There’s no denying that remote work in Estonia is getting more and more popular. Furthermore, there’s plenty of data that shows the positives of remote work far outweigh the negatives. A lot of people have already gone freelance full time, so remote work is definitely what talent wants and needs. This option of course does not offer job security, so there’s pros and cons to both sides.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of  hottest companies all over remote work in Estonia. Working remotely can mean a lot of different things to different people, so, we’ve highlighted the different types of remote work opportunities on offer as well as what kind of remote working tools they’ll set you up with.


I’ve split them into groups:

Software Development Houses


Public Sector



Development Houses

These are the companies that will build stuff for you when you are lacking an in-house team. And oh boy, does Estonia know how to do software development. These development powerhouses are happy to offer remote work in Estonia and also in some cases overseas.



Acty is an award-winning  digital agency focusing on e-commerce and helping their clients grow their online business.  They offer a one-stop solution starting from setting up business goals all the way to design and UX to e-shop development and automation. With a creative mind and attention to detail, they will help your business thrive.

Acty is based in Tallinn however offers a rather flexible remote work policy where each team member can choose where and when they want to work. The only requirement they have is attending pre-arranged meetings either on site or via Skype or Slack.



Codelight is a global web development company that focuses on modernising WordPress development. Their agile team is lead by developers, they build commercial and custom solutions for their clients as well as contributing to open source technologies to make people’s lives a little bit better when using WordPress.

Their headquarters is based in the amazingly cool and hipster Aparaaditehas in Tartu and they also co-share an office in Tallinn with the design agency Sviiter. They are quite happy for their team members to work remotely and will set you up with the tools for making this as efficient as possible.


Concise Systems

Concise create software solutions that bring new business ideas to life. Their solutions are tailor-made and driven by their passion to create something extraordinary. In business for over 10 years and they’ve racked up quite the client list – they have worked with the likes of Skype, Swedbank, Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs and Qliro. 

With offices located in both Tallinn and Tartu, they are also happy for their talent to work remotely.  The team’s mission is to take responsibility and give their all when changing the world through clever software solutions. Also, there are dogs 🐶   concise

Derivco Estonia

Derivco is a top-tier software and gaming development company that’s all about talented individuals and trends in the IT space. Derivco is as the forefront of industry innovation, if this is something you are passionate about, why not join their global team?

Not just a local hero, Derivco is a global company with offices in Tallinn, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Douglas, Ipswich, Durban, Pretoria, Cape Town, Barcelona. They have really given their remote work process some thought and will help their team members with tools and guidelines to make it a success.


Devolon Estonia

Devolon has quite a cool concept – at a world where there is a huge shortage of talent, Devolon will rent you theirs. You can have a developer or a whole team working on your project for the same price as recruiting for as long as you need, and you guessed it, better organised. 

They embrace the remote working culture, in fact at the time of writing this 10% of their developers are working from a sandy beach trumping the Estonian climate. Some of them do that for over 3 months even. So if you are a digital nomad and want to code whilst you sunbathe, get in touch!



Epicolo is a small development house providing services for a Swedish enterprise Signmax AB. Their key focus is long term software development and have designed a unique solution for their clients. 

Do they offer remote work? In fact all of their team is remote, currently working from various locations in the North of Estonia. From 2019 there will also be opportunities to work from their client’s brand spanking new office in Sweden. Request their availability through the MeetFrank app.



Flowit focuses on achieving their clients’ business goals through automated solutions. Automation is key for survival nowadays and having worked with the likes of: Telia, Nasdaq, Luminor, Estonian Government institutions and the manufacturing sector, these guys know their stuff.

Just like many other companies Flowit too is big on remote work in Estonia. If you do need to pop to the office though, you won’t be disappointed. Situated in Kalamaja, the hippest part of Tallinn! 2 full floors of an office building so that you playing pool would not interrupt anyone’s telco.   flowit


HeyDigital helps SaaS and Tech companies scale key metrics such as free trials, leads, demo requests, webinar attendees and ultimately paid users by building out successful paid acquisition campaigns on both Facebook and Google.

They are all for remote work, so if scaling and growth hacks makes you tick and you want to hear more about what they are up to,  check them out on the MeetFrank app.



Icefire designs and builds transformative technologies for banks and fintech companies. We simplify and automate complicated processes, replacing tedium with meaningful work fit for humans. They have a rather cool vision – People doing people things. Machines can do the rest.

With an office in the buzzing heart of Tallinn, they also have a part-time remote work policy. If improving fintech and banking ticks the boxes for you, check out if Icefire may be looking for you too in Meetfrank.



