Fintech companies are really changing the game globally. Compared to traditional banks with legacy systems these startups are fast and agile. And let’s be frank here, about time for a change – we’re getting close to 2020, yet credit cards are still the norm. 

So let’s take a look at some of the FinTech companies in Estonia. What goes on there? What do they do? Some are big brands, some small yet blow others out of the water with their innovative solutions.


Luminor Bank

Luminor is one of the top banks in the Baltics handling both private and business clients. They are leading the change and transforming the company to a customer-centered organization. They are changing the way they work by having customers included in every step of the process.

They have the biggest service design team in their market and this makes it possible to develop a lot of things from scratch. Also a fun fact – their Head of Service Design contributes at the bank by being their in-house metal drummer. Get in touch and see perhaps it’s you they seek in the Meetfrank app.



Insly which originally started as a spin-off of the IIZI Group takes a cloud-based system and turns it into a service for insurance agents and brokers.  This simplifies their sales process, business administration and reporting. 

Insurance is going through a change and they believe that small, medium and one-man-band-type brokers deserve something better than pen & paper or spreadsheets – Insly’s challenge is to introduce a cloud-based platform as a solution to such problem.

What is it like to work at Insly? It’s great – a fact that was sealed by winning “The Most Family and Employee Friendly Employer of the Year” award in Estonia in 2016. Practicing agile methods and having a highly motivated, passionate team, they can allow flexible working hours and telecommuting, all the while increasing performance. Remote work is standard practice at Insly.


Fortumo is making a change in Fintech By giving their clients an opportunity to monetise their customers through carrier billing (more commonly known as mobile payments). And if you ask them what is the most exciting thing about their company, they simply say – their people.

Fun fact about Fortumo: One of their meeting rooms has a lego base wall and tons of lego pieces in a box so you can build fun stuff while being on a conference call. Check this out 🙂

fortumo fintech



MakeCommerce is innovating in the world of FinTech by supporting starting entrepreneurs by simplifying payment setup for their e-commerce sites. They make a big impact with a small company using the latest tech and in addition to this they are an official partner of Apple Inc.

Want to make your mark at MakeCommerce? Check out their open positions in Meetfrank app.



Icefire designs and builds transformative technologies for banks and fintech companies. They simplify and automate complicated processes, replacing tedium with meaningful work fit for humans. 

If you own a bank account in either Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, or have filed Estonian taxes electronically, chances are you have already witnessed their amazing work! 

What’s the team like? There are a strong team of 120 and they have a 50/50 percent ratio of men and women at Icefire 🙂



As a fintech company, Creditstar uses technology, automated processes, algorithms and data analysis to make their credit products easily available to hundreds of thousands of customers in 8 countries in Europe.

They love their team in fact in their own words they are out of this world! And keep doing something sensational on a daily basis, no matter how big or small, which has a positive impact on their teams, as an organisation, stakeholders, clients, investors, and the fintech industry as a whole



EveryPay takes online payments to the next level in terms of speed, comfort and reliability. They really put their money where their mouth is – EveryPay processes 50% of the Estonian eCommerce turnover. 

They are a small international team of 13 people and with 6 nationalities: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, UK, Turkey, Iran.


Fairown Finance

Fairown Finance is enabling subscription for physical products and related services via financing. This has been a hot topic by big players in fintech for a few years now and it is becoming a reality thanks to guys like Fairown.

This enables consumer electronics brands to increase sales and become environmentally friendly at the same time – your TV isn’t really dead when the new model comes out, pay until you use it and then let someone else have a go.

Fun fact – they know the value of a used robotic lawnmower.


Mooncascade helps fintech companies change the financial industry. For example, they’ve built TransferWise & Monese’s first apps – both fintech unicorns. But also worked with big banks like 

Swedbank & Coop. No matter whether it’s a startup or a corporate company, they help them to get their product on the market fast. And being there first matters a lot in whether you succeed or not. 

Mooncascade was founded by engineers and therefore the company culture strongly values what a software engineer would value – skilled colleagues, interesting and challenging projects, and great coffee. 

P.S Two of their founders are ex-Skype engineers



askRobin is a credit marketplace for underbanked customers in emerging markets. They are working hard to help those underserved customer groups to gain better access to formal credit products, compare and choose the best option and save their money. It’s their mission to help people improve their financial profile, provide them with the best advice and lower the cost of borrowing.

askRobin aims to be a true customer advocate – helping customers achieve financial sustainability by shifting power to the customers hands and boosting transparency. They work really hard to democratise consumer credit markets.

