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🤓If you’re anything like us, you get excited for new statistics and data on the job market. Yes, we are once again sharing some interesting insights about the Finnish job market with you. 

Also, the Finnish media shared some of the latest data from MeetFrank this week, read the articles below:

We see that the Finnish job market is currently on a rollercoaster. Fasten your seatbelts, you are in for a ride.

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And now, time for a review of how the Finnish job market is doing this week. 🎢

Job Market Overview

The Finnish job market is as volatile as the stock markets these days. Last week saw a noticeable increase in the number of job openings, and this week the number is down again by about as much.

Based on our data, the number of active job openings is down by 12% this week. 📉 

The number of people looking for a job has seen a slight increase, as now about 8.3% of the talent in Finland are active job seekers. 

talent in Estonia

Market competitiveness remains in the slightly above average range, meaning that in general it is not too easy and not too difficult to find a job in Finland. 

finding a job in Finland

⚠️ However, different specialties are not equal in this. Currently, finding a job is the most difficult for people in Marketing & PR and easiest for those in Finance, IT & Sysadmin.

To dig even deeper, we see that the biggest volumes of talent movement are currently happening in the field of software development. This is also evident when we look at the most sought-after skills of the Finnish job market: development, development, development. 

skills in demand Finnish job marker

Weekly special chart: Remote work across specialties

✨ There’s no need to reiterate how much remote work is on the rise this year. It is obvious. In this week’s special chart, we are looking at remote work opportunities in different specialties.

More specifically, we are looking at what percentage of job openings in different tracks are open to remote work in Finland. We focus on the top 6 tracks in Finland by volume.

remote job offers Finland

In general, we can see that many companies in Finland are open to remote workers. The percentages we see are noticeably higher than those of Lithuania and Estonia, for example. 🌍

More specifically, job openings in two specialties are most welcoming to remote applicants. A striking 36% of Marketing & PR & Media job openings and 27% of openings in Sales & Business Development are open to remote workers. 

Customer support and software engineering job openings are in the middle, at 17% and 13% accordingly. From the most popular tracks, finance and IT & Sysadmin are least welcoming to remote applicants, at 6% and 9% respectively.

Weekly highlight: Finance

Each week, we take a close look at one specialty and evaluate what are the biggest trends in that field. This week, we are zooming in on Finance in Finland. 💳

First of all, we see that the percentage of active job seekers in finance is lower than that of the job market as a whole. While the percentage is below 6% for finance, it is above 8% for the overall job market.

finance talent in Finland

When it comes to job openings, we see that the last few months have seen a significant increase in the number of active openings in Finance

finance job offers Finland

At the same time, the number of applications have remained quite low in recent weeks. This is perhaps unsurprising, as the percentage of active job seekers in finance is quite small.

Finance job Applications in Finland

So, what does it mean if the percentage of active job seekers is relatively low and yet there is a fair number of companies hiring? That’s right, it means that finding a job in finance is very easy right now. 😎

finding a job in finance Finland

Next, let’s talk about money. The offered and expected salaries are pretty much in agreement. That’s a healthy sign for the finance sector in Finland.

finance salaries Finland

If you are looking for a new challenge in finance, here are a few recent openings you may want to take a look at:

When it comes to hiring in finance, Finnish companies are not in the best spot. Our data shows that it is currently quite difficult to hire in finance, as there are relatively few job-seekers actively looking. But don’t fret, we’re here to help you. 🦸‍♀️

We can see that job-seekers in finance are most motivated by new challenges, a higher salary and growth opportunities. So, be sure to highlight these perks if you are putting together a job opening!

what motivates people in finance Finland

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