What does a company need to get their stuff known and reach more customers? Marketing of course. A great marketing team can take an average company to stardom. It all starts with talent. So, let’s look at what the overall situation in marketing jobs in Estonia is.

Marketing should act as the face of the company – what values they want to promote, what they do and you know, who needs it in the first place? Marketing has been underrated in the past but luckily there has been a shift in this thinking. This has turned marketing into a huge industry on its own. Redburn and PwC calculated that the sector is now worth $1.7 trillion worldwide. 


Market Overview


According to the data on marketing and advertising specialists by the unemployment insurance fund there is a balance between labour supply and demand in the next 12 months in most areas of Estonia (assessed April 2019). All apart from Pärnu county, which is going to have a shortage in talent.

Marketing insights Estonia

Sales and marketing managers are predicted to be in balance as well in most areas, apart from a surplus of workforce in Tartu county and a shortage in Ida-Virumaa.

Bare with me now, I promise some juicy statistics are gonna follow shortly.

What can we conclude from this? Overall this should indicate that the market conditions are stable and workforce should be compensated relatively fairly. If you are looking for marketing jobs in Estonia, you have options to choose from and companies do not have to panic to find the next PPC specialist. 

We have gathered the data from the last 6 months from MeetFrank and here is what we found:


Marketing jobs in Estonia – who are companies looking for ?


The most demand currently on MeetFrank is for mid-level, senior and lead roles. The average salaries offered for these roles are also, perhaps consequently not too far apart. Job offers for marketing jobs in Estonia seeking executive and junior positions are significantly lower in volume. 

employers are looking for

This does make sense – it is unrealistic to hire 5 CMO’s for your team or build the whole team up from entry level roles. Much like in other fields, right now in Estonia skilled talent is in high demand. And as to be expected the salaries correlate to the seniorities.

average gross salary in marketing

I have to point out that the top skills in demand is what I as a marketer love to see. To build a successful brand you need a great strategy, manage the workload efficiently, always keep looking at data and improving. Top it all off with some social media magic and keep in mind that content is king 🙂 

top skills in marketing jobs estonia

If you are looking to up your skills in marketing, there are two ways to go here based on this info. Become a full stack marketer that has knowledge in all or specialise in one particular skill. This should be a personal choice – probably not wise to put all your effort into content marketing if you hate writing. On the other hand if trying to outsmart Google’s algos floats your boat, SEO may be for you.

The top paying job offers in marketing in Estonia also paint a similar picture. Job offers paying over €2500 require skills such as content marketing, strategy and project management combined. These would fit the description of a CMO or head of marketing so unsurprisingly the salaries correlate. 


Where do people want to work?


Most requests by our users have been to our fintech, startups and remote work in Estonia groups. The companies below fit in to some or all of these categories. 

Marketing jobs in Estonia salaries Feb-July 2019


Let’s look more into overall salary data. We’ve taken the average salary across all job offers on MeetFrank per month during this period. Also, average salary ranges. Highest ever offer on our platform during this period was €4600.

marketing jobs in estonia - salaries

The average salaries in the first half of 2019 in marketing jobs in Estonia have been relatively stable. There is a sudden drop from an average of 2650 to 1888 June to July. I can only assume but this may be due to the summer holidays. Recruiters are generally less active during this time. Also the same goes for talent.

average salary in marketing estonia

Companies most actively seeking marketing people on MeetFrank


There’s quite the cool mix of different industries recruiting marketers on MeetFrank in the past 6 months. Yes of course, some may filled the role already but the general picture is that marketers have choices from various industries even though the general demand for jobs in Estonia is in ICT and finance.

companies hiring in marketing

Marketing is one of the more popular jobs in Estonia and currently there is enough to go around. As the startup scene is booming the situation may change rather fast. We have a lot of companies that have the promise to become something great, the next soon to be unicorns. 

Hockey stick growth happens fast, one of these companies may need to 10x their marketing team very soon. So, as a smart marketer it is a good idea to keep improving your skills and keeping an eye out for what marketing jobs are out there.

If you are looking for a change in your career or a new challenge at a different company, have a look what is out there. 


What is MeetFrank Anyways?


MeetFrank is a recruitment app. Built for you, the talent first. We match you with the companies that are looking for someone with your skillset, rather than becoming just a CV in a pile of thousands. 

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