There’s no denying that remote work in Finland is on the rise. What’s more, there’s plenty of data that shows the positives of remote work far outweigh the negatives. It affects people positively in many ways – productivity, happiness and your team is less likely to leave if you give them some freedom.  

With all this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest companies who get the benefits of remote work in Finland.



On the market over 30 years, F-Secure has grown into a reliable cyber security leader, earning the trust of organisations and people around the world. Their client portfolio includes the top banks from every continent and over 200 telecoms.

As they are currently employing over 1600 people all over the world, they do also have remote positions available. If keeping people safe in a digital environment is your mission, why don’t you check their availability in MeetFrank app. Above all, The Hoff is their ambassador…



Screenful is a tool to visualise and share your project progress using data from your existing tools. You can get a quick overview of your team’s status on your smartphone or tablet and maximise the effect by installing a large visible display. Furthermore, they are used by big brands like IBM, hp, Vodafone, Tesco’s and many more.

Operating since 2013 they have a small but focused team. As the team is already distributed between Helsinki and Yerevan, remote work is something they already practice.



Visma provides their customers with cloud software that allows them to work smarter – turning processes into competitive advantages. The group operates across the entire Nordic region along with Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe.

Visma employs over a 1000 people and generates hundreds of millions in revenue. They take care of their team with company retreats, health insurance, team events and flexible hours. Also, if their talent wishes to work remotely, they can make it work. Check their availability here.



Gapps is the leading Google Cloud partner in Finland. They develop new digital services and offer modern tools for work – cloud based tools to make work possible from anywhere, any time.  Their office is in Helsinki and they are already generating revenue of over 5M.

As their core business is to help their clients use the tools they need from anywhere, it certainly makes sense that they have an unrestricted remote work policy for all Gappsians. Check out if it is you they are looking for!

May the force be with you!



Teamit Group

Teamit Group specialises in digital business services including web shop solutions, integrated purchase channels as well as other web services and sites. They also offer software development, testing and project management services to businesses in several industries. They serve both large international and smaller local companies as well as the public sector and NGO’s all over Finland.

With offices in Helsinki and Tampere their consultants also work on site their clients’ offices. If you cannot find the location that suits you best, remote work is also available.



Loiston is a fast growing enterprise software company based in Helsinki, Finland with over 100 notable customers. With solutions focused across the Print, ERP and Construction vertical sectors.

With a modern, open space office with lots of spaces to lounge about and with great coffee you’ll sure spend your time well in their Helsinki office. However, if you prefer to work from somewhere else, they have a remote work policy as well.



Hunome can help you understand and learn more about current or deep topics about ‘how humanity works’. They do this with a tool and a platform that enables the perspectives to grow and take shape, starting with B2C and later offer B2B tools and data. Seems like a really cool thing to improve through tech.

Furthermore, as they are currently building their MVP there is an opportunity to be part of something great at an early stage. They are all working remotely for the time being and stock options are available. Request their availability here.



Viskan helps e-commerce companies and retailers achieve the best with digital channels. They have been doing this since 1996 and know their game. The key focus is on providing the best journey for the user and enhancing the client’s business through it.

Headquartered in Borås, they have just opened up a new branch in Helsinki. They offer part-time remote work – home, abroad, Canary Islands or anywhere. They do not want to offer full time remote positions though cause they love their team and would like to see you every now and then.



Quentic is one of the leading solution providers for software as a service (SaaS) in the European EHS and CSR market. The company is headquartered in Berlin and employs more than 200 people.

Currently Quentic offers possibilities to work remotely part time. Rule of thumb for them is that people should work from the office a few times in a week, but they are flexible with this. Check out if you are the right fit for them here.


LATO Leadership Automation Tools

LATO Leadership Automation Tools develops and markets LATO Strategy Tool, an innovative web and mobile tool for faster strategy execution. Currently LATO is used in 35 countries, and we have partners in Europe.

Operating since 2014 they have a small team and have been doing remote and flexwork for years already. Office perks include nice colleagues, free coffee at a great location in Helsinki.

remote work in finland


Pixels build user-centric Websites and Web Applications for organisations that want to push their boundaries. They are tired of poorly built websites and create customer-centric WordPress websites, WooCommerce online stores and intuitive Web Applications for their clients.

Their office is located in Kamppi, in the heart of Helsinki. The only issue is they always spend ages arguing about where to go for lunch… Argh! If you want to not participate in these arguments and enjoy your own cooking, remote work is available part-time.


