In this article, we highlight some of the key things to consider when analysing your approach to recruitment.


Traditional hiring methods, such as posting job ads and waiting for applications to roll in, are becoming outdated and ineffective.

Recruiting has turned into selling, drifting away from the buying concept — and companies, that don’t adapt, aren’t able to attract and hire the best talent.


Job Boards won’t do the trick

It’s interesting how far we have come in other areas of business, but not yet in recruitment. Just go check your local popular Job Board at and be surprised how little it has changed during the years.

Why do inefficient ways still dominate the recruitment industry?

Job Boards work, but not very well. Just enough to maintain the numbers-first strategy. Simply put, it is well within the recruiters comfort zone.

And why ditch the low-hanging fruit?



Numbers vs quality

Take a minute to look beyond the numbers game. Even if there’s a bigger pool in Job Boards, the expectation is always to hire the best. It does not matter in the end, if you found the perfect hire among two people or two thousand people. Nevermind that the latter is wasting a lot of valuable time, the end result — the quality-first strategy — is what matters.

Passive candidates — widely regarded as the most desirable ones — aren’t looking for Job Boards. These people have choice, and if you’re not looking for people with choice, you’re seeing the wrong people.




Time Kills Quality Deals

Talent acquisition professionals often hear the phrase “Time kills quality deals”. The candidate-driven market expects the speed of hiring to increase.

Job-seekers are losing patience, and this drawn-out process is causing workers to walk away. All this procrastination simply increases the risk that the candidate finds a better offer somewhere else.

Stop spending time and money on Job Board’s “OK” candidates and don’t string them along while waiting for the perfect one.



Treat recruitment as selling not buying

The recruitment industry has changed, and so has the way talent thinks about careers. However, what hasn’t changed is the way recruitment teams approach hiring.

Instead of buying talent, you’re selling opportunities to work at your organisation. In other words, jobs are like products and applicants are like customers.

Start treating applicants as your customers, because companies are competing for people now. In the candidate-driven market, top talent is on the hunt for authentic voices in the marketplace. If you want to compete, make sure yours is among them.

Is your hiring team spending more time sourcing candidates and less time actively engaging with them? Yes? Then you’re missing the mark.

Avoid the use of dull, corporate language. Keep it engaging and conversational. Personal conversation, natural tone leaves a great first impression.



WHAT? The remedy for old ways of recruiting

Alright, we have settled on WHAT needs to be done — audit your candidate experience:

⬆️ Raise quality, don’t settle for “OK” candidates.
🚀 Speed up the recruitment process.
🤝 Start treating applicants as your customers.

Many organisations are struggling to attract top talent, but failing to see what they need to change in order to fix the problem. So let’s talk about HOW it can be achieved.



HOW? Goodbye, fear of change

Posting on traditional Job Boards page isn’t going to have the best CVs flooding your inbox. Reinvesting the time and budget you spend on Job Boards into recruitment technology and AI. This investment pays massive dividends.

How many times have you started recruiting and wished you had a pool of talented candidates to pick from? This is where MeetFrank comes in — recruitment service for record-fast hires (a mobile app for letting companies apply to talent).



How MeetFrank is innovating the hiring Industry?



1. Unique sample of talent

📱 MeetFrank’s mobile app is innovating the hiring industry by removing irrelevant questions and onboarding talent within a few minutes. This attracts passive candidates that cannot be found elsewhere.

✅ All the MeetFrank users are verified and have high intent. All candidates have personally uploaded their profiles and they are actually open for talks, happy to hear from you.

📆 This talentpool is live and constantly updated. Every morning a new batch of recently joined profiles are published.


2. Faster and simpler hiring

⏩ Recruit in record time. Skip waiting for applications to roll in — see all MeetFrank’s active candidates instantly.

⏱️ The record response time is just 10 seconds. And daily 5 minutes spent on MeetFrank frees up your time to invest in perfect hires.

💪 MeetFrank is more effective than a Job Board and 10x more affordable than a recruitment agency.


3. Tools adapting the industry change

💼 MeetFrank’s users don’t apply to jobs, instead they are open for direct offers. With a pipeline ready, you spend less time sourcing candidates and more time actively engaging with them.

👏 On the employee’s side, MeetFrank gives the unique opportunity for all, to compete for the same talent. On the talent side, the mobile app is changing the recruitment industry by building a positive candidate experience, with no rejection. Win-win for everybody.

🦾 MeetFrank’s automatisation does not mean losing the human element. The top talent is delivered to you, just select the perfect one and pitch your offer.


In conclusion, balance is the key. Probably you won’t change your Job Board strategy overnight. Try the hybrid version at first and draw your conclusions there.

If no changes are made, you’ll never hire the talent you want, or any candidates for that matter and slowly, your business will cease to remain competitive.

And remember, salary still talks, but don’t underestimate the power of human connectivity and direct offers.



Download MeetFrank mobile app to find your dream job. To start recruiting and accessing the top talent, create business account.



Key takeaways: 


* Traditional hiring methods are becoming outdated, making it harder to attract top talent.

* Job Boards focus on quantity over quality, missing out on passive candidates who aren’t actively searching for jobs.

* Lengthy hiring processes lead to candidates losing patience and potentially accepting other offers.

* Recruitment should be treated as selling opportunities rather than buying talent. Treat applicants as customers and jobs like products.

* To improve recruitment, focus on raising quality, speed up hiring processes, and change your tone of voice.

* MeetFrank gives tools for adapting the industry change. It’s more effective than a Job Board and cheaper than a recruitment agency.


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