effect and launched the success stories of Rovio and Supercell, the two gaming companies that became behemoths, employing the same people who lost their jobs in Nokia. 

Fast forward to present day and we can see that the Finnish economy is at an even better place, as foreign investments are pouring in, the startup scene is booming and high tech production companies like HMD Global and Uros have taken over the torch.

Who are employers looking for in the Finnish job market?

In the European tech sector currently, the most in-demand workers are the software engineers and Finland is no exception as 66% of all the work offers are in that field. As the ratio of all applications for software engineering jobs is considerably lower – 52% – it can be said that software engineers are enjoying quite a low level of competition compared to others.

It is exactly the opposite for the next three jobs in terms of job openings as the ratio of offers and applications is leaning towards a greater share of applications for sales & business development (17% vs 12%), marketing & PR (14% vs 5%)  and design (7% vs 5%), meaning that the competition is higher in these fields.

Top 6 jobs in terms of competition

Marketing & PR is by far the field with the highest competition in Finland with an average of 30 applications per job offer during the last three months. It is followed by design and sales & business development, both drawing in around 15 applications per job opening. 

Job seekers of the more technical jobs can enjoy a relatively low level of competition as software engineering, data & analytics and IT & sysadmin all had around 7-8 applicants per job offer.

This also means that employers will have to go the extra mile to attract the top tech talent as the demand for them is high.

Although Finland follows a similar pattern with the rest of Europe – higher competition in the creative and lower in the technical fields – the average level of competitiveness for jobs is much lower than the Europe average, and so in all fields, we have data on. The biggest difference is for design jobs, as Finland’s competition is almost three times lower than the European average – 41 vs 15.6 people.

Salary offers of 6 most popular jobs

When looking at the average salaries of the 6 most popular jobs, Finland ranks way above the European average. The pattern is similar though: tech jobs, which, compared to creative jobs, enjoy a lower rate of competition when applying and a significantly higher payment.

Data & Analytics is the most well-paid job with a staggering €4113 average gross salary, followed by software engineering (€4021 gross) and sales & business development (€4081 gross), the only non-technical job among the better-paid ones, with IT & sysadmin not far behind (€3887 gross).

Marketing & PR and design, two of the fields with the biggest competition, are among the least paid jobs here.

% of jobs supporting relocation vs job seekers interested in relocating

Although Finnish employers receive, on average, significantly fewer applications than the European average, the companies are nevertheless more hesitant in seeking labour elsewhere.
Looks like Finland is really missing some data & analytics specialists at the moment – it’s the job with the highest payment and a low rate of applications, so it makes only sense that its the job with biggest % of relocation offers (43%).

Finnish work seekers, on the contrary, are slightly more interested in the relocation option than the EU average, with 16% of designers and 13% of data & analytics and marketing & PR job seekers up for the potential change of country of residence.

Top 5 countries with applications to relocate to work in Finland

Finland’s southern neighbours are the most interested with relocating there, as around 6% of all applications for jobs in Finland are done by Estonians

Applicants based in Serbia follow, with a number of applications that’s over three times smaller, along with Romanians and Lithuanians, all making up around 2% of the total of % of applications made for Finnish jobs.

Top skills required in tech-related roles

With software engineers being the most wanted workers, it doesn’t come as too big of a surprise that the most sough-after skills in Finland are currently full-stack, backend and frontend development, alongside with JavaScript.

Top 10 Finnish companies, voted by job-seekers

Among the most popular Finnish companies* that MeetFrank users have voted they’d like to work for is OP, a group operating in the banking, investment and insurance services. It is followed by the Nordic banking conglomerate Nordea’s local branch, Finnair and the online retail platform Zalando. Another retailer in top is K-Group / Kesko – a grocery chain that is striving to become the world’s most sustainable grocery trade company.

The startup sector is represented by the autodynamic pricing strategy company Priceff, the body monitoring smart-ring Oura and that offers automated, highly personalized social advertising.

*The popular companies list does not reflect the companies hiring actively with MeetFrank in Finland, but the companies our app users are interested in working for.

So, why work in Finland?

Finland is showing many signs of being on the way to becoming a European tech powerhouse, with some globally established high-tech companies, mixed with an exciting bunch of startups

The salaries in Finland rank among the highest in Europe in the tech sector, while the competition for the jobs there is lower than the EU average.

A lot of the companies put an effort to become sustainable and the country ranks the highest in the world when it comes to living standards. What’s not to like?

Want to read more? See the European job marketing overview here.

