If there is any single department that is indispensable to the operations and existence of a business, it must be the sales department.

Think about it. Every business exists to sell something, no matter what that is. Take the possibility of sales away, and you kill the business. That’s why sales and business development professionals are vital to every business. It’s also why sales jobs in Estonia promise such great opportunities for the right candidates.

Estonia, like most countries around the world, is seeing a constant increase in consumer purchasing power. Consumers have never held as much power as they currently do, and companies are scrambling to find the perfect mix of product and experience that will put them firmly in consumers’ good books.

Businesses are constantly honing their sales tactics to attract and retain loyal customers, and sales and business development teams are central to all these tactics.


If you have been wondering what the possibilities are for sales jobs in Estonia, you’ll find plenty to excite you in this article. Utilising data from our employment solution platform, MeetFrank, we did a deep dive into the market for sales jobs in Estonia. And we have some interesting insights for you.


Sales and business development industry in Estonia


The sales industry is a pretty interesting one. It features a never ending dance between businesses, through their sales and business development reps, and consumers. Since someone is usually trying to gain something from the other (businesses want massive sales, customers want low prices + high quality), friction is always bound to occur.

For instance, Hubspot reports that only 17% of sales reps would admit to being pushy, while 50% of prospects would think otherwise. And to put their point across, only 3% of buyers trust sales reps. The only people that attract less trust are car sales persons, politicians and lobbyists. That’s quite some company.

sales jobs in estonia

Despite the often uneasy relationship between sales professionals and consumers, there’s no doubt that there are many salespeople who get it right. 52% of customers say they have made an additional purchase all because they had great service from great salespeople. And another 73% say they stuck with a brand because of friendly employees. 

The consumer sales industry is reaping the rewards of this great service. Statista reports that global retail sales are expected to exceed $26.29 trillion by the end of 2019. The market itself is expected to increase in value by 4.7% in 2019.

The figures are similar for Estonia. In 2018, retails sales in Estonia grew at a faster pace than GDP and retail trade increased by 4% year on year in August 2019. Statistics Estonia reports that the turnover of retail trade enterprises in August 2019 alone was €661 million.

Clearly, the industry has no real trouble generating sales. The only challenge for businesses is beating the competition to those sales. That’s where candidates for sales jobs in Estonia are expected to make the difference.


Sales jobs in Estonia: Who do companies want to hire?


Since the challenge for companies is attracting the right prospects, the obvious thing to do is to try and get in capable hands. To achieve this, it makes sense to build out teams that have a good mix of skills and experience.

sales jobs in estonia seniorities

Our data on offers for sales jobs in Estonia indicates that companies offered the most jobs to mid-level and senior sales reps during the first half of 2019. These positions were the most in-demand by a wide range.

Offers for junior and lead reps were also substantial, although they came in second and third respectively. Executive positions attracted the least offers, although this makes sense as there can only be so many leaders in one team. Entry positions however attracted almost as few offers as executive positions.

What does this mean for talent? It may be necessary to look more closely at the possibility of acquiring more skills and experience before looking into the market for sales jobs in Estonia.


How much are companies willing to pay?


We have three tracks of data on average salaries for sales jobs in Estonia. Given the importance of sales and business development jobs, you should expect that these jobs would pay well.

sales jobs in estonia salaries

And they do, according to MeetFrank data. The data for overall average salaries for the first half of 2019 indicated that average minimum salary was €1,376 while average maximum was €2,793. The highest salary offer received was €10,000. A bumper payday, if we’ve ever seen one.

Employees in entry roles earned an average of €1,928 per month, while juniors earned even higher, taking home an average of €2,147 every month. Seniors and lead reps earned over €3,000 while executives earned over €4,500.

sales jobs salaries in estonia

Our data on monthly averages indicated that salaries dwelt between an average of €1,149 and €3,009. Although, they only went below €1,800 once, and that was the €1,149 posted in February.


Want to earn more than €5,000? Skills you’ll need


For high achieving talent, it is possible to earn way above the average salaries reported for the first 6 months in 2019. According to our data, to get a chance at earning more than €5,000 per month, candidates must be competent in account management, business development and sales management.

skills in sales jobs estonia

These also happen to be the top three out of the 5 most in-demand skills for sales jobs in Estonia. Each was required in 13%, 11% and 8% of offers respectively.

This means that if you can count these skills under your portfolio, you will be eminently qualified for at least 34% of job offers. That’s not a bad deal at all, if you can acquire these skills.

skills in sales estonia


Find the perfect workplace for sales jobs in Estonia


No matter what your preferences are, you can find the sales jobs in Estonia that fit them perfectly. Our users in Estonia say they want to work for startups, fintech firms and companies that offer remote work.

where people want to work in estonia

We know the exact companies that fit this bill and are also hiring for sales jobs in Estonia. Top amongst them include Scoro, Bigbank, Messente, Mindtitan and MeetFrank.

Others are Telia, Adcash, Katana, If Insurance, Nortal, Coop Bank, Weekdone, e-Agronom, Fortumo and Pocopay. You can find all these companies and more on MeetFrank.

Apart from these companies, there are others that have made waves in the market already with their hiring activities. They are the top ten companies hiring for sales jobs in Estonia.

top 5 companies hiring in sales estonia

They include MeetFrank, LGFG Fashion House, Scoro Software, Mobinner, Bigbank, Dynodesk, Veriff, Apranga Group Estonia, Messente Communications and Eliko.




With these stats, you have all you need to set out on your search for the best workplaces for sales jobs in Estonia.

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