Fun fact: They’ve had 302 709 473 conversations with their customers to date. 



Xolo’s ultimate goal is an absolutely seamless service that brings time spent on administering a freelance business to zero. Founded in May 2015 out of the urge to revolutionize the way people become entrepreneurs and manage their companies. 

They enable millions of freelancers, contractors and digital nomads around the world to start and run microbusinesses in a hassle-free way. 

Xolo (pronounced ‘solo’) – represents the modern professional who decides to strike it out alone (solo) and become a freelancer. A professional freelancer who uses Xolo to start and run their business is also known as a ‘Xolopreneur’.

fintech xolo


Pocosys is enabling any business offer banking services like cards and payments. They are a company with clients from all over the globe – some of them have been from Japan, Ghana and the UK.

Their team has built Scandinavian Banks, Skype and a variety of mobile apps. Work hard play hard – they have a floor dedicated for playing ping pong. Love ping pong or payments? Check out who Pocosys are hiring in Meetfrank.



RingIT are the No1 IT partner in Estonia for the transformation from Finance To FinTech. 

They’re helping their partners disrupt the way financial institutions operate today. This unique knowledge of both fields allows them roll out new products and features with ease and in a cost-efficient way with their partners. Changing the scene of our FinTech field daily.

RingIT has a people-first culture! You’re surrounded by empathetic, caring and ambitious people that are truly passionate about what they do. They enjoy taking skiing and snowboarding trips together with the team to the coolest mountains in Europe 🙂



Fiizy’s customer acquisition model has proven to be one of the best in the world. Fiizy gives financial power back to the customers. They make financing easy and see themselves as a market-disrupting product. 

They’re expanding into new markets and hiring new, talented employees. They keep learning and adapting to new challenges every day. While the growth of the business is important, they also value the personal growth of their team. They bring together specialized, talented individuals who share ideas and learn from each other. 

They have a cozy yet classy office in the center of the old town that’s full of history, right next to the parliament house. Tourists have often “gotten lost” wandering into their office. 



Swedbank is making a change in fintech by being among the first in the region to offer cutting-edge payment solutions to their customers such as NFC payments with Android mobile phone and smartwatch. As well as launching Open Banking platform and rebuilding their mobile app from scratch. They’re particularly proud that these solutions are mainly an in-house development by their employees in cooperation with their customers. 

They influence great things! Being a market leader in Estonia carries both a great responsibility and a good opportunity to support and take an active part in initiatives that make a real impact in our society. They understand that sometimes their skills, knowledge and time can benefit more than money ever could. 

Therefore all Swedbank Estonia employees have two paid days off each year for professional and team volunteering. Fun fact: They have around 360 different job positions in Swedbank Estonia.

fintech swedbank


Despite the constant and unpredictable changes in the industry Paysera is still a renowned and payment platforms in their market. They feel joy and happiness for their growth and expansion.

As they say they breathe in line with the rapidly changing world and adopt changes for their clients and employees. They are an international team that works with and for their customers.



Change is making a change (see what I did there…) in fintech by making high-performing investments available for everyday people. Based in Tallinn, the team of young innovators is rather international – 25 people from 13 nationalities.

They believe that the most exciting thing about their company is the fact that their team members set their own goals and choose for themselves how to get there.



Paxful is a global peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace that allows people to buy and sell bitcoin directly with one another. Since 2015, Paxful’s mission is to give the people a simple, fair, and secure platform for trading bitcoin.

In 2017, Paxful launched the #builtwithbitcoin charitable initiative, to encourage the cryptocurrency industry to contribute more to humanitarian projects. Their goal is to build 100 schools across developing countries fully funded by bitcoin.

To date, the initiative has built two schools – a nursery, and a primary school in Rwanda, provided scholarships to Afghan refugees and gave donations to the GROW with Educare Centres project.

#builtwithbitcoin remains a passionate mission for Paxful’s co-founders to provide quality education and build sustainable and essential projects for communities in need.


Fintech in Estonia


Fintech in Estonia is thriving. The land of the startups has been smart and got into the field early on. Transferwise, the European fintech unicorn was also founded by Estonians. Estonia loves and understands tech and we will see some great stuff to come from Estonia in the upcoming years.


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