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The Finnish job market is recovering from the effects of the pandemic, yet the Coronavirus has not quite left the country. 😷

As the number of Coronavirus cases has started to rise, Finland has decided to implement a test-based scheme

So, if you are planning to visit Finland, be aware that the borders will soon open to arrivals from more countries and you could be subject to the covid test if arriving from a country with more than 25 coronavirus infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

On the other hand, there is some exciting news from Finland: the country is launching a project to collect speech samples from Finnish speakers to develop a voice-recognition technology. 

Isn’t it so innovative and cutting-edge, just like the Finnish job market? 

🔊 And a success story from Finland: Supermetrics, a Helsinki-based software and data integration company, raised €40 million, led by Highland Europe with participation from IVP. 👏  

Wondering how the Finnish job market has been doing? Let’s dive into the ocean of stats! 🏊

Job Market Overview

Our previous report showed that August saw a huge increase of 44% in the number of job openings. What about September? What will the stats tell us this month?

👉 This month, the number of job openings saw a slight decrease compared to that of mid-August.

openings in Finland

👉 When we look at the number of job applications, we can see that there has been a visible increase. The second week of September saw the highest increase by 25%.

applications in Finland

What about market competitiveness? 🔎

Market competitiveness in the Finnish job market on September 2020

In September, market competitiveness remains the same as in August. It is still challenging to find a job in Finland. But the good news is the chart is leaning towards the ‘OK level’. 

Is it the same for every specialty? The answer is simply ‘no’.

While it is at the ‘OK level’ for Software Engineering professionals to find a job in Finland, (Tech) Project Management experts may find it difficult to get their dream position nowadays. 

On the other hand, it has never been so easy for the IT & Sysadmin professionals to land a job in the Finnish job market. 😲🙌

Historical gross salaries in Finland on September 2020

As of today, the offered and expected salaries are going in different directions. Whereas there has been a 6.1% increase in the offered salaries, the expected salaries saw a 0.5% decrease.

The recent changes in salaries have closed the gap a bit. 💰 But as we can see from the chart, employers and job seekers still need some time to be on the same page. 

Top 6 Specialties with the Most Openings

New season, new opportunities. Do you know which industries are offering the highest number of job openings? Let’s find out! 👇

top 6 specialties with the most openings in Finland

Are you a software engineer? Or an IT & Sysadmin professional? If so, the chances are that September is your month. 

Similar to Estonia, the top two tracks with the most openings in the Finnish job market are in the Software Engineering and IT & Sysadmin fields. 🙌 

Software Engineering has by far the most number of job openings. 🤩

The list continues with Sales & Business Development, (Tech) Project Management, and Data Analytics companies. 

Sadly, Marketing & PR & Media professionals may see a lack of opportunities this month. Who knows what the rest of September will bring? 🙏

Salaries Offered by Employers: September vs January 2020

Regardless of the industry, COVID-19 shook the economy worldwide and Europe is still struggling with the pandemic. 😔

How has the situation been affecting the offered salaries since January?

offered salaries in Finland in September vs January 2020

👉The industries in which the offered salaries have been on the rise are Software Engineering and Data & Analytics. Obviously, tech people are the most-in-demand this year. 

👉 Data & Analytics salaries saw the highest increase by 10%. 💶

👉The specialties in which the offered salaries have decreased are IT & Sysadmin, (Tech) Project Management, and Marketing & PR & Media

👉 The offered salaries decreased by approximately 15% in (Tech) Project Management.

Companies with the Most Remote Options

Interested in remote working? Want to explore opportunities in Finland?

Here are the companies with the most remote options: 👀

companies with the most remote options in Finland

🏆 Congrats to G-Works for being a highly creative advertising agency and also the most remote work friendly company in Finland in September! 

If this sounds exciting, don’t forget to download the MeetFrank app and check their latest job openings. 📱

Second place goes to On-Time Research Solutions Oy, a company that helps businesses automate their customer support services and Miili Consulting

Starting from third place, the companies in the rest of the list offer the same number of remote options: Prasos Oy, ePrice Oy, Screenful, Mandatum Life, and Wärtsilä.

💡 In the list, we can clearly see that the companies offering the most remote options are mostly operating in the Marketing, Fin-tech, Consulting, and SaaS industries.

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