Hundreds of companies that hire with MeetFrank have come forward with their remote job openings. From our side, we launched the Remote Work feed in the MeetFrank app, where you can see all the remote job offers.

We teamed up with other companies that facilitate remote work, to make applying to remote job openings smoother also during the times of crisis. These companies let you work from anywhere, no matter where you are located. Positions include Marketing & PR, Software Engineering, Finance, Customer Support, Management, Logistics, HR, Sales & Business Development, Design and Project Management. 



Marketing & PR & Media Remote Jobs

EMI Ventures is hiring a

  1. SEO Manager *NEW
  2. Content Writer (English) *NEW


  1. Mateso is hiring a Content Marketing
  2. Checkspot is hiring a Social media Specialist 
  3. Whatagraphis hiring a Copywriter
  4. Weekdone is hiring a SaaS Marketing Manager
  5. Labs is hiring a HubSpot Consultant 
  6. ONLINE ONLY is hiring a Copywriter  
  7. Vondel Marketing is hiring a Creative Director 
  8. Markkinointitoimisto WDS is hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist
  9. ADFingers is hiring a Copywriter  
  10. Kora Sustainability Solution is hiring a Social Media Marketing Manager
  11. MTB Hopper is hiring a Digital marketing manager *NEW

Software Engineering Remote Jobs

Paw is hiring a 

  1. Senior JavaScript Software Engineer *NEW
  2. Senior Frontend Software Engineer (React) *NEW

Smart IT is hiring a

  1. Tech Lead Software Developer
  2. Software Architect

Klaus is hiring a

  1. QA Automation Engineer
  2. Software Engineer is hiring an

  1. IT Engineer
  2. Software Engineer

NurseBuddy is hiring a

  1. Backend developer
  2. Full-stack developer

Cavai is hiring a

  1. Senior Full Stack Developer
  2. Senior Frontend Developer

Cyberland is hiring a

  1. Fullstack Web Developer
  2. Java Developer

ePrice is hiring a 

  1. Senior Backend Developer
  2. Senior Backend Developer


Remote Job


  1. is hiring a Fullstacker
  2. Western investment is hiring a PHP Developer 
  3. Bolt (Taxify) is hiring a Senior Software Engineer
  4. Maina & co is hiring a Senior PHP Developer 
  5. Appgyver is hiring a Head of Developer Inspiration
  6. Brandbox is hiring a Full-Stack Developer
  7. 505 HQ is hiring a Python Web Developer
  8. MySpotit is hiring a Full-stack Developer
  9. Marduk Technologies is hiring a Senior C/C++ Developer
  10. Cogastro is hiring a Senior Full-Stack Developer
  11. Loiston is hiring a .NET C# Developer
  12. Vallum is hiring a Senior Java Developer
  13. Kwork Innovaatiot is hiring a .NET Developer
  14. Adroiti is hiring a DevOps Engineer
  15. Lyyti is hiring a Backend Developer
  16. ALLIT is hiring a Python Developer
  17. Kora Sustainability Solution is hiring a React Native Developer
  18. eeedo is hiring a Full-stack Developer 
  19. Flashnode is hiring a Backend/Full-stack Developer
  20. iGeolise is hiring a Web applications Developer 
  21. Molnix is hiring a Vue.js Developer
  22. Integrus IT is hiring a Mid/Senior PHP Developer
  23. Omniva is hiring a Java Developer 
  24. Smart Accounts is hiring a Java Developer
  25. DENSO Finland is hiring a Senior Software Developer
  26. UniqueX is hiring a Java Developer
  27. Lab is hiring a Full-Stack Developer 
  28. Capgemini Finland is hiring a Full-Stack Java Developer
  29. Adelinity is hiring a Web Developer 
  30. Ampler Bikes is hiring a Full-Stack Developer
  31. sMover Technologies is hiring a Software Engineer/ Lead Architect
  32. Sparq is hiring a Middle/Senior Developer 
  33. Addendum Solutions is hiring a Performance Tester 
  34. Elisa FI is hiring a Full-Stack Developer 
  35. Kora Sustainability Solution is hiring a React Native Developer 
  36. Qalmari IT Services Oy is hiring an Embedded / IoT developer
  37. is hiring a Frontend Developer *NEW
  38. RND Works is hiring a React Native Developer *NEW
  39. Jeff App is hiring a Java Developer *NEW
  40. Devea is hiring a Full-Stack Developer *NEW

Finance Remote Jobs

  1. Capitalia is hiring an Investment Manager
  2. Amston is hiring a Junior Accountant *NEW


Customer Support & Administration Remote Jobs

Visma is hiring a 

  1. Financial Administration Professional 
  2. Financial Administration and Payroll Professional 


  1. Danpower Eesti is hiring a Customer Support Representative (German)
  2. Baltic Assist is hiring a Customer Support Agent (Swedish)
  3. HCL Technologies is hiring an IT Analyst *NEW

HR & Recruitment Remote Jobs

  1. Amston is hiring an HR Manager *NEW
  2. Tele2 Lietuva is hiring a Freelance Recruiter *NEW

Sales & Business Development Remote Jobs

Icona is hiring a  

  1. Sales Agent
  2. Sales Agent in the Furniture Industry
  3. Construction Sales Agent
  4. SaaS B2B Sales Agent


Remote Job


  1. Vilmers is hiring a Sales Manager
  2. Smart Brands Laboratory is hiring a Marketplace Analyst
  3. ReFaMo is hiring an Entrepreneurial Sales/Project Director 
  4. AllBright Technologies is hiring a Sales/Business Development Partner
  5. Unbabel is hiring an Enterprise Account Executive
  6. R-FIX is hiring a Finnish Sales Manager
  7. Barbora is hiring an Operations Development Manager
  8. ePrice is hiring a Sales Manager
  9. Poolia Suomi is hiring a Sales Manager *NEW

IT & Sysadmin Remote Jobs

  1. Proteams is hiring a Dynamics 365 Expert 
  2. Mediafon Technology is hiring Telecommunications Engineer *NEW

Engineering Remote Jobs

  1. Merko Ehitus is hiring a Project Engineer 
  2. Connecto Eesti is hiring a Designer 


Design Remote Job

  1. Weekdone is hiring a Product UX Designer


Project Management Remote Jobs

  1. Statistikaamet is hiring an IT Project Manager
  2. Amston is hiring a Team Manager *NEW


Logistics & Supply Chain Remote Job

  1. Cesnos logistika is hiring an Expedition & Sales Manager


Remote Job