MindTitan helps businesses from all over the world and from a wide variety of industries tackle problems and improve processes by tapping into the power of artificial intelligence and AI. Their enterprise-grade machine learning solutions sit at the heart of all sorts of products – including our very own recruitment bot!

Their remote work policy could be considered a little more holistic than many of the others listed here. The MindTitan approach to remote work being “We don’t mind where you are, as long as you get stuff done”. The team stays in touch using Slack and they’ll set you up with a laptop of your choice.   mindtitan


Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming is an open casino platform and games provider created with the aim of simplifying content delivery for the iGaming industry. Founded 2010 in Malta, with the vision of pushing the boundaries of gambling by modern and innovative technology. 

Relax has remote work options for their team, if iGaming is your thing, send them a job request through MeetFrank app.



Wedoops help businesses modernise their IT infrastructure and give them the tools they need to succeed with managed cloud solutions, maximum reliability, all while keeping operating costs to a minimum. Although it may not seem terribly exciting to many, the underlying infrastructure can determine a business’ success.

Although they are based in Tartu, Estonia the company itself is entirely remote. The co founders hail from Nimes in the south of France and Valencia in Spain. They believe strongly in the value of their team members working where they feel comfortable and be most productive. 



These companies that do remote work in Estonia did not fit into a specific box. That does not make them any lesser to their peers featured in the article though. All unique in their own way. Check them out!



Tele2 is one of the biggest telecoms providers in Estonia. Furthermore, Tele2’s footprint includes both emerging and mature markets with its most sizeable operations in Sweden, and the Baltics. If you live in Estonia you are or most certainly have been a customer of Tele2. They are also a socially responsible enterprise.

In roles where you can do your job outside the office their team can decide where and when they want to work. They haven’t regulated how many days per week they can do this, normally teams agree on a day per week where they all meet in the office. People have also been working from abroad.


Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton Baltic is one of the leading pan-Baltic providers of audit, outsourcing, tax, legal and business advisory services owned by local partners. Operating in the Baltics since 1992 they know everything about the market and are the go to for large clients seeking consulting.

Even though normally large corporations have not yet embraced the remote work possibility, their team have the option of spending part time of the work off site. In addition to this they have offices all around the Baltics – Tallinn and Tartu offices in Estonia, Riga office in Latvia. Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda in Lithuania. grant thornton remote work in estonia


IT Talent Estonia

IT Talent are a team of Technical Recruiters. They work for people, not companies and use the candidate centric approach. They have contributed to the growth of Kühne Nagel, Relax Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Proekspert, Helmes, Zeroturnaround, Malwarebytes, Heathmont, Now Innovations, Twilio and others.

IT Talent has a flexible work culture, you can choose to work from home or the cosy Springhub office in Tallinn.  As long as you show up for meetings, the world is your oyster.




Klavinduer make doors. Not just any doors. These doors, and windows are high end, and what’s most interesting is their business is an e-commerce. Their founder was convinced that anyone is able to choose the right door and window for their home themselves with enough guidance. Save time, go online.

They have offices in Tartu and Copenhagen and are  totally in the remote work biz.




NoCry is a fast-growing Estonian startup, offering work & safety gear and focusing heavily on the build quality and design of the products. They sell directly to their customers all over the globe through online channels and have become one of the leading industry brands. If DIY is a personal hobby or passion, you could be a great addition to their team.

Their office is based in Tallinn and they also boast with company retreats and extra holidays on top of the standard free cups of coffee. Don’t live there? Remote work is also a possibility. nocry


ViisTek Media

ViisTek is a media agency focused on B2B marketing and technology. Their vision is to offer the most valuable and profitable online marketing services and support any eCommerce business owners reach their goals. They have over 80 clients globally and are results oriented.

Their HQ is in Tallinn with some nice perks like free food & coffee, gym membership, team events flexible hours and remote working.


Public Sector

Much to my surprise most government arms offer remote work in Estonia currently. They have thought this through and put the effort in and are saving lightyears of time and trips around the globe for their team annually.


Work in Estonia (Enterprise Estonia)

Part of Enterprise Estonia, which is an entity in the public sector with the goal of building a successful Estonia. Work in Estonia focuses on introducing Estonia as an attractive place to work and live for talented specialists. 

Even though they are government funded, much like many public sector entities in Estonia, they too embrace the benefits of remote work. Especially in the precious months of Summer.


RIA – The Information System Authority of Estonia develops and manages secure data exchange between institutions, an overview of state information systems. They make sure that the national ID-Card and state run platforms are running seamlessly and securely. The backbone of Estonia’s digital nation.

Want to work remotely in the public sector? Not a problem at all. RIA have tested and perfected their remote work procedures so you can make the most of your time working .



