What makes the perfect HR job? A challenging work environment? Remote workspace? Juicy pay? It’s only natural that some of these factors are dear to you since they’ll often determine how well you feel HR jobs in Estonia rate. 

We were also interested in the stats behind these. So, we asked some questions of our own. What positions are companies looking to fill? How much are they willing to pay? What are the top companies currently hiring HR personnel? 

Drawing on data culled from our app, MeetFrank, we have created this article to provide all the answers you’ll need. Here’s all you want to know about 2019 trends for HR jobs in Estonia. 


Most in-demand skills for HR jobs in Estonia


Estonia is the startup capital of Europe. No, really. The country’s citizens are super talented (and quite entrepreneurial too) since they have more startups per capita than any other country in Europe.

Although this may be helped significantly by the fact that it is the 132nd smallest country in the world by land mass, you still have to appreciate that they gave us Skype. 

Considering the highly entrepreneurial landscape of Estonia, it can only be expected that their standards for HR jobs will be equally high. 

Out of 9 skills often required for HR jobs in Estonia, companies were most particular about recruitment skills. According to data from MeetFrank, 19% of employers preferred that HR candidates have good competencies in recruitment.

This makes sense, since a large chunk of what HR ordinarily does is recruitment. In fact, according to The Harris Poll, half of HR managers never stop hiring. They are on the lookout for new talent all year round. 

So, it makes sense that companies will be looking to maintain this energy too by ensuring that their HR team is never short of personnel. 

Other skills making up the top 5 were HR management and HR planning, with 13% and headhunting and sourcing with 12%. 

The mix of skills most in-demand is indicative of a current bias for higher level roles in recruitment. You want your HR team lead to have specific skills in management, planning, headhunting and sourcing. 

This is corroborated by our data on the team roles that companies are most looking to fill. 


Who are companies looking to hire? 


Employee roles in companies can be broadly categorized into six roles. There are entry, junior, mid-level, senior, lead and executive roles. Seniority also goes in that order with newbies to the industry coming in at entry level and really experienced hands, as executives.

According to our data on offers for HR jobs in Estonia made on our app, companies are looking to fill senior, lead and mid-level roles the most.

Senior recruiters are currently in highest demand, reinforcing the bias that companies seem to have for higher level roles. Lead recruiters are the second most recruited while demand for candidates in mid-level roles follows in third.

There’s quite a distance between demand for these three roles and demand for recruiters in entry, executive and junior roles. This, perhaps, emphasizes the need for candidates to ensure they expand their competencies if they’re to get a fair shot at HR jobs in Estonia.


Average salaries for HR jobs in Estonia 


We curated our data on average salaries across three main tracks: average overall salaries, average per seniority and average between January and July 2019. The results make for interesting reading.

Overall, the average minimum salary recorded for HR jobs in Estonia was €1,395 while the average maximum was €2,444. The highest salary recorded during the period was €4,000. These figures are not indicative of the overall salary landscape though.

While there was reduced demand for recruiters in lower level roles, individuals such as these often form the bulk of HR workforce. And considering that they don’t ordinarily earn as much as those in higher level roles, their salaries would reduce the general average.

This especially makes sense when you consider the data for average salaries per seniority. Recruiters in entry roles earned an average of €1,500, with those in mid-level roles earning more than €700 more. Seniors, lead and executives earned averages of €2,562, €2,650 and €2,750 respectively.

For the month of January, the average salary earned was €1,625. This picked up well in February and March, with the average in March being €3,000. Although there was a bit of a drop in May and June, the average came back up to €2,083 in July.


What skills do you need to earn over €2,500?


To earn more than €2,500 working in HR jobs in Estonia, you need a strong mix of skills including recruitment, HR management and headhunting skills.

This skill set would ordinarily be what you’d expect of a senior or lead recruiter since HR management and headhunting are generally high-level tasks. The data correlates with what we found on average salaries per seniority.


What HR jobs in Estonia are getting the most attraction? 


One of the great things about Estonia is the openness of its businesses to new ideas. With so many startups routinely kicking off in the country, it’s little wonder that there’s quite a preference for disruptive workspaces.

Most of our users in Estonia want to work for startups, in Fintech and companies that offer remote workspaces.

Thanks to the data we were able to get off MeetFrank, we found companies falling into this category, that are also looking for recruiters. COMODULE, SEB, BigBank, Change, Scoro, Derivco, Xolo, 1oT and NoCry fit the bill.

Comodule is a global company with its headquarters in Tallinn. It also has business development offices in Berlin and Taipei. The company is a global leader in bicycle and scooter connectivity, providing solutions that link light vehicles together. If you’re interested in Comodule, check them out on MeetFrank. The interest might just be mutual.


Top 10 companies hiring recruiters in Estonia


Quite a number of companies have been recruiting for HR jobs in Estonia. We curated the data to find the top 10 busiest companies and came up with a list.

Mobinner, SEB, Bigbank, Playtech, betPawa, Change, Scoro Software, INZMO GmbH, Derivco and Nortal have all been very active. Head on over to MeetFrank to see what they’re about.


MeetFrank can answer all your questions


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