Priceff is a 2016 founded Finnish Pricing-as-a-Service growth company with 100% team ownership. They help companies optimise their business by increasing capital turnover rate through pricing. Sounds boring? Doesn’t really matter how it sounds. These guys help you make sure your bottom line is in the black.

They are based in Helsinki and do offer a remote work policy, but not outside of Finland at the moment due to the team size.



Norr3 is a digital agency. They do growth as a service – working with digital marketing and sales from a business perspective. With an approach based on end-to-end strategic services, in which media plans and channel tactics are tactical outcomes, not strategies. That was a lengthy sentence wasn’t it? But if growth is what you need, these are the guys to seek.

They have a remote work policy in place and believe this is a must for any company. Whether you want full time remote work or only during holiday periods, they can figure it out.



Supervise helps organisations take the first steps in power use of data while weeding out boring tasks at the same time. The company’s mission is to remove the need to use Excel completely. And oh boy if I could remove excel from my life, I totally would! 

They’ve been operating since 2017. Small team and an office in Helsinki. They offer remote work as well. If you too want to send excel to the bin, have a look perhaps you’re exactly what Supervise needs.



Flockler is a SaaS platform helping marketers to gather and display customer feedback and user-generated content in digital services to increase dwell time and drive conversions. They’ve been doing this since 2010. The clients range from giants like Penguin Books and European Union to small companies.

Their offices are in Tampere and London. Most of the employees work remotely, though. The company is happy to pay the membership of co-working space desk in any city globally.



The Taika3D solution expedites and automates the whole process from 3D scanning to 3D printing. The core of the innovation is in automating the 3D modelling according to client rules, with consistent high quality output. They focus on the orthotics and prosthetics industry. And the products look fabulous. It’s not magic as they say, clever tech and design rather.

The team is currently based in Espoo but they fully support remote work options, in some cases even from abroad is fine. 


VALA Group

VALA Group Ltd is an international software engineering company with a vision of being the happiest company in Finland by 2020. They are specialised in software automation and quality assurance. 

HQ is located in Helsinki, Finland, while they operate in Germany and Romania as well. They have a very open policy for remote work. Dependant on the role and requirements to meet clients.



Saavu is a modern attendee management tool that takes attendee experience to a new level replacing forms with a chat. The company was created by an ambitious team working in event management and software development in Finland. Seems like chats are the way forward nowadays, we at MeetFrank salute them, of course 😉

Saavu is currently a family of seven, based in Turku but welcome talent to work remotely fully or part-time, even from abroad.



Meeshkan is an award-winning Machine Learning and Developers Tools company based in Helsinki Finland, with clients from all over the world. They value curiosity, developer-led business initiatives, and healthy work/life balance.

Their main office is in Helsinki, and also have satellites in Stockholm and Copenhagen. You can choose where you work from or, if you are far away, work from home or a co-working space. 



Aiven provide open source databases as a service (DBaaS) – services that are usable, reliable, relevant, and secure at competitive price points. Focusing on fully-hosted and managed cloud database and messaging products on all major cloud providers across the globe.

They are not that into fully remote options but working few days outside of the office or few weeks when travelling is already a common practice in the company. They have offices in Helsinki and Boston, offer some great perks for team as well as stock options.

Factory Harmonizer

Factory Harmonizer quite frankly does what it says on the box – helps process operators and engineers to run their production more efficiently and with less breaks. In their work creating data-driven analytics engines, they want humans and computers to augment each other.

They are working from a cozy office at the centre of Helsinki but also have options to work remotely.

remote work in finland

Remote Work in Finland


If you’re interested in full time remote work in Finland, these companies are happy to give their team the flexibility they need. I am a strong believer of working remotely myself. It can really help you smash out tasks that need lazer focus and also you save a lot of time commuting. There are plenty of tools to get connected to your team and make sure you’re all on the same page. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

As summer seems brief after the 120 days of winter in this Nordic gem, remote work in Finland is celebrated especially in the season. Imagine sitting by one the serene lakes of Finland and finishing your work in record time whilst listening to birdsong. This surely beats the hassle of traffic jams and public transport on a hot summer day.

Of course there are roles where it may not work as well. Some roles still require attending meetings in person and there are also benefits to that. Thanks to technology in the connected world we live in today, all this can be done over video calls. This is why remote work in Finland is adopted by more and more companies.


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