SMIT is the It and development centre of the Estonian Ministry of Interior. They are the largest IT agency and manage systems required for emergency services and internal security. SMIT’s various solutions, together with rescuers, policemen and officials, help prevent accidents and save lives.

They fully support working remotely and have also practised it from abroad. Your tasks need to be compatible with remote work and ideally probation period should be over. Otherwise they will happily have their team members work from where makes them most productive.

remote work in estonia

Teaduspark Technopol

Tehnopol is a science and business campus for innovative tech companies with a mission to help SME’s and startups grow faster. They are in the same campus with the TalTech University and well-regarded tech companies such as Skype, Cybernetica, Starship Technologies, Ektaco, and SMIT and 200 others have found a home there.

They are located in Tallinn, have free parking, interesting catering options and of course, remote work is totally cool by them as well.



Omniva is an international logistics company that transports goods and information. Omniva deliver your goods whether you are a commercial or retail client and are one of the leading logistics companies in the Baltics. Initially founded in 1918 as Eesti Post, Omniva now employs over 2300 people.

Omniva has created a great process for remote work. This started with a pilot project that was successful. The remote work process saves their lawyer Martin a trip around the globe and more than a month of time per year. omniva


These are some of the coolest startups around and yes, you guessed it, they offer remote work in Estonia and in some cases from anywhere in the world. 



Founded 11 years ago, Adcash has become one of the foremost performance-focused digital advertising platforms. Their goal is to effectively connect advertisers with publishers, so the former can reach their desired audience and the latter can make money from their website.

Adcash offers a “hybrid” approach to remote work, meaning you can spend some time working from home and some time in the office. There’s also have a so called “office shuttle” option to work from any of their offices in Tallinn Sofia or Barcelona. To communicate with the rest of the team you’ll mainly be using Skype and email and they’ll hook you up with a laptop to use at your remote office.   adcash


askRobin is a credit marketplace for the underbanked customers in emerging markets. Their mission is to improve their customers’ financial profile, get access to credit services and lower the cost of entry. They already have over 2 million users and are active in 4 markets. The opportunity of making an impact in a lot of people’s lives by providing credit to the underbanked is huge. On top of this, if you enjoy working as part of a diverse team that supports remote work in addition to their offices in Tallinn, Tartu and Madrid, then askRobin may be the perfect match for you



Autolevi is a peer to peer car rental marketplace.  Autolevi is seeking to build a world with fewer cars, less traffic jams and pollution. This is why they’ve built a marketplace that connects car owners to renters through a quick and easy process with affordable prices.

Their office is located in the heart of Tallinn. There is coffee of course, a cosy office with a lounge and sofas plus options for part time remote work. Why not ditch your car and borrow your neighbours’ on the way to the job interview?



Bidrento is an innovative property rental platform that enables landlords and tenants to negotiate rental prices online. Other than neat features, like rental price auctions, it primarily gives landlords a clear transparent overview of their potential tenants, allowing them to make an informed decision without the pain of drowning in endless email threads.

If you’re looking to remotely disrupt the property rental business, you can do so either fully remotely, part time – say, during the Summer when many people in Estonia go to the countryside to enjoy the weather – or go the hybrid approach, working from your home office a couple of days a week.



Festivality has built a platform for events. Smart mobile apps for event goers. Increased revenues and useful data for organizers. The event industry is booming and a great app is becoming the must have to give event goers the best experience. On the other hand, provide data for the organisers to improve in the future.

They have already implemented remote work and have their internal processes in place. Half of their teams are in Korea and India. If building edgy solutions for worldwide events and festivals is what sparks joy for you, have a look at what they offer.   festivality

Healthcode AI

Healthcode AI have developed a healthcare artificial intelligence based “co-pilot”. The AI called Leia roams through data making suggestions to free up time for physicians. There is a lot that tech can do to help us all in the health sector and Healthcode AI are one of the innovators here.

Their headquarters are in the lovely Tallinn but if you prefer to work remotely, they have a policy in place. They have a small but agile team of less than 10 people and the company was established in 2018. 


High Mobility

High Mobility is setting the gold standard for an API platform whereby developers and carmakers can monetise vehicle data in an open but secure environment. This API has been built for connected cars. High Mobility has designed a standardised car interface with emulators at the core of it.

With offices both in Tallinn and Berlin, they also have an open office plan, with remote work possibilities. You decide for yourself how to best plan your days.



Insly makes life better for insurance agents and brokers. Away with the manual work and emailing excel sheets back and forth, Insly simplifies their sales process, business administration and reporting.  The team has over a decade of knowledge in insurance, so not just a software development company.

