Lithuania has very quickly established itself as a new and innovative fintech hub. A lot of this is thanks to the flexible regulations by the government. Lithuania’s e-money licences for example take 3-4x less time than in most other EU countries.

And with Brexit at our doorstep, companies are flocking in to be able to keep their fintech operations up in Europe. Lithuania began attracting fintech companies a few years ago, and as of January 2019 has issued a total of 83 licences to such firms, second only to Britain among European Union countries, according to government figures.

So let’s take a look at some of the fintech innovators in Lithuania and what they do on a daily basis.



Blockchain is connecting the world to the future of finance by building the tools and technology people need to buy, store, and use cryptocurrencies in everyday life. By blockchain here we mean the company that provides one of the first crypto wallets and digital assets platform, not the whole blockchain technology as such.

As I mentioned, they are one of the pioneers in the crypto and blockchain field that provide easy and safe access to millions around the globe, from individuals to some of the largest institutions.

More than 41M Wallets have been created on their platform from across 140 countries.


Baltic Amadeus

Baltic Amadeus have a mission to accelerate digital transformation of conventional banking and  help banks ensure the best customer experience possible. They have years of experience in implementing omnichannel solutions for the biggest Nordic banks.

What excites them most about their company is #enjoyIT culture. They’re in it and they believe in it. Fun fact – They have a smiling face in their logo, that mirrors the smile of every single developer of BA family. Want to be part of these smiles? See who they seek on MeetFrank.

baltic amadeus remote work in lithuania



ROKKEX is a crypto exchange built by cybersecurity professionals. They use military grade hardware and banking grade software to provide Fort Knox-like environment for traders. Their exchange platform is fully regulated with industry-leading AML procedures and immutable blockchain solutions.

Apart from bank-level security, Rokkex offers intuitive UX, AI-assisted KYC, powerful matching engine, and industry-leading AML procedures.

A friendly UX interface to satisfy early crypto adopters and sandboxed environment for trading experiments for proficient traders. When they say safe, they mean safe – They have three 4-legged cybersecurity experts – office dogs:)



Kernolab is developing a new platform to be used by electronic money institutions. They will have a wide range of services convenient for both institutions and their customers. The platform will have fast implementation and wide range of additional features & services.

They see working with other FinTechs as a market where others are not competitors but opportunities for new co-ops and synergies.


Shift4 Payments

Shift4 Payments have created a single source for all payments needs. Shift4’s complete payment solution gives businesses the best of both worlds: full payment processing with merchant services and a secure payment gateway.

Fun fact! Like Shift4 Payments, their founder and CEO also moves fast. He holds the record for flying around the world in a light jet, with a time of 61 hours, 51 minutes and 15 seconds.

lithuania fintech



Profitus is a crowdlending service, Profitus combines everything it’s user could expect from a crowdlending platform – this includes low interest rates, simplified application process and quick lending decisions.

Crowdlending is hot right now. Profitus is adopting new technologies to optimize the lending process, save time, allow investors to increase their income and borrowers to expect quicker funding and lower mortgage rates.

Every milestone marked by the Profitus team is celebrated with the huge cake. Last year alone Profitus team managed to eat 24 of them!



Debitum provides both retail and institutional investors with an opportunity to invest in loans for SMEs in Europe through our innovative, blockchain-driven investment platform. To sum up, Debitum Network offers easy access to an average person living anywhere in the world to fund operations of SMEs and earn attractive returns.    

Their development team chose to name for every consecutive version of the platform after the Pokémon game. The first version was Abra, the second one is Kadabra, and guess what the third one is going to be… 🙂

debitum fintech


As a company that facilitates cryptocurrency payments between merchants and shoppers, Coingate like to believe that they’re strongly contributing to spreading cryptocurrency adoption in general. They are not afraid to innovate and implement the newest technologies available.

If you know a bit about blockchain then this should impress – They were the first crypto payment processor to introduce Lightning Network payments to their merchants. Also amongst the first to implement SegWit addresses. 

Their team buildings often happen at cool places, like music festivals or abroad countries. Want to be part of it? Check out who theyre hiring on MeetFrank.

fintech blockchain



Mistertango was one of the first fintech’s in Lithuania and has had immense growth in the past few years. They are making a change by providing vital financial solutions to FinTech ecosystem members. And they strongly believe that this new neobanks era is changing the world.  

Some time ago, one of their customers demanded a meeting with company owner Mr. Tango, and did not accept any other persons 🙂

Perhaps the in-demand Mr. Tango is looking for you? Check out on Meetfrank.



London-based Railsbank, regarded as a pioneer in the fintech sector, has an office in Vilnius. They enable their customers to solve any financial use-case that they are trying to build through using Railsbank’s flexible APIs..  

Railsbank believes the most exciting thing about them is the fact that they are unique in the market, because they go beyond technology to also provide financial services operations and regulation for customers. Railsbank has created the platform to be a “complete financial services utility” enabling their customers to build, launch and operate their financial services business rapidly and safely.

The Railsbank Baftas. They have organised an onsite/offsite to celebrate the fact that they’ve just doubled the workforce. It’s a chance for people to get to know each and be up for certain key awards (just what those awards will be, we couldn’t possibly say).

railsbank fintech

Fintech in Lithuania


Fintech in Lithuania has really jumpstarted recently. As mentioned above, the government regulations do help. Where governments have taken a more liberal and a supporting stance, economies florish. Just look at Hong Kong and Singapore for example. Could Lithuania be the next Hong Kong of fintech? Let’s see where this goes.


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