Understanding why someone would choose to work at your organisation is a crucial part of being able to attract and retain top talent. We are here to help you out! That’s why today’s MeetFrank Data-driven Hiring segment focuses on what impacts employee motivation 💪. 


Only 13% of surveyed tech employers said they are able to hire and keep the talent they need. To make your job offers more attractive to top talent, make sure to address the most common motivations. But what exactly inspires people?

The survey results of 163,386 global MeetFrank users show that the TOP 3 motivation factors are:

  • Solid salary offer,
  • interesting challenges and
  • the possibility of growth.


We get that your company’s starting salary may not knock all the other salary offerings out of the game. But you may be able to offer a better work-life balance, greater flexibility, a nurturing culture, and perks. Something that differs from others.

Understand the person you’re trying to attract.

To go into more detail with motivation factors, we decided to compare two specialities in four different countries (Finland, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania). By picking only one option, we asked 163,386 software and marketing professionals “What motivates you to change jobs”. Here are their TOP 10 motivation factors:



Finnish results truly prove that employers need to evolve along with what candidates want. Don’t try to be all things to all people and attract “more candidates”. Instead, the key is to know what candidates expect from you – and it varies.

The more technical, software engineering field focuses strongly on salary, as that was their #1 pick. On the other hand, the more creative marketing profession levitates towards greater challenges and growth that make their inspiration flow.

Of course, salary is still important for both, as it lands in their TOP 3.


Estonia is #1 in Europe in the number of unicorns per capita. Every Estonian knows someone who knows someone with a stellar startup success story. That may be the reason why stable work life ended up at the end of the list and both professions gave the startup environment the highest rankings compared to other countries.


As working is selling your skills and time, salary will always be important in decision-making. However, no €€€ will help if the employee is bored and underwhelmed. Give them tasks that excite them, involving effort and personal development.

All the countries levitate towards growth opportunities and exciting challenges. In small countries like Baltics, growth opportunities usually mean moving away to another country, where notable company headquarters are located.


Startup equity describes ownership of a company, typically expressed as a percentage of shares of stock. It carries exciting opportunities and significant risks.

This is not suitable for all and that might be why all professions (in all countries) have put equity at the end of the lists.

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