Katana`s mission is to turn the small manufacturer into a smart manufacturer. They give modern small manufacturers an easy-to-use platform to run their workshops in a smart and efficient manner. Katana is built exactly for their needs and it is in their price range.


Katana is the first Smart Workshop Software, designed to revolutionize the way modern makers, crafters, and small manufacturers work.

It is an innovative, easy-to-use, and affordable solution for managing production and inventory efficiently. Hassle-free order fulfillment, extra time to grow sales, and no more clunky spreadsheets!


They have brand new open space office (and Bose headphones to mute your colleagues) barista-grade coffee machine and they make their own limoncello.


Hailing from Estonia, Katana has clients from most of the bigger worldwide markets and is looking to make Katana known in every village and city across the globe.


The client is a modern maker, thus the client has an online store. The industry their ideal client operates in varies but they can define three main categories: Producer (Cosmetics, Food, Drinks), Assembly (E-cigarette, Bikes, Furniture, Watches) and Hand-made Goods (Leather Belts, Bags, Wallets, Keyholders, etc.)