Insly has offices in London, Tallinn, Warsaw, and Riga. If you want a break from your wonderful colleagues, fresh fruit and table tennis in the office, you have the option of working remote part time. Check out if you’re a match for Insly.

remote work in estonia


Katana has built a platform to help craftsmen and small workshops work smarter and spend less time on admin tasks. Their users can sell, make and ship – all from one platform at a fair price.  Katana has been selected in the top 10 of Estonian startups.

They are happy for their team members to work remotely, however, they have a pretty sweet office( comes with Bose headphones to tune out your colleagues), barista-grade coffee machine and they make our own limoncello. You may want to pop in every once in a while… 



Messente is a fast-growing profitable startup based in Estonia providing dead simple mobile messaging and 2-step verification APIs. They help businesses around the world reach out to anyone on the planet with a mobile phone. 

Working remotely is very deep in Messente’s culture and they practice what they preach. They have nailed their remote work process and encourage it. Whether you are based in Estonia or a completely different timezone, they’ve got your back.



Funderbeam is a funding and trading platform for high-growth private companies. It helps founders raise funds beyond borders and provides access — and unique liquidity — to early stage equity investors.

Remotely revolutionising the online investments ecosystem? Funderbeam will set you up with a computer of your choice, and allow you to work anywhere in the world. More senior team members will need to attend a monthly meeting in their Tallinn or London office, other than that the world is your oyster.

P.S. They just raised $4.5M so they are pretty hot right now. funderbeam


Mobinner is a high-performance mobile advertising platform for audience monetisation, user acquisition, branding and re-marketing. They use AI and machine learning to buy/sell ads programmatically in a safe, optimised and scalable environment.

Mobinner is also happy to let their team work remotely. If tackling ad fraud floats your boat, get in touch and see perhaps it’s you they seek in the Meetfrank app.



PARiM is a leading professional staff management solution used by more than 100 000+ users every day.  Their software has been used to manage big events like the Summer Olympics and hundreds of Premier League matches. As well as tens of thousands of other global and regional events.

PARiM is totally cool with remote work however they do ask you to join the office for a few months of on boarding in the beginning to learn everything there is to know about the product. Sounds pretty fair.


Rush Street Interactive

Rush Street Interactive is a new breed of gaming company that focuses on developing and operating real money and social gaming online products. They are digital craftsmen of the modern era creating unique and delightful experiences for our customers. 

Headquartered in Chicago with offices in Estonia, New Jersey and Colombia (the country, not the state). And of course, remote  work is also an option.



Scoro is a very comprehensive business management software. It covers almost anything you need from finance, to time planning, project management to sales.  They love structure! In work, meetings, and sometimes even at their parties. There’s always a smarter way to get work done. 

Their team motto is  work together + play together = succeed together. The team is around 100 people with offices in Tallinn, New York,  Riga and Vilnius so you can choose the best location for you. They don’t have full time remote work possibilities at this time but they do flexible working hours and work from home when needed. scoro


Turnit is a travel tech company with more than 20 years of industry experience. They provide mission-critical software technology and consultation to passenger transport industry and have secured some of the biggest brands in international travel as clients 

They have offices in both Tallinn and Tartu, fully support remote work in Estonia and are known for their flexibility among their employees.



Weekdone is a weekly reporting and OKR software used for team management, goal setting, and improving team communication. Their vision is for all managers and employees at companies to be productive, communicative and happy by offering a no-hassle weekly reporting system.

They have cozy offices in both Tallinn and Tartu and support remote work.



Zerply is a digital platform matching artists and production talent with companies that are hiring. Founded in 2010 and have artists from: Star Wars, Thor, The Boss Baby, Guardians of the Galaxy, Madagascar and many more.

Even though they have offices in Tallinn and San Francisco, they are already mostly a remote team.

Remote Work in Estonia


Here was a summary of companies that offer part-time or full-time remote work in Estonia on MeetFrank. Most companies understand the benefits of remote work and I would say the ones that have really put the most thought into the processes in remote work in Estonia is the public sector. They’ve truly approached it with strategy, figured out what are the needs and the pain points and made it work.

Startups unsurprisingly, also welcome remote work in Estonia with open arms. In an interconnected world it doesn’t really matter where the work is done, of course there are many fields where this simply isn’t possible. If you have to build a space rocket, you’re most likely not gonna be doing it at home. For the foreseeable future anyways.

If your tools for work are a laptop and internet connection, why not do this from the beach, at home or from the summerhouse during the holiday season. Remote work in Estonia definitely is a growing trend and I expect more and more companies to adopt it.

With an increasing demand for talent, salaries in Estonia are also growing fast. Plenty of jobs in Estonia remain to be filled.


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