Hospitality Jobs Opportunities in Europe 2020

Hospitality Jobs Opportunities in Europe 2020

The fuss of the restaurant is like the background melody that never stops. The soft clanking of cutlery, the warm buzz of conversation, champagne bottles going pop. Waiters skilfully sneak around the tables. Barista grinds and brews the best drink ever existing in the world – coffee, and the smell drifts away. Bussers hastily carry away wiped clean plates without a notice. A hostess cheers new guests and walks them to the available table with the best view. A manager lurks and passionately observes how things are going. The kitchen has its romance. The chef is polishing up his masterpiece, while cooks follow the recipes with pinpoint accuracy.  

Good news. Hospitality jobs are on their way. Each one of these and many other positions will appear in the MeetFrank app. We are growing non-stop so do employment opportunities. The time has come, so please welcome a new Hospitality industry many of our users have been waiting for. Europe strongly holds its position as the top tourist destination. It means more jobs in the Hospitality industry than ever before.

Now I`ll throw some numbers that explain why MeetFrank takes this industry onboard and why you should care. 

Hospitality jobs in Finland


The figures show that Hospitality is one of Finland’s most dynamic industries. 

Helsinki Times reports that the turnover generated by this industry amounts to €15 billion and contributes to 2.6 % of Finland’s GDP. The revenue comes mainly from foreign visitors, the number of which keeps rising and is 8.3 million.

The number of nights spent by tourists has increased by 1.3 %, reaching an impressive figure of 6.8 million. The travel industry in Finland is steadily growing, and we see positive growth potential in the long run. 

The Hospitality industry currently employs around 150,000 people but is always craving for more. The Finnish Hospitality industry is facing a major deficit of talent, and companies experience difficulties in finding employees with matching skills. It slows down the growth of the industry. 


Hospitality jobs in Estonia


More than 5.2% positive change in foreign visitors arrivals shows that more tourists are coming and stay for longer. 

The number of nights spent by tourists has increased by 4.4 % compared to 2018, reaching 4.9 million

The Bank of Estonia estimates the proportion of expenses made by foreign visitors in the export of travel services to be almost 1.2 billion euros.

These numbers suggest that foreign visitors are a great opportunity for the Estonian market to boost the Hospitality Industry even more.


Hospitality jobs in Latvia


In Latvia, the hospitality industry is a fast-growing sector of the economy. Geographic location, rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as growth-oriented workforce, facilitate the growth. Those, who have been there, know what I am talking about. 

In 2018 foreign travelers checked in this beautiful country 7.8 million times, which is 0.6 % more than the year before. Tourists keep spending more and more € on their trips. Last year expenditures amounted to €750 million, which is more than a year ago. In 2018, 2.81 million visitors were hosted at tourist accommodation establishments of Latvia – 9.0 % more than the year before.

The hospitality industry in Latvia is expanding quickly by opening new hotels and restaurants. Due to accelerated development, the hospitality industry provided almost 75 000 jobs and accounted for 8.5% to total employment in Latvia. 


Hospitality jobs in Lithuania


2018 was the most successful year for Lithuania with regards to tourist inflow. The number reached 3.6 m tourists that visited Lithuania. 

The hospitality industry has its focus on the most successful foreign markets that bring the € in. Lithuania experienced rapid growth in the number of tourists coming from Germany and Japan. 

The interest of Lithuanians in their country keeps growing. The Lithuanian tourism market is divided in half. Lithuanians who traveled within the country and stayed in hotels cover 51.8% of the market, while foreigners make up the rest 48.2 % of the Lithuanian tourism market.

The successful 2019 raises great expectations for 2020. The goal in the hospitality industry will try to support and maintain the increasing inflows of tourists.


What`s in it for you? 

Opportunities, of course.

The hospitality industry sustains 16,6 million jobs in Europe, which means 1 in every 13 jobs. No more numbers, I promise. The markets experience a high demand for talents due to the upward trend in the Hospitality Industry. There is a positive correlation between the inflow of tourists and the growth trend in the Hospitality industry. The more days tourists spend in the country, the more work has to be done to provide them a service. At the same time, companies are unable to find the best talent fit and need extra hands. 

MeetFrank is here to ease it up with the new relocation feature that aims at filling the gap in companies when finding the best match employees. You as a skilled talent being in high demand will be able to see opportunities abroad and connect directly with companies in the Hospitality industry and not only. We believe that talent is borderless. In today’s age, it doesn’t always matter where you are based. You are free to choose your best career path based on aspirations, not location. And even better, in many cases, jobs can be completely remote.

Check how it works here

Give yourself a head start on the Hospitality job market with MeetFrank daily digest that you can find in the app.